GameStop To Combine New & Used Game Sections in Canada?

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GameStop Canada Combine New Used Games Rumor

Add this one to the list of news items that are incredibly disappointing but nowhere near surprising. Apparently, games retailer GameStop has decided that there is still a chance to sell even more used copies than they are currently moving, provided that they remove the ways that customers can distinguish old from new. In a reportedly leaked directive from EB Games, GameStop‘s Canadian branch out retail stores, employees are now directed to cease shelving used games separately, and even price each copy with the same colored stickers.

Up to this point, EB Games stores in Canada didn’t just separate used games sections from full price ones, but used yellow stickers for used copies and white for unopened. Kotaku has received the news from an employee, along with documentation explicitly stating that this is anything but an isolated incident or misunderstanding. Aside from removing different colors in pricing, the document in question also instructs employees to discard the signage itself, further adding to the case that the used and new sections will be removed entirely.

Another employee has even come forward and claimed that they were directed to place new copies underneath used ones, regardless of price discrepancies. The veracity of these claims hasn’t been confirmed, but are certainly in keeping with the rumored (we said rumored) business practices of the parent company GameStop.

EB Games Used Section Rumor Document

If this rumor proves to be true for EB Games in Canada, then the biggest issue here – aside from the publishers once again being left profitless from the retail sales – is the increase in online passes for multiplayer functionality. If the consumer is already somewhat unaware of the necessity to pay an extra $10 to get access to all of a used game’s content, then this added hurdle just makes it even more likely that they’ll have to pay extra. Considering the used prices of popular games like Modern Warfare 3 or Battlefield 3 are usually only $5-$10 below new versions, customers could end up paying even more money because the retailer wanted a few extra bucks.

While this next step in removing ways for a customer to know exactly what they’re buying is sure to enrage a large portion of gamers, it’s getting harder and harder to be surprised by stories like these. GameStop recently made headlines when it order employees to open PC copies of Deus Ex to remove coupons, and continually feeds the rivalries in the FPS genre by making it appealing for gamers to trade in the competition.

Since this is only a reported directive given to EB Games, there is no reason to think that this same practice will be instituted by GameStop’s stores worldwide. However, the idea that GameStop could justify further complicating the issue of used games versus new isn’t a hard one to buy, and if this proves to be true, then gamers around the world should take notice.

Regardless of where you stand on the ethical and financial ramifications of the used games market, it’s hard to argue for giving consumers less information to make their choice. And while ‘new’ and ‘used’ may be written on the stickers themselves, the removal of distinctions between markets isn’t going to make this issue any easier to solve.

What’s your take on the rumored directive? Think the mixing of used and new games is another questionable business move by GameStop, once again biting the hands that feed them? Or is that an overreaction? Leave us your opinions in the comments.

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  • Motosyko

    Wow, thats pretty shady. If the Gamestops in my area start doing this, I won’t put up with it and I’ll take my business elsewhere. Plenty of used/new game stores in the area.

  • Dwayne Holder

    I just pre-ordered my Zelda 3ds bundle from GS, and now I’m wishing I hadn’t. It’s a different situation from used games, but doesn’t make me feel any better.

    I guess gamers will have to just bug the heck out of the the GS employees for a new copy of a game. 😉

  • iDancethroughshadoWs

    lol! glad im using Steam exclusively. Gamestop can suck my d*ck

  • BFTE-

    yea this is stupid. why would they lie and sell something that is used that is new? isnt this false advertisement?

  • apex

    They have totally been doing that in Michigan for some time now, they still have the super discount bin up front but the stuff on the walls is all one sticker with 2 prices. I would only hope customers would have enough common sense at that point to asked for the new or used copy which ever they wanted, yes this is sneaky but I look at a price next to the designated condtion and go from there that being the last word I read will be the first out of my mouth.

    • 16Bit

      I was just thinking that at my GameStop (I too live in MI), the only difference between the games are the price and “New” and “Used” on the label. There is no different color sticker and they are not categorized separately. It only just takes some common sense and the ability to read. If I do buy a game from them, which is VERY rarely, I don’t even bring the box to the counter. I just tell them what I want and they get it for me. Usually the only reason I even go to GameStop is for my Game Informer subscription and when I have a gift card.

  • littlek

    Yup, thats why I give my business to Walmart, Amazon, etc. They have the worst staff ever!!! Ass-holes, who think a girl can’t play games. Not to mention terrible and I mean terrible deals. Good luck staying in business like that Gamestop. RIP Gamestop >=]

    • iDancethroughshadoWs

      hmmmm. maybe you should live here in Georgia. every gamestop ive been to here has extremely knowledgeable girls working at them (one lady in her sixties that PROGRAMED old commador 64 games and has been playing games ever since!)

      though it is sad how women get treated in the gaming world. alot of idiots that think girls never really care about games.

  • matt

    That’s why people should always support local game stores ;D

  • ATG

    I’m an employee with gamestop, and they do have the worst deals and customer service, pisses me off. The only reason I stick with them when buying games is my employee discount combined with the power ups and sh***y deals. The employee discount is crap too.

    But recently I got a copy of Battlefield 3 for 360 for FREE!! Trying to sell it.

  • Cody

    This is so ridiculous. I will never bve shopping at EB Games again. I’d rather buy it from Walmart or Furture Shop and know that it is a new game. Utterly dissapointing.

  • The Shadow

    Wow. Alot of outrage for something anyone with a brain can figure out. Just ask more questions & clarify what you want. Last time I checked the saying “the customer is always right.” hasn’t disappeared. Besides I have to GameStop stores in my area and both have great people working there, including girls.
    This makes me LOL.