GameStop CEO Hypes Up Next-Gen Xbox

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Everyone who’s been following the recent developments of next-gen gaming platforms has had a lot to take in lately regarding Sony’s PlayStation 4. Several new games have been confirmed for the console and details pertaining to the system have slowly been arriving through different sources. Those who prefer Microsoft’s Xbox, however, have been twiddling their thumbs awaiting even the slightest word or rumor to surface on the Xbox 720 (codenamed Durango).

Recent mumblings in the industry have indicated that the next-gen Xbox is currently in the hands of developers — coated with a nice zebra pattern, no less — and now GameStop’s CEO, J. Paul Raines, has indicated that he’s been given an overview of the new console. During an interview with Games Industry Iternational, Raines said that he was looking forward to the 360’s successor, and feels it’ll be “a very hot, compelling device” upon its release.

“We’ve been spending a lot of time with Microsoft, but we have to let them take the lead on this, but it will be a very hot, compelling device. They are doing some really cool stuff, and I’m eager to hear them start their announcements because I think the world is going to stand up and take notice.”

This is a promising sign that the console is far along enough in its development cycle that it could potentially launch within the same window as the PS4. Of course, many gamers have probably been paying attention to how long it’s been taking for the Wii U to gain a decent user base, leaving some to fear that the next-gen consoles may be faced with a similar dilemma. Raines feels that won’t be a problem for either Sony or Microsoft, and is confident that both platforms will be successful.

“We don’t subscribe to that. The cool thing with GameStop is, we’ve got a lot of gamers here and we’ve got a lot of people who’ve seen every console cycle. And what’s interesting to me – I was talking to one of our founders, Dan DeMatteo, and he was telling me every console cycle you get people who will say ‘there will never be another console,’ or ‘what else can the consoles do?’ And we just believe it’s a cycle and we just haven’t had a new product in so long. But we certainly don’t believe that the new consoles won’t be as exciting. There’s a lot of demand for PS4, and I think there will be for the next Xbox as well, once it’s announced.”

Xbox 720 Console

Game Rant‘s April Fool’s joke aside, Microsoft’s foray into the next-generation of gaming has been expected for a long time. So far alleged reports claim that the system will require an always-plugged-in Kinect sensor, as well as mandatory game installs, but none of this has been confirmed by the house of Bill Gates.

Previous rumors hinted at a possible April event for the Xbox 720, but there’s been no sign that Microsoft plans on pulling the curtain off its next-gen contender quite so soon. A safer bet would be for the company to officially promote the console during this year’s E3 in June, and with it will undoubtedly be a surplus of never-before-seen video games. Sounds good, don’t you think?

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  • Inuboy1000

    Sounds good, can’t wait until it’s announced, just so I can update Twitter once again. My newsfeed is getting lonely.

  • Jack

    I’m not going to buy the new X-Box if it locks out pre-owned games, I don’t know if that’s still relevant, but I wont, especially if you need to be online at times to play it.

    • ElderEnder

      70% of Gamestops business comes from used games so I doubt they’d be hyping the next xbox if it did that.

  • Altair

    I guess this kinda confirms it is an Xbox then?

  • Gamer4life

    Be interesting to find out if the system will be backwards compatible with the games from the previous generation. I am not spending more money on the games I already have. I do not like the suggestion that it may require mandatory anything and a always plugged in device. Sounds exciting, but I will need some more information before casting judgment.

    • Aeryk Ravensong

      It’s extremely doubtful the system will be backwards compatible, given that it’s Microsoft’s goal to update the drive system to a Bluray drive. So your best bet will be to keep your current gen system.

      • ElderEnder

        Just because its Bluray doesn’t mean it won’t be backwards compatible the xbox 360 does its backwards compatibility through software.

        • Ken J

          Um, backwards compatibility will depend on a lot of things. The hardware architecture will make a big difference. I’m not sure about the Xbox, but if the new Microsoft console is similar enough to the 360, just much much faster, then it’ll be no problem being backward compatible. But if let’s say the way the system renders the graphics and handles data is just compeltely different, then it’ll have to be software emulated to work, and that just doesn’t work that great sometimes…

          • ElderEnder

            The xbox 360 does its backward compatibility through software now. We know this because there are dozens of games that still can’t be played (Magic the Gathering Battlegrounds as an example) or games like Marvel vs. Capcom 2 had a lot of problems when a patch made it playable. Most of this doesn’t mater to me since I get my games from Steam but I would love to have the option to play some console games that look neat. I also only play fighting games on console.

          • Ken J


            Yah, exactly, software emulation is never perfect. And yah, fighting games work better with the controller. But that’s about it though, lol.

  • LULZ

    I really like the fact that Wii U just outsold PS3 in Japan and GameRant had said nothing about it at the moment.

    • Vampet

      Right? I like the fact that the Vita has been outselling the Wii U in Japan yet Game rant has said nothing about it.

      In all seriousness, both are really not worth writing an article about. If the Wii U outsells the PS3 like the 3DS does to the Vita, then that is a article.

    • Red

      And I like the fact that you didn’t point out that they only outsold the PS3 for THIS WEEKS sales only and that the outsell is being credited to the release of “Dragon Quest X” and “Game & Wario”. Those pieces of information are important.

      • LULZ

        Yeah, but it proves once you put a game everybody wants on the console (i.e. Wario) then it takes off. And that’s not news worthy? This console has apparently gone through a rough few months and when this pops up, they don’t achknowledge it? Even you would achknowledge an increase of sales that actually went over PS3’s, even it was for a week.

        • ATG

          PS3 has been out since 2006 soooo no it’s not news worthy lol

          • LULZ

            So when the Wii U finally gets a raise in sales, it’s like “NO! WII U NO SUCCESS!” But when the PS Vita get’s a raise of sales it’s like “YAY! AWESOME!”

  • Dovahkiin

    Wait didnt they cancel it when they saw how awesome the PS4 was? (Kidding)

  • Graverobber

    Besides console/Kinect sales, Microsoft has made millions off of Xbox Live and probably made millions off the dashboard that is infested with advertisements as well.
    (off topic) Plus Microsoft has time to even improve the next gen console after the PS4 announcement.
    All I’m trying to say is that with time and resources this next box should hopefully be amazing.

    • ATG

      I was thinking the same thing. They could afford to make a really good console and sell at a loss.

  • The Real Nathan Drake

    Sony’s got the better game lineup. If I get anything new it’ll be a PS4. Microsoft has always been a second choice for me. I think Bill Gates is a moron.

    • MetaruSonikku

      Because Bill Gates has anything to do with the Xbox.

      • Shalkowski


        • MetaruSonikku

          All Bill Gates does is make money off of it. He doesn’t directly control any of the decisions made for it.

      • The Real Nathan Drake

        Does Bill Gates not own Microsoft? I don’t like the guy so I’m not going to buy anything he sells and that includes an Xbox.

        How hard was that to understand?

        MetaruSonikku = Epic Fail!

        • MetaruSonikku

          Owning a company and making business decisions are two very different things.

        • ElderEnder

          Bill Gates gives more money to AID’s research than Steve Jobs net worth. I don’t understand the hate on for him.

          • Ken J


            Honestly, he should be donating to cancer research, not a STD…

    • Jeff

      Fanboys will be fanboys.

      • Shalkowski

        I agree with The Real Nathan Drake about the PS4.

        But @MetaruSonikku *facepalm*

        • Ken J


          Perhaps some elaboration would be a little more effective than just condescending gesture descriptions… Just saying…

          • Shalkowski

            Haha well for starters Bill Gates owns Microsoft and created the first Xbox. So he really has everything to do with the Xbox.

          • Ken J


            There we go, see how easy that was? Doesn’t that work better than repeating useless internet gestures? And pay attention to who I am, I am not the guy who is making a comment about Bill Gates or the Xbox. Nor am I defending Xbox since I’m a PC gamer and couldn’t care less about either console. I just think your comments were not exactly constructive…

          • ElderEnder

            @Shalkowski there was an article in Forbes years ago about Bill Gates removing himself from all decision making when it came to Microsoft business dealings. All he is now is nothing more than a face for the company. Bill spends more time with his charities than Microsoft nowadays.

    • Ken J

      @The Real Nathan Drake

      I think neither has a good lineup. But I lean SLIGHTLY toward Microsoft because they have Forza. Sony’s racer sucks… Sorry GT fans… That’s my opinion as an experienced car guy and I’m sticking to it. :-)

  • Jak Frost


  • Ken J

    I wonder how much this will cost. I keep seeing gaming rigs being sold for $500 with Core i7 CPU’s, 8gb of RAM, 1 or 2 TB of harddrive storage, and ATI 7870’s. On top of games being sold for $20 less I think this needs to be like $400 or less for it to seem like it’s worth it… Same with the PS4.

  • ATG

    GameStop won’t be around too long. I worked there and got laid off a few months ago, a long with many others in other departments. Plus their store closings. Digital purchases are growing, I wouldn’t bank on GameStop being around much longer after this next gen, at least not as big as they are.

    Never met Paul Raines or DeMatteo when I was there, although I heard Raines is a really nice guy. Most big wigs were a-holes.

    • Ken J


      I just about never shop at Gamestop. The only game I’ve ever bought from there was Forza 4… They really only cater to consoles, their PC games are on a little stand in the middle with squished boxes and are in no order what-so-ever. I’d rather just shop online. They are like the Best Buy of video game stores…

  • suspicious gamer

    Even the best hardware in the universe can’t grantee good games that are worth playing.

    • The Real Nathan Drake

      You have a point. Look at past launch titles for the previous systems. If you’re lucky maybe you got one or two good games out of 10 to 20 that were released.

      Then you can look back at the entire library of games for older systems and about 70 to 80% of most of the games are garbage.

      I prefer Sony because I’m a fan of their exclusive games…I think my handle makes that pretty obvious. 😉