Game Rant Asks: Does The Term ‘Game’ Discredit The Medium?



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  1. This quote “because non-gamer fans of the television show would likely enjoy this story presented in its present form, if they did not dismiss it out of hand as something for kids or immature adults.” is so true

    I’m 20 and video games are as much a form of entertainment as a good book or a movie or tv show. To my parents, they just feel that games are not something a 20 year old/young adult should be interested in or spend money on. Maybe it’s because I’ve grown up with video games and they didn’t…idk

    Anyone else know what I’m talking about?

    • Absolutely. Interactive storytelling is the kind of gameplay that anyone – I mean anyone – who enjoys TV or movies should be able to get into. But the label just scares so many people off, or makes it seem immature.

  2. @Bronxsta-I had a similar upbringing. My dad hated when I played video games, he thought I was “wasting my life.” I never saw it that way though because games are as infinitely engaging as a painting if you are willing to engage them.

    I should also mention I am studying animation at a year fine art school, the attitude of fine artists, the majority of them, is that if it is entertaining it CANNOT be art. I whole heartedly disagree, and after studying animation I have a whole new appreciation for the art because that is what it is. Games are not created by robots in a vacuum, they are the a result of thousands of hours of hard work and planning. Anymore I can just turn on a game an marvel at all of the effort that went into creating it without even playing it.

    Games are the newest form of art to be developed and I feel that eventually it will be appreciated as an art. It is similar to film, which was not considered art at all but more of a parlor trick when it was invented. You simply have to have someone with the vision to explore all the potential of the medium. I think there are already several games that are genuine works of art but it may be another ten years before they are widely considered as such

    • I always felt it was just ridiculous to not to consider games as art. But I do feel that the medium has a lot of maturing to do. We’re making the right steps with games like Limbo, Journey, Unfinished Swan, etc. and i believe the Smithsonian had a gallery on video games recently.

      So the medium is definitely mainstream but it’s going to be a while until the general public (and parents) consider a video game on the same pedestal as a film or a book.

      • ^^This.

  3. i hate how most people in society (the ones that dont game) label games as being for kids and class those of us who play games as ‘immature’ and childish. it’s mainly those that haven’t grow up with the medium that ‘hate’ it, people like my dad (in his 50′s) dont understand how games are made, whether they have story or not etc, he assumes that the only people that game are people with nothing better to do in life.

    i really wish people ignorant of the industry (as a whole) would either stfu and keep their bs to themselves or accept gaming as a form of entertainment and appreciate it as the future of entertainment, b/c as it is hollywood is running itself to the ground, which will help gaming rise and eventually over throw movies as a form of entertainment.

  4. Excellent feature! :)

    The term “game”, in my opinion, certainly discredits certain titles. Many games already have and are continuing to transcend the term. The medium is evolving in complex directions and the problem is people don’t know it or aren’t interested because of the stigma attached to video games. Too many people generalize games and still associate it with children and slackers and immature adults. That perception is changing with time but as of right now when you look at how “gaming” as a whole can still be labeled “immature” by people then that term is a discredit to the medium.

  5. I like this new feature! We get to hear detailed opinions from the writers on certain subjects, something admirable about this website. Game Rant Asks is kind of like Game Ranter Banter (where did that go, anyway?), but with all the writers talking about the same subject.

    • Also, way to go Riley! Those are my thoughts exactly on this subject.

      • I’ve had the idea for Game Rant Asks for a while now, so I’m glad you (and Boogoo) like it!

        As for the Banter, I viewed GRA as bit of a spiritual successor. So yea, similarities abound!

      • Glad you liked it. ;)

    • Banter I loved but it was tough finding participants on a weekly basis and with the timing, it didn’t do well on weekends. With GRA, we can do it on specific hot topics with any number of people :)

      • I see. So how often will there be a new GRA? Every week? Month? Random times?

        • So far the plan is to have a GRA everytime a major event happens in the industry and/or if a hot topic arises.

          • Alright. Just don’t make them infrequent.

  6. I think that gaming is going through the same conflict of maturity that comics have gone through recently. To most the word “comic book” could only evoke thoughts of silly muscle bound super humans in spandex “Biff Bam and Pow”-ing their way through nameless henchmen… Try explaining the works of Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman to them. Suddenly all the hipsters started calling everything a “graphic novel” to avoid social scrutiny, which eventually diminished the value of anything truly deserving the term, and it all went back to comics again.

    I don’t think that the term “game” discredits anything, because I don’t value the criticism of those that would judge something based on its terminology. Chess is a game. Lawn darts is a game. Anyone who can’t find a difference is unworthy of an opinion on the subject.

  7. We are the parents of next generation so we don’t tell our children what our parents are telling us about “games are being made for child and immature adults”!

    Truly games are going to be considered as Arts soon. The wave has already started and prime examples are “Shadow of the Colossus” ,”Journey” and my personal favorite “Spec ops: The Line”.

  8. random fun fact did you guys know that the average age of a gamer is 37 years old

    • That’s got to be the average of a casual gamer, though. I bet the average age of a hardcore gamer is lower.

  9. I am almost 34 years old, my brother is 44 years old and we are both gamers. I was typing in games are art when I found several links saying that up to 40 different games will be on display in the Museum of Modern Art. So far they only have 14 selected. They will have them on display sometime in March of this coming year.

  10. Well a “game” by definition is an activity that one or more people engage in with set rules and goals. Every athletic sport is a game but look at how ridiculous many sports fans behave from time to time.

    They get more worked up from just observing others play a game than we do from digital games. Not every video game should be deemed Interactive Art. Hell I love Monopoly but I don`t consider it art. Now Silent Hill 2 on the other hand is definetly IA. I`ve never even actually played it myself, but I watched some really good vids of it on YouTube (Gameplay & Story from begining to end) and that game is a true work of art :D

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