Weekly Game Trailer Roundup: March 17

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Trailer Roundup March 17 2012

This week’s trailer round up features big names and big games – as we learn to believe in ghosts, revisit classic titles, dive into dangerous locales, and fight off the undead.

Even with trailers for Battlefield 3’s Close Quarters DLC, Skyrim’s addicting new kill-cams, BioShock Infinite’s Handyman, and the latest DLC for Modern Warfare 3, we don’t miss a beat.

1. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier “Believe in Ghosts #3″

We don’t know if the paranormal exist – but former Navy SEAL and Deadliest Warrior co-host Richard Machowicz sure gives the cast of Ghost Hunters a run for their money. In the third and final installment of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s “Believe in Ghosts” series, Mac takes us through a hostage extraction mission, inspired by real events, where a UAV is used to pinpoint a hostage’s location and intel from a dead enemy’s corpse – showing the Ghosts were his guard wandered off to. This method of information gathering is used in the game’s 4-player online co-op, where players coalesce data for a potentially lifesaving tactical edge.

2. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Signature Edition

Whether or not you believe in ghosts, it’s hard not to be confounded by Ghost Recon: Future Soldier’s relative pre-release silence. It’s almost too quiet. While the element of surprise works wonders for clandestine hostage rescues and dictator assassinations, video game sales fare better when warning shots are fired. Doubtless that’s why Ubisoft has rolled out this trailer announcing some of the pre-order bonuses attached to the Future Soldier Signature Edition — including the Moscow Suburbs map, the MK-14 and AK-47 assault rifles, and custom skins for weapons and headgear.

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier releases on May 22, 2012 for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. A PC version will be releasing later in the year.

3. Yakuza: Dead Souls Launch Trailer

No one is questioning the reach of Japan’s Yakuza (just imagine the Mafia at the height of Al Capone — but with all the benefits of modern technology like cell phones and karaoke machines). And so we’re not going to question how they came up with the idea for Yakuza: Dead Souls. Essentially, it’s the video game equivalent of Cowboys and Aliens – where normally serious mythos meets an inherently fictional predator. Published by Sega exclusively for the PlayStation 3, Dead Souls is the sixth installment in the somewhat offbeat Yakuza series and is in stores now — ready to break some kneecaps for its stake in pop-culture’s current zombie infatuation.

Yakuza: Dead Souls is out now for the PlayStation 3

4. Resident Evil Chronicles: HD Collection

Resident Evil never forgets its history. That’s why Raccoon City still feels like home so many years later (even if many gamers are ready to put up the for-sale sign by now). In its latest trip back into series lore, though, the Resident Evil Chronicles: HD Collection collects 2007’s Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles and 2009’s Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicle for a more pixelated look behind Umbrella’s uncoiling and Leon and Krauser’s broiling. And there’s PlayStation Move support — only featured elsewhere in the series with RE 5’s Gold Edition.

Resident Evil Chronicles: HD Collection releases this June for the PlayStation 3.

5. Spec Ops: The Line Community Gameplay Trailer

Although 2K Games’ Spec Ops: The Line may, indeed, look like a linear spec-ops shooter, its story is anything but. Inspired by Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness (the groundwork for Apocalypse Now), the game takes its protagonist on a psychiatric nightmare deep into a sandstorm-ravaged Dubai. Expect plenty more scenes like the ones below with mutilated corpses and morally perplexing predicaments. Spec Ops: The Line has endured a long development cycle, and it wouldn’t hurt to check out our E3 2010 coverage of the game to see how it has evolved since.

Spec Ops: The Line releases June 26, 2012 for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC.

 6. Anna First Look Trailer

Point-and-click gaming is about to get a new dose of horror on the indie circuit thanks to developer Dreampainters’ Anna. Not to be confused with the insufferable Amy, Anna hides its scares behind the serene and effervescent beauty of the northern Italian D’Ayas Valley. Details on this PC exclusive are still pretty scarce, but we know that the player rummages through the valley’s old villages and households, uncovering the truth behind some spine-tingling ghost stories.

Anna is available on May 18, 2012 exclusively for the PC.

7. Max Payne 3 Design/Technology Video Series, “Visual Effects and Cinematics.”

There’s no sense in making a game with a dark and foreboding narrative if you can’t suspend disbelief long enough for gamers to forget that they aren’t hardboiled, depressed, alcoholic, detectives trying to pick up the pieces of their shattered life in Sao Paulo, Brazil. In Max Payne 3’s latest design trailer, Rockstar shows off their swanky cinematic editing techniques designed to create a seamless flow between action and cutscene — all to keep us in Max’s conscience for as long as we can stake it out. Among them: tweaks that remove loading screens during cutscene-realtime transition and a motion-comic panel generator that complements the game’s graphic novel motif.

Max Payne 3 releases on May 15, 2012 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

8. Sleeping Dogs “Undercover Hong Kong” Trailer

Hong Kong is a beautiful and vibrant city that, thanks to its fascinating history, collates the cultures of East and West into a uniquely stunning metropolis. It’s also not a place that messes around. That’s a lesson United Front Games learned when they explored the city firsthand to gather some background knowledge for the upcoming Sleeping Dogs. The game focuses on a police plot to infiltrate the Triad criminal organization in Hong Kong, and United Front went so far as to embed their own writer with the group for a brief time. If that’s not enough to squeeze some interesting scenarios into Sleeping Dogs’ story, then perhaps it’s time to employ Yakuza’s nuclear option of casting the undead.

Now published by Square Enix, Sleeping Dogs was originally a reboot of the True Crime series before getting the Activision axe. It releases in 2012 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.

That’s the wrap up for the trailer roundup. Be sure to drive home safely – it’s March Madness out there!

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  • Ken J

    Looks like Ghost Recon is doing to Spec-Ops teams what CSI has done to police detectives… They are making it seem like technology wins the mission instead of the skill of the operators…

    I’m not against showing modern technology, but there’s a fine line between technology helping a skilled operator and relying on technology. Look at the first real action sequence in Act of Valor for those who have seen it. They employed a UAV to help them monitor the situation from the sky. But did this UAV kill the enemies? Did it go inside the buildings to mark every enemy soldier permanently for all of the team to see? No, all it did was gave the team leader a bird’s eye view of the area so he can relay info on enemy combatants to his sniper or to the rest of the team to control their movements to keep their entry a surprise.

    Think about it this way. What if the UAV feed was cut off, or the UAV had a malfunction and stopped working. In the more realistic depiction as in Act of Valor, the operators would still be able to accomplish their mission. Just a little more cumbersome because it’ll be up to the entry team to relay positions of enemy combatants back to their sniper and team leader.

    In the game, if their technology is taken out, they will have to do everything the old-fashioned way, this means no cloak, no real-time intel of the enemy in the inside, I almost wonder if they’ll be able to do it. Because it almost seems like they are relying on all of this technology to get anything done…

  • http://gamerant.com Brian Sipple

    That point could be made, sure. But I think part of the feel is due to Future Soldier trying to distinguish itself from the crop of shooters that do constantly revolve around person-to-person combat.

    For better or worse, the future of our military does seem to be focued more on the gear and less on the grunts. That doesn’t mean it won’t take fine soldiers to get the job done – but it could allow for more highly specialized operations like the ones seen here.

  • HelghastUser

    Max Payne looks delicious. My copy is paid for already but I’m still unsure if I want to upgrade to collectors edition for the statue..

    Ghost Recon looks interesting. Is it a 3rd or 1st person shooter? The covering system looks enticing. Reminds me of Winback or Killswitch for PS2. I also Love the stealth camo in the game. Unfortunately there’s WAY To many modern military shooters out there. If the campaign is a major focus I wouldn’t mind giving it a try…