GR Pick: ‘Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing Creating in Minecraft

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The instant that Minecraft burst onto the scene our thoughts instantly jumped to many of the intricately detailed items, buildings, and locations that players could craft. Using Mojang and Notch’s sublime tools, and the help of some mods, players are now able to recreate any and everything that they can imagine.

Many past creations from full game worlds like Skyrim or Hyrule have caught our eye in the past, but it is the newest creation, a Game of Thrones-themed Minecraft world, which has us extremely impressed. What a few clever players have been able to do, in this case, is painstakingly recreate King’s Landing, one of the major settings in George R.R. Martin’s ‘A Song of Fire and Ice’ book series.

Rather than try to interpret the various descriptors that are scattered throughout Martin’s novels, though, the Minecraft users have instead used the HBO series as their source of inspiration. That way, there is an easier point of reference between the work they have created and what King’s Landing might look like in real life — as evidenced by the diorama style opening of the HBO show.

Just thinking about the amount of man-hours that must have gone into creating King’s Landing in Minecraft gives me a headache, but nonetheless I am impressed by these intrepid gamers’ dedication to a craft (pun intended). The various images featured at the top of this post were submitted to Reddit a few days ago, along with a URL for the King’s Landing server (


As of right now the map is not available for download — the file totals some 35 GB and is not yet completed — but anyone that’s interested can visit their site for now.

And don’t think that it’s just King’s Landing that is getting the Minecraft treatment either, it is only this particular recreation that has caught fire online. In fact, the group’s site also boasts detailed recreations of Winterfell, Harenhaal, and The Wall. Color us very, very impressed.

What do you think of King’s Landing created using Minecraft? What other Minecraft creations have caught your eye?

Source: Westeroscraft (via Reddit)

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  • fanofgames

    Im not even a fan of minecraft but this is pretty cool. Props to the creators.

  • jwalka

    get a life is all i can say to the creators of this (for the time being), this garbage doesn’t do anything but grab the attention of kids (since they’re primarily the ones who play this garbage). you get applauded for your efforts for a few days then that’s it, back to being the lonely 40 year old living with mum and dad…

    if this was all designed in a 3d modelling program i might be a little impressed, but the fact that it’s designed in what is basically virtual lego doesn’t even get a smile out of me.

    • Cherry Flavored Dr. Pepper

      Why are you so grumpy? Stop being so grumpy.

      • jwalka

        i didn’t know speaking the truth classed me as ‘grumpy’.

        • PhunkyVegas

          I didn’t know an opinion was classified as truth.

      • Cariannis

        Did you know you could get close the same taste buying some cherry water and Dr. Thunder at walmart? Also jwalka geez man take a pill and calm down.

        • Jak Frost

          Just don’t read anything he say’s its always hate fueled and angry

    • David

      Wow, you are an ass aren’t you…

      To the authors: Mega-props man, that is so epic we need a better word than epic to describe it.

  • WhitefireNeo

    Actually, we’re taking most of our inspiration from the books, letting sites like and help to guide us. Where the novels lack information we use research into history and architecture, as well as the show, to help fill the gaps. We are working with players around the globe to create the whole AsoIaF world, with the aim of developing an innovative new concept: the croudsourced roleplaying game.