Gabe Newell Hints As To Why ‘Half-Life 3′ Hasn’t Been Revealed Yet

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Gabe Newell Half-Life 3 Delay

It is a brand new year, but things are already beginning to look very familiar. Not a few days into 2014 and we are already questioning Half-Life 3‘s existence again. The game’s development – or lack thereof – has become a running joke on the internet due to it not being announced ten years after the franchise’s previous sequel. Understandably, fans have wondered where the game’s been hiding for so long, with Valve‘s CEO Gabe Newell often playing down the question and imploring patience.

In an interview with The Washington Post, Newell may have hinted at exactly what is taking so long while talking about Valve’s process of work.

“So, if somebody becomes the group manager of X, they’re going to really resist it when X is not what you want to do in the next round of games. You don’t want them to sort of burrow into that — you want them to recognize that being really good at Half-Life level design is not as nearly as valued as thinking of how to design social multi-player experiences. You’ve had them feel like they have an organization and title tied up to something when the key is to just continue to follow where the customers are leading.”

What Newell is suggesting here is that they are trying to chase the demands and pre-empt where the consumer is going, in a broader sense. Valve, at least for the moment, appears to be more focused on the business side of what they are doing, instead of straight up game development. While there are rumors about the development of Half-Life 3 and Left 4 Dead 3, the company’s more immediate plans revolve around Steam OS and the Steam Machines launching this year.

The company has always been forward thinking and Newell points that out saying that Valve could’ve been “really successful just doing Half-Life sequel after Half-Life sequel”, but instead went about making multiplayer games which weren’t successful at the time. Today, the genre arguably rules the console market. Newell appears to be more focused on guessing what kind of gameplay and services customers want rather than giving them something from the past or as specific as Half-Life 3.

Gabe Newell on Next Half Life

This isn’t new for Valve, as Newell explains that even Half-Life 2 was made with conflicting opinions within the company on whether to chase a software or service future.

“Then we tried to do Steam. There were a bunch of people internally who thought Steam was a really bad idea, but what they didn’t think was that they would tell the people who were working on Steam what to do with their time. They were like “that’s what you want to do with your time, that’s fine, but we’re going to spend our time working on Half-Life 2. We think you’re kind of wasting your time, but it’s your time to waste.”

Valve has changed the gaming landscape, that much is certain. Half-Life and Portal are cited as some of the best franchises of all-time, but the incredibly popular and successful Steam service has also changed the way consumers buy and interact with games. The company appears as though it has two divisions, one trying to create world class games – on a slow timetable – and the other focused on changing the business side of gaming and technology. For the moment, it seems most of company’s eggs are in the latter’s basket.

Which would you prefer Valve to chase? Could you give up Steam’s advancement into gamer’s living rooms for Half Life 3 or do you think that the company should leave their franchises alone to nurture their consumer friendly business model? Let us know below.


Source: Washington Post

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  • TheRabidSloth

    I think that by chasing one, they will also find the other. Releasing half life 3 would bring them good business, and by focusing on the business side they will eventually see half life 3 as an opportunity.

  • TheRabidSloth

    I think one of the reasons they have waited so long to say anything is because the longer we wait the more we want it and when it comes out more people would buy it, thus increasing sales. Or they could be making rather sh*tty social multiplayer games that nobody gives a crap about, but I find that hard to believe.

    • spick1923

      Yup valve certainly do like making a lot of fun out of there half life fans.

      But then half life was and still is the magnum opus of the video game world arguably in my opinion fall out 3 was slightly better but only slightly.

      everything valve say about half life 3 is designed to confuse and wind up
      the fan base, funny but creating hate seems to be a very good marketing strategy.

      Of course this time there is a whole other dimension at work, the entire medium we
      view games on is about to have the biggest shake up since the tv screen was invented
      or color first appeared.

      There not going to release there new magnum opus until at least this new hardware’s out.

      2015 – Half life 2 10 years old – VR coming out this year

      the signs are starting to show beyond gabes wind up’s

      • Anonymous

        Also Source 2.

  • Consumer

    I think they should nurture their business, and advance their gaming technology.

    I highly reccommend that they buy the oculous rift rights from FaceBook, (though thats because I trust Valve more than I do FaceBook when it comes to gaming.)
    They bought it for two billion, but i’m pretty sure valve could buy it for double with little risk.

    Maybe i’m over-estimating their pockets….

    Still, I would like more advances in the gaming technology than the franchises. Maybe Valve can make something similar, or better than the hydra motion controller….

    Either way, I vote up advancement in the gaming technology.

    • Comsumer

      I discredit my last statement.

      I just learned FaceBook and Valve are working together on VR, so that proves how little I know.

      I pick up my case and throw it in the trash.

  • Crekmar

    I love Valve, and played the first Half-Life game when I was 4. It was my first major game. I loved it. On the flip side, being a game designer in the making, I totally understand where it is they come from. I am one of the people that hails Half-Life as one of the best made games of all time, but with the explosion in new graphics technology, it is quite possible Source would never had advanced to the stage it has, and if you’ve played Half Life 2 on the PS2 vs a top of the line gaming PC, you can see the difference is massive. I’m aware that one things tech specs is better than another, but you get the idea. Its changed. I think Valve should let the SteamOS and Steam Machines hit the stores, then crank L4D3, the next Half Life, and another Counter-Strike. Or to keep the attention of the people who want another Half-Life, bring Shepard back into the fray, or make another game for Calhoun. Nothing major, just a small 6 hour game like the episodes. Let the tech hit this year, and start cranking games. People will buy the machines, which will fund all of the development, and the games will release… And the stone begins to roll. It’ll be huge. Absolutely huge.


  • newellness

    I think valve should release Half-life 3 alongside steambox and more specifically as a way to prove the steam controller is not just an abstract new way of playing games with a controller. Mario 64 proved that thumbsticks were the future for game controllers and I believe that it is what steambox will require to solidify the steam controller as a solid new way for controlling games in the living room.

  • dae

    I love the HL series, because it is a well made fun game, and because it is a single player; I don’t want to see this series go into a multiplayer because a single player game is more fun, you don’t need to interact with other people, you don’t need to listen to other players complain or try to be bossy; I also don’t want to see these bullet time things, I hate those.

  • SirClive

    Valve can’t make HL3 because Gabe got hungry and ate the development team. And the voice talent.

  • Good idea guy

    Make half life 3 come with a death match with crazy cool guns and vehicles and even better make half-life 3 have a main story with just Gordon freeman and a side story that could be like left 4 dead with a co-op campaign 4 players fighting dense waves of combines, hordes and and other crazy cool enemy’s. these 4 players could talk unlike Gordon Freeman.Most of make it very tough to pass every level and if all 4 players were to go down they would redo the level and it would give it replay value you could also include several difficulties for the good players and the bad and this side story would follow along with the main single player plot in a way.On top of that you could include a versus co-op campaign with 4 player being combines, zombies, or driving the ships and vehicles and being aliens and bosses and the other 4 players fight against them like in left 4 dead.Half life 3 can work.

    • s2ndsight

      Very good ideas! I would be satisfied if all they did was preserve the playing style they created for the Half Life 3 resolution game. But it occurs to me that Valve may think that resolving this story in such a form would be less profitable for them. There was rumor of a movie awhile ago, if I’m not mistaken. But for a gamer, of course, the strategy that I think is preferred is to give the player a way of completing or at least resolving the storyline in the manner that it was started.

  • Star Lord, man…

    Split the company. Games on one side, the business unit on the other side and between the two they’ll STILL take our money.

  • Smiths Chips

    Look at Mario and Nintendo, why can’t Gordon Freeman and Valve work in the same way…?

  • John P. Boyle

    I think that any company should absorb and respond in kind to all of its customers requests and do their best to answer them. Obviously there is a massive need to fill for Half-Life3. Obviously there is a duty to perpetuate the code, core, ingenuity and spirit of such an epic game. It appears their issue is about focus, greed, talent and entrenched opinions. I say this…Valve being a MASSIVE and WEALTHY company should erect a division of new and rising talent, give the team their notes and code and tell them to go to work and knock it out of the park. Then check back in on the team and course correct A&E necessary.

  • hopeful gamer

    I just want some closure from that cliffhanger ending of Episode 2. But to see how the Half Life and Portal stories were converging was / is also exciting. Being a fan of Portal I’d also love to see another Portal game come along – but feel as though it just wouldn’t be right to put out Portal 3 (undoubtedly with more references to HL) without HL3 already or soon to be released.

    Left 4 Dead series had been fun – but doesn’t have the memorable story line with which HL draws you in so well. SteamOS and Steamboxes are cool – but I’m not nearly as excited about those as I’d be for a genuine announcement from Valve about HL3 being scheduled for release. Nowadays I almost never buy a game when it’s new; I wait for it to get thrown into a deep sale on Steam and then snatch it up. But I don’t think I’m alone in being willing to splurge if HL3 does finally get released.

  • konrad

    I firmly believe that valve has the funds and power to accomplish both, new stream Tech, and half life settlement. However playing all of the half life’s irealize that not only are they, graphically, ahead of their time, but the story of shepherd isadelicate one, and the title itself demands perfection. That goes without saying, ibelieve development should start, for the new updates, and that the workload will be ready foranew installment of the half life series by 2016-17 comfortably. Let the consoles catch up to valve.

  • Jay-Rod

    The wait wouldn’t be nearly as frustrating if Episode 2 weren’t left with such a painful cliffhanger. They’ve left us wanting a conclusion to this story arc for so long that it’s become a slap in the face to fans. There wouldn’t be nearly as much clamor for another installment if Valve had wrapped up everything, but instead, we have an ending that begs for just one more game.

    C’mon, Gabe Newell. Damn the market, finish what you started.

  • s

    I think there can not be the problem for company like valve to do both!

  • s2ndsight

    The notion that everyone wants a “social” experience when gaming is WRONG. I personally do not want the pacing of any of my games to be dictated by the actions of other active players. I want to control my own strategies. I have avoided Destiny for this reason, and played ALL other Bungie creations. In “tournament style” co-op play, I am satisfied. Run & gun is the way the game is played. No stopping to admire the view, or searching the terrain, or admiring the ambiance to any degree. I want to complete the Half Life 2 story in control over when I do, whatever it is I chose to do. My advice would be to offer both modes of play in separate style campaigns rather than combine the two and lose an option.

  • unkown anonym

    why will be valve been crushed this game? this is (for the valve) the game of the legends for this work. :) i trust him i trust Gabe Newell i trust Valve i trust Steam.soo VALVE DO IT :))

  • Hahaha

    Game developers like bioware and rockstar games don’t pull this business first type of bullshit. And they’re massively successful releasing Sequels to their beloved franchises.

  • KP

    Chase Half Life 3. We’ve already got enough consoles and the PS4 / XBOX one have already been released. Take a brake from Steamboat and finish (or start) HL3! :)

  • Adam Flowers

    Gabe if you ever read this then you have one month after Leonardo Dicaprio gets an oscar to finish your game