Gabe Newell on the ‘Half-Life 3′ Hold-up

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Gabe Newell on Next Half Life

It has been a long, winding road for the Half-Life faithful ever since Episode 2 released in 2007. Fans have rallied and the community has exploded, but there has been hardly a peep from famed developer Valve about their most precious property and its inevitable follow-up.

On an already revealing podcast appearance, Gabe Newell did not answer any questions about the long development time of Half-Life 3/Episode 3, but he was forced to face the music concerning a sequel to one of the less praised Valve titles – Ricochet (only not really).

In a clever attempt to avoid asking Newell directly about quite possibly the most requested sequel in the video game world, the hosts of SevenDayCooldown replaced any mention of Half-Life 3 with Ricochet 2. Newell was happy to play along, and provided the following quote when asked why the development of “Ricochet 2” was going so slowly with so little information being given to the fans:

 “In terms of Ricochet 2, we always have this problem that when we talk about things too far in advance, we end up hinging our minds as we’re going through and developing stuff, so as we’re thinking through the giant story arc that is Ricochet 2, you might get to a point where you’re saying, “some thing is surprising us in a positive way and some thing is surprising us in a negative way.” We’d like to be super transparent about the future of Ricochet 2. The problem is, we think that the twists and turns that we’re going through would probably drive people more crazy than just being silent about it until we can be very crisp about what’s happening next.”

The hosts then asked Newell if anyone had moved off the next iteration of Half-Life in order to work on other projects for the developer, and whether or not this was why development might have slowed down. His answer:

“Uh, no. Everybody who is working on Ricochet 2 continues to work on Ricochet 2.”

Although the Valve team has had to ward-off a constant stream of questioning about Half-Life‘s future for about five years now, there has never been much doubt that the developer is still hard at work continuing the adventures of Gordon Freeman and Alyx Vance. As a huge fan of the series, it is a relief to finally hear at least a few details about… Ricochet 2‘s development. As Newell states, if Valve had been open with fans about development of Half-Life 3/Episode 3 since 2007, we might be as cross-eyed as the writers and developers themselves by now.

Gabe Newell Teases Half-Life 3

It is clear from this interview (although it was clear before) that Newell and the team at Valve care about their consumers and their employees far more than making a quick buck or stirring up controversy. The “when it’s done” approach has never failed Valve in the past, so do not expect to see that mentality change anytime soon. The Washington-based team wants to put out the best possible product, even if it means spending years debating the finer points of their most respected storyline.

Does Newell’s openness about the “positive” and “negative” surprises faced in development make the ongoing wait for a Half-Life follow-up a little easier to stomach, Ranters? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: SevenDayCooldown

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  • ATG

    Clever answer, I admire Valve.

  • Natasmai

    Just wait, E3 2012 Valve announces Ricochet2

    • Rob Keyes

      I hope so. Valve wasn’t at last year’s E3.

  • Adam

    So frustrating.

  • Jake

    It gets to a point where no matter what they’re planning, they should have something concrete to show for it. After 5 years in development, no matter how careful they are being, I would hope they have at least a general idea of their direction and their timeline.

    It is a huge franchise and it should be their top priority. I think what frustrates me, when all is said and done, is that they refuse to even openly acknowledge development on it.

    Bloody hell, I don’t need a release date or even a trailer. Just at least say, unequivocally, that you are hard at work making the thing.

    It would make me feel better at least…

  • TaboriHK

    Don’t care anymore. Here’s the listen: don’t write a trilogy if you only have two stories.

    • TaboriHK

      Lesson even. Thanks autocorrect

  • Fatherdeth

    I will wait patiently as long as I have to for Half Life 3. This is the one series I would buy a new system for. I bought a computer fast enough to run HL2 and I would buy a Durango or an Orbis for this one.

    • mike

      I did the same thing and I agree ill just wait patiently cause valve has never dissapointed

  • Martian712

    I actually want Ricochet 2

  • Cyryl

    So… Anyone remember what happened to Half-Life 2 before it was released?

    It was…you know…kind of STOLEN from their servers.

    Would YOU want every jackass out there trying to hack your servers in an effort to create the same disaster?

    I personally wouldn’t tell anyone about the game until it was DONE.

    Want my thought on this? That’s what Valve is doing. They’re keeping it under wraps for that reason. So as to not encourage the public at large to break in and steal their source code again.

    I bet they announce it’s release like two weeks in advance. LOL

    • TaboriHK

      If your gameplan is to completely kill all interest in stealing the game by killing interest in the franchise, they get a gold medal for execution.

      • Cyryl


        I’ll be on top of that. I don’t care. LOL!

        Sure would be nice if the story had some coherency this time around, though. The second one didn’t make a whole hell of a lot of sense to me… I mean… I get it but…

        As you say: If they wanted to confuse the crap out of the player, they get a gold medal for execution. LOL!

      • Cyryl

        I actually think I misunderstood your comment earlier…

        And now it’s FUNNY. LOL!

    • ATG

      Good point. It’s ashame how bad piracy is.

  • Luger83

    I’m guessing they’re debuting a new game engine with the release of HL3 and that’s possibly a reason for such a delay. HL2 had the new source engine, and that’s getting pretty old. But it’s still great with all the mods they’ve added. Can’t wait for HL3.

  • Ryuhza


    Thank you Valve. I expect a big game though.

  • DJ-SemiTone

    I loved the Half Life 2 series, and I am quite honestly irritated with all the “Tell us more about Half Life 3!” Clever questioning and responses by Valve, but the game will be done, (If it is being worked on) when its done. Good work takes time, like it took Activision is already releasing Black Ops two? After 5 months? No, good work takes time.

    • Ryuhza

      Wuh oh,

      SemiTone, Black ops released over a year and a half ago, Treyarch has been working on the sequel since the original’s release. They’ve got two separate teams y’know.

      Or has GMan been holding you in stasis for a year?

    • ATG

      Haha! So misinformed. Assumptions smh

  • Gooch

    I just had the most horrible thought, What if Gaben pulls a George Lucas and Half Life 3 sucks worse than the phantom menace, unlikely but still….