G4TV To Become ‘The Esquire Channel’

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G4 Changing Esquire Channel

Gamers and technophiles knew something was up when long-time X-Play host Adam Sessler announced he was leaving G4 after fourteen years. Whatever tipped him off soon made its way to Kevin Pereira, following quickly behind. Now it seems that the new direction and branding for G4 has a more definitive plan.

Come 2013, G4 will be relaunched to attract the attention of, and offer programming for the metro-sexual male as ‘The Esquire Channel.’

Fans who followed the on-air talent and programming have had a bit of time to grow accustomed to the idea of never again enjoying X-Play or Attack of the Show!. The blow might have been softened since the most recognizable and consistent faces from the programs have made their way elsewhere: Sessler moving over to Revision3, Pereira making a splash in the podcast world (among others), and even long-time geek-goddess Olivia Munn now earning accolades on HBO’s The Newsroom.

Fans of the network experienced firsthand the shift away from gaming or tech-focused content over the years, replaced and supplemented with programming aimed at the key demographics tuning in, not necessarily tailored to the reasons they traditionally watched. Apparently, the ‘geek’ audience that so many companies and publishers are aiming to profit from these days isn’t what NBCUniversal is after.

The first details on the upcoming re-branding planned for 2013 claimed that the network’s owners were intent on capturing the ‘GQ audience,’ so this confirmation of a forthcoming ‘Esquire Channel’ (courtesy of THR) isn’t shocking. But that won’t make it go over any better with the gaming and technophile audience.

Kevin Pereira and Adam Sessler

We won’t buy into stereotypes to the point of arguing that there is little overlap between the ‘metro-sexual’ and ‘gamer’ crowd, since gaming enthusiasts can now be found in every demographic (for proof, just take a look at this year’s Spike VGA winners). But the impression that NBCUniversal is now pursuing fashion-savvy, globetrotting and cooking male viewers instead of gamers is nearly impossible to avoid.

Gaming is still going to make up a portion of the channel’s programming, but by bringing the axe down on the two longest-running and popular shows aimed squarely at G4’s existing audience, it’s hard to believe that keeping those viewers is a top priority.

We could absolutely be wrong, and an Esquire Channel might help round out the gaming enthusiast’s culinary aptitude and fashion sense. But for now, we won’t bet on many of the core audience sticking around to be proven wrong.

What do you think of the re-branding? Is this a decision that makes sense for NBCUniversal, or will this decision come back to bite them? Sound off in the comments.

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  • http://Gamehermits.wordpress.com Josh Calkins

    This is hopeful news. Not because we need an Esquire channel, but rather because X-Play and AOTS need to be cancelled. They are an insultingly self-indulgent forum for the hosts to play up their own celebrity, and waste as much time as possible. X-Play in particular is just embarrassingly weak on content and heavy on “personality” that overshadows actual game information, footage, insight or any redeeming value. The fact that it’s the only show of its kind is the real problem. Where are the shows for those of us who don’t tune in for the cheesy host banter, and actually want to be informed about games?

    The quality, professionalism and entertainment value of Screenrant are nowhere to be found on that channel. Only some bits of gaming news fluff aimed squarely at the middle-school crowd that finds the shows’ CONSTANT focus on the hosts above all else to be a plus, rather than a bafflingly unnecessary way to waste time. The irony being that twenty minutes is not nearly enough time to cover games, and yet XPlay pads it with filler and personal stories and home movies and dumb skits… I personally never found Sessler or Periera to be very compelling, or more interesting than the content I had actually tuned in for, but those two were gods of gaming compared to the sickeningly self-satisfied leftovers. I won’t disparage Candace Bailey or Matt Myra, since they are fairly genuine and likable people, (despite a tendency to waste our time and theirs on filler junk), but with the exception of a few rare guest hosts, these people are awful. The gaming community deserves much better. How about a show that isn’t embarrassing to watch, for starters?

    I wish that there was a Screenrant television show. How about it, folks? Just don’t make the mistake of emulating the low standards of G4! In the meantime, if anyone is interested, I am posting a much more thorough analysis of the issue, and hopefully an interesting and humorous discussion on my blog. The address is: Gamehermits.wordpress.com. And the page is called G4 Epic Fail! I’d love to have somebody add to that discussion as well. Hopefully, we gamers will get a show that takes our interest in games more seriously, and the importance of the hosts’ “witty banter” less seriously!

    • http://gamerant.com Anthony Taormina

      If someone wants to give us a channel/outlet/time slot on which to share our views we would be more than happy to. Rally the troops!

      • boogoo

        A Game Rant/Screen Rant TV show? Yes please! :)

      • http://Gamehermits.wordpress.com Josh Calkins

        Do you have the ear or address/phone number of anyone in the Esquire group? It couldn’t hurt to ask… If a ball were to start rolling, who knows? I’d support you guys. I’d sign a petition. I’d personally write multiple letters tomorrow if you can tell me who to send them to. X-Play is an embarrassment, but you people never waste my time. Your content and quality are a higher standard. Even if they have a show in place, there should be room for more than a singular perspective. Maybe they want another fluff show, and you could offer them the “adult” gamer news show. (With more relevant info/interviews/etc. that is, not just nudity and cussing; I’d leave that to your discretion:). Is it possible? Ask your colleagues or bosses, and get back to us! Thanks.

    • Datrebor

      If you don’t like a show then Don’t watch it. I liked them especially AOTS. Now there seems to be more Cops shows then anything else. I went to see what shows are coming; knife fight, the getaway, jimmy fallon, parks & recreation, and party down? I wrote and complained when it was going to change from Tech-TV to G4. There is nother on that list I want to watch and there is nothing good then why watch at all. BTW I’ve read it was 4-22-13 was the change over its 5-22-13 and charter still has it listed as G4.

  • Ken J

    As a comedian once said, “Metro-Sexual” should really just be called “Homo-Eventual.” LOL

    • Matt


  • ryanisawesome

    Sorry, but G4 lost its gaming side when they started putting shows like cops, and the japanese game show crap, and when they got rid of Judgement Day… I stopped watching that channel ever since and have thankfully turn to the internet for my gaming information.

    • http://Gamehermits.wordpress.com Josh Calkins

      Join the movement! Let’s ask for gamer tv that doesn’t suck! “Gamerant TV” ? I call trademark!

  • Shalkowski

    Lol reminds me of South Park. But I agree, let’s get Gamerant their own channel!!!

    • http://Gamehermits.wordpress.com Josh Calkins

      Nice. That’s thinking big. I was kinda rallying enthusiasm for a quality SHOW, but sure, shoot for the moon, I’m all for a channel. Plus theres already at least two other readers who are totally onboard, so we are really picking up steam. Come on people! G4 has failed us for the last time, and given gamers a bad name for far too long. Let’s demand better.

      How about a petition of support, or better yet some email addresses of the channel-running higher ups? Not just Esquire, but anybody that might reasonably put a quality show about games on the air. There’s no need to leave the movie/TV side of Screenrant behind, if there is enough time to cover everything, but the death of X-Play at long last leaves an elegant vacuum on the game side in particular. If only we can fill it with something that isn’t insultingly low quality drivel for the manly masses! Demand better! No room for X-Play “personalities” on a show that’s worth watching. Speak up, people! Paint your faces half blue! Put on your dog tags and grab your energy sword! Prepare to mobilize!!

      Gamers have grown up.

      • http://gamerant.com/author/dyce/ Andrew Dyce

        This made my week.

        • http://Gamehermits.wordpress.com Josh Calkins

          Awesome. So we are up to maybe three votes here. It’s like a roller coaster, and I’m just glad I didnt eat any churros. Buckle up! Now I’m gonna click on your name and see what happens…

          • http://Gamehermits.wordpress.com Josh Calkins

            Dang, you’ve written many cool articles that I have read! Good for you! Or good for those of us reading that is. Since I see you with chopsticks, you obviously speak Chinese. I am a little rusty, but here goes: muchas gracias para las palabras de video games. Flawless.

  • Timmy S.

    I firmly agree with most of you guys that we need a station to cater to us. Video games and technology has permeated every aspect of life. Some video games are having release parties akin to movie premiers. There are plenty of stations dedicated to movies so why not video games and technology? I would love it if there was a show on said station that viewers would be able to skype in and ask questions, make comments or even have a rant of their own. Who is with me?