GR Pick: Canadians Can Trade Any Current-Console Game; Get Hit Games Free

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Future Shop Deal

Canadians aren’t often at the forefront of great deals, but Future Shop and Best Buy are aiming to change that with a truly head-scratching offer starting this weekend. Taking place on Friday, November 9th and ending Monday, November 11th, anyone is welcome to bring in a current-generation game and trade it in for a free copy of either Battlefield 4, Call of Duty: Ghosts or Assassin’s Creed 4. It sounds unbelievable, but the offer has been confirmed as legitimate for customers who happen to be north of the border this weekend.

There are some limitations to the deal, but even those aren’t as strenuous as one would think. Customers are limited to one free copy of a game per day, meaning that over the weekend industrious fans could make a daily trade and still finish with Assassin’s Creed 4: Black Flag, Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts without having to spend a dime. Of course, there’s nothing to stop gamers from simply going into a different Future Shop or Best Buy on the same day to trade in a separate game.

Gamers must be trading in either a Wii U, Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 game in its original jewel case and with a readable game disc (sorry, Wii owners, those games aren’t considered current generation for this deal). The free games recieved will also be current generation, so people can’t walk out with an Xbox One copy of Battlefield 4 ahead of its launch next week. Those rules are certainly agreeable, especially when gamers have the option of trading in old games worth around $10 to get a brand new $59.99 mint condition product.

The deal sounds too good to be true, so the corporate communications manager of Future Shop had to take to Twitter to assure fans that the deal was legitimate:

This means that anyone could bring in a title like FIFA 2010 on PlayStation 3 and walk out with Battlefield 4 on Xbox 360. We don’t often advertise sales here at Game Rant, but every now and then something like this happens — and it’s safe to say that most gamers won’t want to miss out on this one.

Some local Future Shops, due to ‘local laws on trade-ins’, have had to opt out of this promotion. These stores are the ones at the Nanaimo, Kelowna, Vaughan, St. James, Garden City, Pembina and Richmond Hill locations. All other Future Shop stores are, quite literally, fair game.

What do you think, Ranters? Will you be trading in this weekend or would you prefer the deal came out for different games? Do you think a US-based company will repeat the deal?

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Source: Financial Post

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  • boogoo

    Well, consider me jealous! :(

  • Kaero

    Well hot damn, if this is valid at the locations in my city then I’m definitely going to be getting all three just for the sake of having them. Hell, could even sell em.

  • Daniel Carlson

    the states never get anything like this…

  • L2404

    I am a sad person today… #USLIFE

  • David

    Damn, I am at work. I could so do this I can see the Future Shop out my window…

    • David

      Well, both the locations I have locally were sold out in ~3 hours. So much for trading a game in this weekend.

  • DarthMalnu

    Holy unbelievable crap! The nearest future shop to me is in Ottawa… which I won’t be able to make it to before the deal ends. Dammit! To make it worse, I’m going to Toronto on Tuesday. Why, sweet fate, why?! Is this because I wore green and black on Canada day? It was an Anvil shirt. They’re a Canadian band! The punishment doesn’t fit the crime, Canadian gaming bargain spirits, the punishment doesn’t fit the crime!

  • misfit666

    well damn, I wish a store around here in the u.s. would do a sale like that lol

  • Bangarazz

    Almost every store runs out of game before the end of Friday. Most people didn’t even have the chance to profit from the deal. In the end it was mostly bullshit promotion.