Latest ‘Fuse’ & ‘Crysis 3′ Trailers Offer Slick Visuals, Exciting Gameplay

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With all of the talk of the next generation of consoles, it’s easy to forget that the PS3 and Xbox 360 (and now the Wii U as well) are still capable of impressive feats. Two upcoming games, Crysis 3 and Fuse are just the proof gamers need that this gen still has some kick left, as the latest trailers for both games show off some impressive visuals.

When Insomniac announced its re-working of Overstrike into Fuse, there was concern among fans that the game would lose its style and humor. Though the game has taken a more serious tone, players are still in for some laughs, this time in the form or pure dry wit.

In the latest Fuse trailer, dubbed “Dalton’s Rules,” players will get to see some of the game’s humor in action. Don’t just take our word for it, go watch the trailer above if you haven’t already. Go on, we’ll wait.

Fuse has taken a different direction with its humor, and it’s good to see Insomniac hasn’t forgotten what they do best: offering pure charm. The game itself still looks gorgeous, and if the trailer is any indication, there’s potential for a strong narrative – a quality that’s hard to come by in many co-op focused games. Insomniac was able to tell a compelling tale with Resistance 3, even if the ending left a bit to be desired (read our review), making us excited for whatever adventures main character Dalton and his crew will face.

Fuse Trailer

Fuse isn’t the only slick looking game coming next year, as Crytek has Crysis 3 coming down the pipeline. The developer has released the latest in its 7 Wonders of Crysis video series. Titled “The Hunt,” players will watch as  main character Prophet takes on groups of Cell soldiers in a variety of ways.

Not enough Crysis for you? Well fret not, as EA has also released part two of the video:

Prophet’s bow is quite the versatile weapon, able to shoot regular arrows or electric bolts to shock enemies. Versatility has always separated Crysis from the pack, that along with its super-human nanosuit. All the series’ staples return this time around, from the nanosuit’s cloak features to new additions including infrared vision. It’d be easy to say how incredible the game looks, seeing as we’ve done so already. It looks pretty. Seriously. But at the cost of a required beast gaming rig for PC players and absolutely maxing out the capabilities of the consoles.

The trailer also gives a little insight into the story behind Crysis 3, and how the CELL soldier group – one of the warring factions in Crysis – was able to form. The trailer is well worth a watch, if only to see the many way players will decimate CELL soldiers come February.

Fuse releases in March 2013 for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

Crysis 3 releases February 19th for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.

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  • Dante

    I am pretty stoked for Fuse honestly, I love Co-Op “Horde” mode style play. One thing – I hope there is a large enough player base, I’d hate for it to suffer like Binary Domain.

    (FYI Binary Domain was probably the best game no one played last year)

    • Anthony Mole

      I agree! Binary Domain was awesome – just wish it didn’t have so many multiplayer trophies.

      • Dante

        I’ve tried numerous times to play the MP on Binary Domain but there just aren’t any players. Much less players with headsets as is needed. The horde mode multi on Binary Domain is actually quite cool and hard as heck in the higher levels. You gotta have a good squad…though when it released I would have settled for A squad.

  • Matt

    I’m really unsure about Fuse. It doesn’t seem like it’s going to be fresh.

    • Dante

      Speaking of games of the third person shooter horde mode type – Anyone else excited for God Mode?

      (If you haven’t heard of it – it’s like EDF-Insect Armageddon but with undead, monsters, gods, and Evil Dead-ish humour)

  • boogoo

    I love coop games. Fuse looks great!