Free ‘Red Dead Redemption’ DLC Pack Coming in September

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Free Red Dead Redemption DLC Coming

While many gamers have already placed their focus towards Rockstar Games’ most recent venture, LA Noire, there is still a ton of support being thrown the way of Red Dead Redemption. Recipient of many gamer of the year nominations and awards, Red Dead has once again demonstrated Rockstar’s ability to ensnare gamers of every make and model.

As a big thank you for that tremendous critical and fan reception over this past year, Rockstar has announced the release of the Myths and Mavericks DLC pack.

Free to all Red Dead Redemption players this September, the Myths and Mavericks pack will come with a set of multiplayer, fan-favorite characters along with new locations for all of the game’s various multiplayer modes. Among the highlights in Myths and Mavericks is the promise of getting to play as Landon Ricketts, the grizzled, once famous gunslinger.

Though many might be surprised to hear that Rockstar Games is still putting out downloadable content for Red Dead Redemption, it just goes to show how dedicated the developers are to their fan base. With LA Noire not technically being their development effort (that designation goes to Team Bondi), Red Dead Redemption is the most recent Rockstar “home run” and could very well be the last title of theirs for this generation.

As the rumors of an Xbox 720 and the next PlayStation continue to accumulate, many will point to the next iteration of Grand Theft Auto as a prime choice launch title candidate for either of the two systems. Some job postings and the like have hinted towards the sequel’s existence, but Rockstar has remained rather mum on the subject.

But it’s only because of Red Dead Redemption’s fantastically realized Wild West that gamers are chomping at the bit for Grand Theft Auto 5, that and the series’ pedigree. Either way there is more Red Dead Redemption content on the way, and it’s free. So why not dust off that ten-gallon hat and roam the open plains once again.

Do you plan on checking out the Myths and Mavericks pack when it releases? Has Red Dead Redemption run its course? Is it time for Grand Theft Auto 5?

Red Dead Redemption ‘ Myths and Mavericks’ releases this September for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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  • ATG

    Sounds great but I plan on trading this towards a new purchase. Red Dead Redemption is an amazing game but serves no purpose for ME anymore. A sequel or something related (GTA Vice city to San andreas) would be welcomed with open arms. RDR beats LA Noire anyday. Game has ran its course with ME, GTA V should wait till next gen IMO, I can wait till then. Will be amazing as well.

  • Ops31337

    a must read for Red Dead Fans or Haters alike…

    agree or disagree with the view this person takes; you have to agree, it’s just pure comic genius.

    just my 2 cents

    • ATG

      Ha! I love it! I agree and disagree lol strange cuz most of that was true but the game is still fun!

      Minor error tho, Max Payne is Remedy, not Rockstar. Unless we talking Max Payne 3.

      • Ops31337

        right? talk about a game rant! you can feel the anger; it’s awesome.