Rumored ‘Forza Horizon 2′ Concept Art Suggests Deep South Setting

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Forza Horizon 2 Deep South Concept Art

Over the past few months, gamers have heard quite a few rumors regarding the next Forza game without much in the way of official confirmations. We know that there is another next-gen Forza game in development, but whether or not it’s a fully-fledged Forza 6 or another Forza Horizon is unclear.

The latest rumor seems to suggest that the next game will once again be brandishing the Forza Horizon banner, only with some decidedly different scenery. If some rumored concept art is to be believed, it appears Forza Horizon 2 might be taking players for an old-timey jaunt through the Deep South.

The two images (seen below) were released by an artist who works at Dhurva Interactive, an India-based production house that has worked on art for past Forza titles including Horizon 1 and Forza Motorsport 4. What’s more, the images bear the title “Forza Deep South,” and seem to suggest a racing game set in an around the bayous of Louisiana. They’ve also been taken down since first popping up online, so make of that what you will.

Obviously, these are just two pieces of concept art, and there is no confirmed connection to Forza or Forza Horizon developer Playground Games at this time. The artist behind the images, Sumeet Surve, has not highlighted these pieces as Dhurva creations, so they could easily be personal creations inspired by the Forza brand.

That being said, the idea of zipping through swampy settings in old-timey cars certainly has our interest piqued. It would be a sharp deviation from the approach seen in the first Forza Horizon, which took the sim racer series off circuit tracks and onto real streets, but maybe that’s just what the franchise needs at this point. In fact, it might be what the racing genre as a whole needs: a completely different approach.

By now, gamers are likely tired of the Forza Horizon 2 teases via LinkedIn profiles and inside source leaks. As we mentioned, the existence of a sequel has been assumed for quite some time, but Microsoft is likely saving the big reveal for E3 2014. And boy what a reveal that will be if Forza Horizon 2 really is Forza Deep South.

What do you think of these rumored Forza images? Would you like to see Forza Horizon incorporate “deep south” locales or a full Forza Deep South game?

Source: IGN

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  • Ken J

    I hope this game is much bigger than the first. I was able to complete the first one fairly quickly, discovering everything and winning every event…

  • Jared Mendez

    I want more cars, no one to buy on DLC like more Honda, and were you get to choose from convertible or not on cars like the Honda S2000, more bumpers and accessories. It would be nice to get to design the interior of your car like juiced 2 ,

  • http://Forza. Brent

    If this is REAL please make PUBLIC LOBBYS with free roam in new forza so we can race or just mess around with random people… Thanks

  • http://Forza. Brent

    Forza 5 is what I’m talkin talking about when I say new forza… Also new herizon would be sick!

    • Spelling B Champ

      Horizon not Herizon

      • Censored

        Forza Verizon 2
        Wireless Data Edition

  • http://Forza. Brent

    But try setting the new herizon In the city of San Francisco and Oakland! A lot of street racing here and also known street racingn stops world wide called 7th street port of oakland, gets a little crazy so maybe add cops? Haha just ideas of I kid who place this game both herizon on the xbox “only reson I keep it” and the new forza 5 on my xbox one! Thank if anyone ever sees this!

  • jeremiah

    Japan would be better to me.

  • Chris

    I enjoyed the first one. I just feel like they took a lot away from the experience by not allowing tuning, and dumbing down collisions and physics. If they could just take the graphics and physics of Forza 5 and put that in an open world, it would be the most amazing game ever possible.