Spike VGAs 2011: Epic Games Reveals New Game ‘Fortnite’

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Epic Games Fortnite Trailer

Ever since Cliff Blezinski stated that he would be revealing a brand new I.P. during the Spike Video Game Awards, fans of the company, and even gamers who are tired of sequels, have had the internet buzzing with rumors and speculation. Today there is no more need for speculation, because the new game has been revealed. The previously unknown game even has an official title now too, allowing gamers to now refer to the upcoming blockbuster as Fortnite.

The new title looks just as radically different as Epic Game had previously promised, with a trailer that features survivors scavenging for parts to build up a fortress in order to protect themselves from monsters that appear during the night time. Fortnite definitely has a different art style, especially when compared to other games that they’ve worked on in the past, but it still looks like a game that should offer plenty of awesome content.

You can check out the official debut trailer for Fortnite below.

Fortnite marks a new precedent for Epic Games, as they transition their focus away from the Gears of War series, and channel their talent into something brand new. Those who are concerned that Epic may discard the beloved Xbox-exclusive franchise should keep in mind that the developers at People Can Fly have been rumored to be working on a new Gears prequel trilogy, so it’s highly unlikely that we’ve seen the last of Marcus Fenix and friends.

Fortnite hasn’t been confirmed to be either a retail Xbox title or a downloadable game, but more details will probably be coming on the title very soon. Stay tuned to Game Rant for more information on Fortnite as it becomes available.

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  • jwalka

    looks like a zombie tower defence game, in essence of call of garbages zombie mode. style and animation makes it a ‘keep an eye on’ title for me, but nothing to get over excited about.

  • Bryce

    It looks like Epic is taking the basis of Horde mode from Gears and expanding it into a whole new game. It will be interesting to see what they can do with it, considering how Horde mode is already pretty good in its own right.

  • Graverobber

    Corpser Ticker!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sporeboy100

    oh no, minecraft clone on the horizon!

  • Androol

    Kinda underwhelming. I want Jazz Jackrabbit 3!

  • ATG

    Not really my style of gaming in terms of graphics. I was excited for all these announcements and trailers until now. Only The Last Of Us impressed me.