Rumor Patrol: LucasArts Uses Force Choke and Cancels Force Unleashed 3

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GR Rumor Watch LucasArts Puts the Force Choke on Force Unleashed 3

There seems to be a disturbance in the Force. It’s as if the voices of hundreds of staffers and fanboys cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. That may be a bit dramatic, but it’s not a good time to be working at LucasArts right now. New company president Paul Meegan wasted no time in making sweeping changes to the studio. The word on the street is that he has canceled The Force Unleashed 3, already in development, and that members of the development team will be let go once The Force Unleashed 2 is released. Also, an unnamed second project has been put on hold.

Changes are also taking place externally. The majority of external development of LucasArts properties are coming to a close, with BioWare’s The Old Republic MMO being the last game to be developed internally at this time. If this is true, that would mean no more LEGO Star Wars or LEGO Indiana Jones titles. Yikes.

All of this makes me a little weary of getting The Force Unleashed 2, especially amid reports that morale at LucasArts has hit “an all time-low.” Now they are canceling the third installment of a game franchise when the second title hasn’t even been finished yet. The trailer for The Force Unleashed 2 at E3 looked very promising, but now we know that we won’t be getting a third game.

I don’t believe that this downward trend is relegated to just the gaming side of the Lucas universe, and there have been warning signs all along. Gary Kurtz, producer of Star Wars and its sequel The Empire Strikes Back, said in an interview recently that he did not return to direct the third Star Wars film due to the creative direction George Lucas was taking.

“I could see where things were headed. The toy business began to drive the Lucasfilm empire. It’s a shame. They make three times as much on toys as they do on films. It’s natural to make decisions that protect the toy business, but that’s not the best thing for making quality films.”

There are also reports that the much anticipated live action Star Wars TV series has been put on hold, the reason given being that the show is simply too expensive to produce. I think this doesn’t have much to do with it being too expensive, they just don’t see enough profit margin for it. This was supposed to be an adult-oriented, almost HBO-like dramatic show. Oopsies, you can’t sell toys for that! When is the last time you saw Six Feet Under action figures?

It would appear that the once impenetrable Lucas empire may finally be crumbling under the weight of its own bad choices.  It’s easy to see that the decisions being made in the Lucas-verse have more to do with business and the bottom line, and less to do with making things awesome. Unfortunately, that includes why there is new management at LucasArts, and why that management is making sweepingly negative changes to the company.

So, Ranters, what do you think of these rumors? Does it matter if The Force Unleashed 3 gets canned, or do you want to see a return of the Jedi?

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 is currently scheduled to release on October 26, 2010, for the PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS, and Apple iOS.

Sources: Kotaku,, Screen Rant, blastr

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  1. The Force Unleashed 2 looked pretty solid at both E3 and Comic-Con. Just judging from that, it’s kind of a shame we might not see a third. I thought the first one sold well, too.

  2. What a joke George Lucas has become. Money is evil.

  3. The interview with Gary Kurtz was very intriguing. They had some good ideas for the end of Return of the Jedi, but nixed it all. Now we can only think of what could have been.

    Maybe someday in the future we can get some SW remakes?

  4. Irvin Kershner was the director of Empire Strikes Back, Gary Kurtz was the producer.

    • Right, which makes me think this whole story is bogus. Maybe I’m just hoping. Anyone who writes an article and can’t tell a director from a producer is obviously incompetent, or at least not very good at checking sources.

      • Sadly the article is true. And the new president of lucasarts “meegan” sucks ass and is killing all of the good things lucasarts makes. This new president is probably going to bring an end to star wars

  5. why is everyone so mad about this. force unleashed 1 was an averge game. and very repetitive. maybe lucas arts feels this one is even worse. but it doesnt make sense forse unleashed was hugly successful, if 2 is half as successful as the first 1 then it should still turn a profit. unless there games cost bucketloads to make.

  6. LucasArts have been falling downhill for years now. Back in the day (circa late 80’s early 90’s) they were pretty well known for making really decent and original games (in fact, at first, George Lucas didn’t even want them making Star Wars games). That slowly started to fizzle out though until they simply made games based on Star Wars (and occassionally threw an Indy title at us), and as soon as that happened, they came in thick and fast, with the occassional really mediochre game that wasn’t a Star Wars property.

    And now they’ve axed their most promising sub-franchise, The Force Unleashed. And for what? If we’re lucky, and realy optimistic, it’ll be something original and awesome… if we’re realistic, it’ll be a cash cow.

  7. I know since the main movies are done, Lucas is struggling to keep the Star Wars name relevant. I wasn’t too impressed with Force Unleashed and am only slightly interested in this to see if the problems of the first game are fixed. What Lucas needs to do is just put the Star Wars name in storage for a few years, let people go five to ten years with out it. Then have some big comeback instead of stretching the franchise thin just to put a game or tv show out every few months. Give the handlers some time to come up with some original story ideas that don’t involve clones.

    • Lucas has been turning Star Wars more and more into a childish phase. What he needs to let happen is have young producers make deep and sometimes dark versions of Star Wars; allow depth to attract and secure a more mature audience.

  8. “crumbling under the weight of its own bad choices.” Well said. The world had already accepted that George Lucas was no longer the filmmaker we had once thought he would always be, and the games being put out by LucasArts had become one mediocre installment taking advantage of the Star Wars license after another.

    Then, The Force Unleashed is released by people who are passionate not only about giving the fans what they’ve been asking for for years, but telling a story that would live up to the standards that Star Wars fans expect. And now they fire them.

    I feel for that entire development team, but I know they will have success wherever they go from here, and am glad to see LucasArts sink into the nothingness that they seem to be intent on reaching.

  9. What will happen if at the end of force unleashed 2, the game says to be continued. like modern warfare 2

  10. I’m hoping/waiting for Lucas’ eventual death and JJ Abrams to step in and remake/reboot. I’m so done with all this made-for-kids crap.

  11. This is a shame. I am a huge fan of the original trilogy and respect the continuation of the story in the later 3 but was sorely let down. I have read several of the novels involving pre-original trilogy story-line and I must say- though the overall idea behind the 1st Force unleashed was not ground-breaking it was step in the right direction. The story behind StarKiller is perhaps the most interesting since return of the Jedi. I am so pumped especially after watching the yoda/starkiller video. What is LucasArts really after? Have they not made enough money? Must they further rape and defile a once-great franchise more than it already has been? JESUS.. AM I ALONE HERE?! WTF?!!

  12. It’s an incredibly misfortune that this is the current direction that Lucasarts is taking with its video game products. Toys are great and all, and cause more sales because they’re more affordable than a $60 game, but the real fun for the people come in the video game format. Sure, I can pretend to slay stormtroopers with my Jedi action figure, but it’s way better to do it with a controller and actually seeing the action unfold in front of me on the TV.

    In short, George Lucas has become a madman, and it’s up to me, a time machine, and Mark Hamill dressed as the Guyver to stop him.

  13. shadad, if you have any love whatsoever for star wars, then you will pray that JJ Abrams doesn’t get anywhere near SW because he will destroy completely outright like he did with Star Trek.

  14. …are you kidding me?? If by “completely destroying” you mean rebooting and and bringing a new generation of trekkies into the mix, then you’re right. Don’t get me wrong I’m a die hard original Star Trek fan, but you HAVE to give credit to Abrams for doing what he did and doing it without ruining the story. Don’t be ignorant.

  15. We need to all remember. This is a rumor, no need to boggle our heads till we actual hear or read the actual truth.

  16. Remember this is a rumor everyone, no need to cry or cheer unless we receive the actual truth.

  17. I feel like force choking the guy who fired the develepmont team. Why the heck did he do that

  18. Paul Meegan SUCKS, I want Haden Blacksmith BACK!!!!!!! Paul Meegan has just screwed the company and himself, he’s about to have a Rebellion uprising at Haden Blacksmith’s front door. And when I say Haden Blacksmith’s front door I mean the Lucas Arts company building where Paul Meegan is working at.

  19. Force Unleashed II was good, but the story wasn’t as strong as the first one: However, given the ending for the second one and it’s connection not only to the prequel game but the plot holes between Episode III and Episode IV, as well as the fact that The Force Unleashed exists makes it necessary to create something that will close in the gaps and bring the story full circle.

  20. You know, I have the PSP version, and in the Light Side ending, Kota and Juno looked up at the stars. And no to be continued was mentioned in that game. So it would’ve been a good idea that II would not have been made. (what with people saying the story wasn’t as strong as the first.)

    But II *did* get released.

    And this is a rumor, remember? Just wait til the truth comes out.

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