Force Unleashed 2 Trailer Debuts Yoda and Dagobah

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Yoda in The Force Unleashed 2
A new Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 trailer hit the web and it reveals not only Yoda, but also Starkiller apparently facing his inner demons while on the planet Dagobah.

As fans know, Dagobah is the planet Yoda went to after deciding on voluntary exile after he failed to defeat Darth Sidious and perhaps save the Republic at the same time. Dagobah is first shown in the Star Wars films in The Empire Strikes Back when Luke Skywalker traveled there to meet Yoda. It is shown again in Return of the Jedi and in a deleted scene in Revenge of the Sith.  Luke had to face his inner demons while he was on the planet in The Empire Strikes Back, and it appears Starkiller is going to have to do the same in The Force Unleashed 2.

Check out the trailer here:

While it is unclear from the trailer why Starkiller traveled to Dagobah, or if there will be a Starkiller/Yoda battle. Either way, the trailer is pretty cool and provides a good nostalgia nod to longtime fans. Some people might argue nods like this make the official Star Wars canon too confusing, but I appreciate all the little nods to the classic films I know and love so much.  Perhaps I am the minority,  as I tend to spend more time focusing on the things I like and less time looking for subtle inconsistencies between films and the games. I know I like the character Yoda and I know I always thought the planet Dagobah was cool.  And now I learn that The Force Unleashed 2 is going to combine both of those things, heck yeah!

I actually wish more Star Wars games focused on Dagobah and what was really going on in those caves and the strong dark side of the force present on the planet.

What do my fellow Ranters think about this trailer and the inclusion of Yoda and Dagobah in The Force Unleashed 2?  Are you guys starting to get as excited about this game as I am?  I guess the hype machine is starting to work…

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 is currently scheduled to release on October 26, 2010, for the PC, Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, Nintendo DS, and Apple iOS.

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  • KantstandYa

    caint wait for this game.

  • Joshi

    I am wondering if this is still part of the canon, or if it’s now on an alternate timeline… I mean there’s not an awfullot of time left before episode 4 (considering the age of Leia in The Force Unleashed).

  • Archaeon

    I think it is part of the canon still because even a mere year’s worth of time provides enough of an opening for galaxy-changing events…Remember in our own history how often singular events have affected world history. The time in the game certainly gives ample opportunities for the galaxy to be set up for “Episode IV”.

    This video, along with various other teasers and information, is making me practically froth at the mouth waiting for the release… 😀

  • Christian Spicer

    I have not seen anything that would say this game is not canon, but George does seem to change his mind a lot about what is and what is not “official” canon. And yes, I think this game could be awesome. I am hoping they take the Assassin’s Creed approach and realize how much potential the first game had and then fulfill that potential in the sequel.

    • Jacob Siegal

      …just without the the mindf*** ending.

      • Phillipe Bosher

        Mindf’ing? More like utter crap.

  • Tyler Davis

    My only fear is that at the end of this game, Starkiller will “die” again and they’ll have to find another way to bring him back…

  • Jeff Schille

    I’m almost surprised by how much I’m anticipating this game. BUT, Hayden Blackman’s departure from LucasArts has left me feeling pretty wary about how well TFU2 will actually turn out.

  • Joseph Balaich

    Everyone please; I don’t understand why people are saying: “we Don’t know what Starkiller sees in the cave”. Yet however in Gamer Pro June 2010 it says simply right here:

    Starkiller makes his way to Dagobah and finds what Blackman calls “the cave of evil,” where Luke has his vision of Vader in Empire. Starkiller experiences visions of his own in the cave: Clad in more traditional Jedi garb, he makes his way to what Blackman calls “the root room, a creepy place where he sees versions of himself reaching out and begging for help. He has an opportunity to either strike them down or not, and he chooses not to, so he’s sort of awakening and realizing that his first response shouldn’t be to lash out.” I briefly interrupt Blackman’s flow to ask if Yoda would be present during this scene, and he’s reluctant to commit. Starkiller also sees a vision of Juno as a captain of a starship under attack. He spies a distinct nebula with an asteroid field, a clue to where he needs to go later, Blackman says. “He sees Juno attacked and shot; she stumbles forward and passes through him like a ghost.”

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