Find Makarov: Live-Action Modern Warfare Trailer

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Find Makarov Call of Duty Modern Warfare live-action Trailer

Last week we received something very interesting and somewhat mysterious in the mail from a viral marketing firm. The package contained blood-soaked dog tags which pointed towards a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare-themed site, The site contained only a countdown timer which we hoped might point towards the eagerly anticipated unveiling of Modern Warfare 3.

Was this the start of Activision’s massive marketing campaign for this year’s Call of Duty installment? Nope. In fact, Activision apparently has no involvement. Instead, the tags came from viral marketing firm ‘We Can Pretend’ and the website counted down towards a live-action trailer which is now available for viewing.

Although fan-made, you’ll see that the production values on this ‘Modern Warfare’ trailer are very professional. The trailer delves into the key moments of Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2, reliving them in actual live-action from the first-person perspective, just like the games!

Watch and enjoy:

If Activision has nothing to do with this, they’re sure going to benefit from it. We expect the next Call of Duty to be announced sooner, rather than later, and this live-action film acts as a perfect hype-building lead-up to the next Modern Warfare title, should Infinity Ward (with the help of Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software) be going down that path as expected.

We’ve been in contact with the marketing company and as soon as we learn more about the project, its development and plans, we’ll share with you.

As for the legit Call of Duty, the actual game franchise, we’re still waiting patiently and somewhat concerned. With Infinity Ward head honchos Jason West and Vincent Zampella out of the picture, along with a significant chunk of their staff (See: Respawn Entertainment), and news that Sledgehammer and Raven are all pitching in to help complete the game on time, there’s reason to be concern. Especially considering the positive buzz generated from competitors EA with their almost-next-gen-like Battlefield 3 making headlines as of late.

What do you think of the live-action Modern Warfare trailer? Activision must be thinking about a Call of Duty movie in the near future, right?

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  • Riley Little

    The trailer is actually very well done. Nice to see a Canadian studio making some awesome fan films :)

  • jwalka

    who cares for this dead franchise, MW3 will be the end of the CoD series if they chose to both A/ go with a prequel and B/not have something new/fresh (like CoD4).
    this yr has so many big titles coming out that there’s no room for cookie cut out garbage.

    • Rob Keyes

      Dead? It’s only 4 months after they broke every video game sales and online record ever.

      • jwalka

        the only reason people bought black ops was b/c they thought it would be the ‘next big thing’ from MW2, most people have come to realise that it sucks so they’re going back to MW2 and in some cases CoD4.

        MW3 won’t sell anywhere near as much as its predecessor, thus slowly killing bobby kotich stupid plan to churn out a CoD game every yr.

  • John Jacques

    This is fantastic. I would have sworn Activision produced it if I wasn’t told otherwise.

  • dude

    Fantastic trailer. Though I think my Ghost ski mask looks better. 😉