Why no Final Fantasy 14 for Xbox 360?

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FF14 ScreenFinal Fantasy 14 is one of very few massively multiplayer online games in development for console systems. It would seem that a console with a strong online component would be a natural home for Final Fantasy 14 — a system like the Xbox 360 (which already features a version of the previous FF MMO, Final Fantasy 11). Not so, says Square Enix.

Hiromichi Tanaka, creator and director of Final Fantasy 14, puts it this way:

“The main reason why we couldn’t go with Xbox 360 was the Xbox Live system.”

“[Live is] different to the normal internet environment, so when we wanted to introduce this game in the same environment as Windows PC it had to be PS3, so that was our choice.”

“Microsoft has a different point of view: they want to have a closed environment for Xbox Live. We’re still talking to… We couldn’t come to an agreement on Xbox Live.”

Specifically which parts of Xbox Live’s “closed environment” caused problems for Final Fantasy 14 were not discussed.

The situation becomes less clear when considering that Final Fantasy 11 has had a small but dedicated number of Xbox 360 players for the past four years.  The Xbox Live environment seems to have been sufficiently open for that game.  Somehow, it is difficult not to imagine that the sticking points ultimately boil down to monetary issues.

Xbox Live has long been considered the gold standard of online console services (pun not intended).  Should sufficient demand for Final Fantasy 14 on Xbox 360 be demonstrated, it seems likely that Square Enix and Microsoft could come to an agreement.

But is Final Fantasy 14 a game 360 players are clamoring for? Live is absolutely dominated by shooters, as demonstrated by Major Nelson’s list of the most played Xbox Live games for the week ending June 14th.

  1. Modern Warfare 2
  2. Halo 3
  3. Red Dead Redemption
  4. Call of Duty: WaW
  5. FIFA 10
  6. Call of Duty 4
  7. Gears of War 2
  8. GTA IV
  9. Battlefield Bad Co. 2
  10. Transformers : War for Cybertron Multiplayer Demo

The only non-shooter title to make the list is FIFA, which is no doubt reaping the benefits of the 2010 Word Cup.  Even well regarded titles with a clear multiplayer focus, like Bizarre Creations’ awesome Modern Warfare meets Mario Kart racer Blur, have trouble breaking into the Live top ten.  In the end, it’s questionable how valuable it is for Microsoft to have Final Fantsy 14 available for Xbox Live.

Ranters, is Final Fantasy 14 a title you want to play on Xbox Live?  Are you generally interested in playing massively multiplayer online roll playing games on consoles?

Final Fantasy 14 is scheduled to release on PS3 and PC sometime in 2010.

Source: Eurogamer, Major Nelson

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  • !_!

    …closed environment? then that means like out of the whole game there will be 280 ppl playing FF14 for the 360, while the PS3 and PC will have like 1000000x more than that…..on the same server 😀

    • Captin Cheese

      very true

  • tankD

    yes it is a closed enviroment. but we Xbox users ell the ones i know could care less the ps3 no matter you say is a very lame console it does have less online play and theyre shooerts dont feel as natual as the 360 and when it comes to ff14? we like live real time action gameplay turn based game play is completely outdated i played ff13 and was highly dissapointed in the gameplay and the story square enix needs to go into the direction of dissidia final fantasy and they NEED to realease final fantasy VS 13 which will have real time action gameplay but like kingdom hearst but modernized into a compelling gameplay experience it would be like the advent children movies or like ninja gaiden but FF and thats what THE PEOPLE want

  • Alnilam

    I would be interested. I haven’t played games on a PC for ages, and I’m not updating my PS3 to keep my Linux partition, so the XBox would be the best option for me.

  • lizerd

    I think they should just cause some people play shooting games more dosent mean people dont want it i would love for them to make ff games for xbox more i love them and wouldent want to buy a $400 ps3 to play them when they already put ff13 on xbox why quit i think people will play them more if you put more on the xbox

  • steven

    the PS3 and pc versions will be cross-server, i think that is what they meant by “closed environment”. in other words, microsoft probably wanted a firm commitment to xbox live having private servers or locking out the PS3. Microsoft likes things done only their way, and so does Square-Enix, so its no surprise they couldn’t come to an agreement.

  • Aidar

    I think it is utter and complete bull that its not out for 360. I personally know quite a handful of people that would buy it myself included. I played FF XI on my 360 for 2 years and myself and a few others i met on there refuse to buy a 300$ console just to play FF 14 or a 500$ computer that will run it.

    • Captin Cheese

      well it looks like you wont be playing it… damn :( i feel sorry for you, well actually i dont

  • WarTowN

    Seriously put it on Xbox 360. I bet the main reason for xbox
    and square enix’s disagreement is the 12.99 fee and xbox
    doesn’t want to have its players pay this so they suggested
    a “closed enviroment” to waive the fees and allow xbl players to
    play it at their costs. Not to aviod PS3 players, xbox has that
    beat with a cheaper console and the same game. Why buy the console
    if it comes out on 360.

    The Xbox community was much bigger than 250 players by the way. It will still show a 10,000 player server most likely but maybe only 1 – 2 servers will exist.

    Solution: Lower the monthly fee for the game, let xbox live set up the
    servers and SE can still run them, with no cost of server maintainance.

    • lordcrusnik1986

      This is what i was thinking, the 12.99 with a “closed enviroment” me personally this is why i havent played ff11 and will probably never play 14, THE FEE!!!!!!!!!!! Its rediculuse to pay for the game, pay for xbox live and pay for a monthly fee, i refuse to do this because i dont believe anyone should pay a fee to play a game they already own. Its demeaning to me as a gamer and as for final fantasy ive been let down so much lately, they shoud pay me to play 14.

  • terrance

    I so looking forward to this game to come to the 360 I can’t wait you guys need to work it out and stop worryin about money and Just make the game

  • Carpenter

    I agree with war town the only reason it’s not on 360 is because of the fee and fair enough xbox players already pay for live so why would we pay another fee aswel.

    But of course this causes problems for Linux not being able to make the money they wanted, so why don’t they just raise there price to a bit on the xbox version and just make the money of the sales, because in the end what Linux has to relise is there the ones losing out on thousands of sales :(

  • teknodbz (xbox live tag)

    simple reason for the lack of other types of games in the top ten is there are no good online ff games at the moment.
    i played ffxi on live for a year but the auction house prices were mentaly expensive because it is the same servers as pc we just joined in so how they can say close system i doubt it its more like the way microsoft want it programed to prevent hacks etc not the closed server way of thinking that i have seen in forums.
    come on i want a mmorpg that works and is as good as ffxi on 360 if a fee aplys lets see a realistic price i woud say at the most you should have to pay is 3-5 pounds english a moth max its pure revinue most of the time and how bout a cap on the auction house prices i mean 99,999,999,999 in the auction house for a helmet what a joke !!!!!!!!!

  • cloud

    why should we pay to play the game, we pay for xboxlive and we purchace it from shops now they are asking for us to pay to play then no im out they can forget it

    where final fantasy VII remake XD

  • Alex

    F*ck ps3 and get it out on the freaking xbox 360..aahhh i want to play this game!!!

  • derek

    come on really i want to play this game already come to agreement and put the game out ughhhh

  • Hyur

    Aw, c’mon! This is one of the only Final Fantasy games I’ve wanted to play in a while and i can’t play it because it’s not for Xbox 360! DX Some people who own Xbox 360’s still wanna play this game.

  • Captin Cheese

    stop all of your crying and complaining if you guys were serious about wanting to play this game stop being a cheap ass and go out and buy a decent cpu or a ps3. the game isnt coming out for the 360 so deal with it! their is nothing the fans can do about this issue we can complain all we want but is square enix says NO THEY MEAN NO and thats all that needs to be said!!!!

    i have 2 ps3’s and 2 360’s and in my opinion i think the ps3 is the better console because the ability to sync and transfer and save data between the ps3 and cpu. and i also have a great cpu so it really doesnt matter to me which platform the game comes out because im getting it regardless because i got money to blow lol…hahaha XD

  • B. Michael

    I would love to see ff14 on the 360. The 360 imo is better than ps3 system. I don’t own one but have friends with both. I want this final fantasy and ffx to come to 360. I would buy both and probably pre order them

  • alyssa

    i have an xbox 360 and i dont want to pay hundreds of dollers to play games that would go just as well on the xbox system. i dont play final fantasy online beacuse i was unable to. playing it by yourself would be best anyway so you dont have to worry about the death of another person.although ff 13 was single player there is a down fall to single player, if you have a good player with you then you win alot but as i have played resident evil 5 i have had things stolen or glitched from my inventory.but back to what i was saying,i think it would have been good to add it to xbox…now i have to play it on others’ consles.but im a big fan so, im gonna have to bare or buy…