‘Final Fantasy 13-2′ Gets North American Release Date, Two New Trailers

Published 3 years ago by , Updated February 10th, 2012 at 8:59 pm,

Final Fantasy 13-2 Trailers Release Date

Tokyo Game Show has yielded, as expected, a ton of reveals for Final Fantasy XIII-2, the second direct sequel for a numbered Final Fantasy title, including two new trailers and a set of release dates. We were able to get our hands on both of the trailers, which include in-depth looks at key story points, combat, and new characters.

First up is a trailer that sees Lightning’s younger sister Serah (ostensibly the main character of the game) crossing paths with some of the first game’s main characters like Hope and Snow. Though the game runs on the same engine as its predecessor, both Snow and Hope are very much changed individuals — Hope seems to have aged and, thankfully, matured considerably — and are still willing to lend a helping hand when need be.

There’s also the early roots of the game’s core story, Serah’s quest to find what has happened to Lightning, popping up here and there, but really the most exciting part of the trailer is the combat. Despite the two-main-character conceit, Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be featuring the three-character paradigm system — probably the most exciting part of Final Fantasy XIII. Some trailers have only shown Serah and her partner Noel doing battle, but fear not the three character party is still there.

Check out the first trailer:

While the first trailer was pretty cut and dry, at least as far as a Final Fantasy trailer is concerned, this second one is a combination of vague story moments, gameplay, and some of the ‘Cinematic Action’ quick time events. There’s talk of a timeline — Serah’s partner Noel comes from some time in the future — and a look at the game’s big bad Kaias, but without context it’s tough to tell what’s really going on.

We know that Lightning is an important part of the game’s story, as is the desire to preserve what has already happened during Noel’s time. See what you can glean from the second trailer.

Probably the most important news to come out of TGS, even superseding these fairly substantial trailers, was Square Enix‘s a solid release date for the game in both North America and Japan. Japanese players will be able to get their hands on Serah and Noel’s adventure before the holidays, on December 15th, while North American gamers will get their hands on the game early next year, on January 31st.

There’s still plenty of time to make your way through the first game’s 40+ hour main quest, so get out there and start grinding.

What do you think of these two new trailers for Final Fantasy XIII-2? Are you ready to experience more of this universe through the eyes of Lightning’s sister Serah?

Final Fantasy XIII-2 releases January 31, 2012 on the PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • tankD

    Not interested still waiting for final fantasy VS 13 what ever happen to that?

    • macbrooks

      A fellow dreamer! I, too, look forward to the day when that marvelous trailer gets an actual game attached to it.

      Until that happy day, FF XIII-2 looks like a fun ride. *rubs hands in anticipation*

      mac :]

  • vradar

    Yawn ff13 is awful why make a dam sequel

  • Vanity

    Umm…does someone have to play FFXIII first to understand the story? I’m as lost as that movie they release Advent Children.

    • macbrooks

      OK, I’m going to make some assumptions based on what you posted, so please forgive me if I’m incorrect! ^_^

      First of all, FFVII Advent Children was created for the FFVII gamers, hence the confusion if you just watched it for the pretty-pretty (which is what I’m getting from your post). The FFVII game is a major RPG and takes hours upon hours to play through to the end. In other words, it’s not for the casual gamer.

      Which brings me to point two: ALL the Final Fantasy games are not for the casual gamer. Don’t be fooled by the pretty-pretty or hardcore gamer comments about finishing one of these badboys in about ten hours – for the beginning RPG gamer, you will commit huge amounts of time playing. As in weeks or even months. It’s incredibly rewarding but if you don’t have the patience for, say, grinding levels (as fun as that can be), you’re not going to enjoy an FF game. I would recommend Kingdom Hearts I as a good introduction to this kind of gaming – it has major RPG elements along with a fairly quick-moving plotline and the game itself has an “easy” setting for the novice gamer. Grab a gaming friend, rent the game (if he doesn’t have it) and see if you like it.

      Point Three – Will you need to play FFXIII to understand FFXIII-2? Well, it depends. In utter FF-deprivation-fueled desperation, I finally picked up FFX-2 (a direct sequel to FFX) It has a little background of FFX in the instruction booklet (ALWAYS get an RPG with an instruction booklet! Otherwise you’ll frustrate the heck out of yourself trying to figure out just what’s going on while your characters are dying left and right). There’s also a little background in the beginning of the game itself. Soooo, it’s possible that you could understand the whys of FFXIII-2 without playing FFXIII. I would highly recommend playing FXIII first, though, as FFXIII-2 is, like FFX-2, a direct sequel as opposed to a new FF game.

      Point Four – If you’re still reading this post, you have a good attention span and could become an RPG gamer! But it’s really up to you on that score. Again, the FF games are not for the casual gamer – they take patience and commitment. They’re incredibly rewarding (which is why they have a huge fanbase, despite the various stumbles Square-Enix has made) but they’re not for everyone.

      Hope this answers your question. XD

      mac :]

      ps – I’m not quite the hardcore gamer the hubby is, so corrections and comments on my take of RPGs are most welcome. Thanks!

  • Mike.E.

    maybe I’m just in a grumpy mood.. but that sounded like some of the worst voice acting I’ve ever heard.