‘Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster’ Includes New 30-Minute Cutscene

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Final Fantasy X X-2 HD Remaster Additional Cutscene

After several years of fan requests, the Final Fantasy series is finally getting the HD remake treatment starting with Final Fantasy X and X-2. However, these will not just be updated, HD-ified versions of two classic FF titles, but they will also include some additional content.

That content is reportedly a 30-minute “drama” that will run after the credits of Final Fantasy X. For a game that’s already chock-full of cut-scenes, that’s a solid amount of additional scenes.

It’s unclear what the extra 30-minutes of cut-scenes will contain, but FF Reunion reports the extra footage was scripted by Kazushige Nojima. Nojima has worked as a scenario writer on nearly every Final Fantasy game dating back to Final Fantasy 7, as well as the Kingdom Hearts franchise.

That alone should make the extra content intriguing, but the report also mentions that the scene will include new characters and voices. Again, as we don’t read Japanese and Square Enix has yet to officially detail the scenes, we have no idea who those characters might be.

In the pantheon of the Final Fantasy series, Final Fantasy X ranks somewhere in the middle for me. It was the first FF game on the PS2, which meant better graphical fidelity, bigger bosses, and more CGI content.

The game also paved the way for Final Fantasy X-2, a sequel that turned out better than most anticipated. And even though a Final Fantasy sequel is blasphemy, Final Fantasy X-2 justified its existence better than Final Fantasy 13-2, or even 13-3 for that matter. It was a chance to revisit characters (along with some new ones) that gamers had grown fond of, not because Square Enix decided to deliver an incomplete narrative but because there was a new story to tell.

As the 30-minutes of additional content comes at the end of the game, we doubt Square Enix will go into detail regarding what’s included. Gamers can find out for themselves, however, when Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster releases for PS3 and Vita later this year.

What do you think the extra 30 minutes of cut scenes will include? Was there any storyline that you thought needed more resolution?

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  • Jimmy

    Probably going to include how Yuna and the other girl met up with Pein and started their band.

  • http://gamerant.com Samuel James Riley

    I couldn’t wait any longer to revisit FFX, so i dug out my old PS2 and finished it again just last week. After having seen some of the HD ‘upgrades’ square have in store, i’m glad i did. Whilst the landscapes do look better than ever, some of the faces have lost their unique charm and personality. Yuna and Tidus in particular look quite different now.

    As for X-2 i was massively disappointed by that game. Swapping out weighty themes and ancient imagery for modern day Japanese craziness really turned a sometimes silly series into a nightmare for me. Playing dress-up with powers, only 3 members in the whole party and a new active battle system (not as good as 10’s) didn’t help either. I’m still interested to see what this 30 minute movie will be, and whether it will feature Tidus and company in some capacity. I wonder what kind of tale they’re hoping to tell in just 30 mins without using established characters?

  • Marc

    X was in the middle? Interesting. Ranks closer to the top for me.

  • Jonathan

    Like Samuel I too am currently treading the world of Spira on my PS2.

    6 months ago when my original 1st off the boat complete with backwards compatability PS3 finally decided to die after 4 1/2 – 5 years or so of use, forcing me to replace it with a 500gb Slim that doesn’t have backwards compatability (i didn’t know this at the time, WAS NOT IMPRESSED!!!) I would of been well happy with this announcement.

    Now though I’ve looked at numerous forums and the likelihood of an FFXII and Dragon Quest HD releases is either not happening or a long way away I’ve gone out and got an old PS2 to get my RPG fix…. don’t need HD remix anymore.

    Sorry Square you’ve missed this particular boat, oh and FFXIII & FXIII-2 are awful, you’ve really lost your mojo.

  • Ford Prefect

    Great X has been remastered, how about the one everyone really wants…FF VII??

  • Zatoichi

    Okay Square enough with the remix/sequel HD treatment how about an all new game for the PS4 with eye popping graphics, but with old school FF gameplay and story.

  • http://Gamehermits.wordpress.com Josh Calkins

    X was amazing at the time, and it had some of the best cutscenes I have ever seen. Though XII and the two FF movies have set an incredible bar for Square Enix movie quality, I think X will stand up in HD as still shockingly beautiful. My concern is the accessibility of that footage. On my Ps2 I had to have a seperate file saved at a movie theater location in the game so I could see the cut scenes again! Especially with another 30 minutes of footage, I would be more excited if they said the films were available on the title screen.

    13 was infuriatingly, suffocatingly linear. The only way to proceed was to win every encounter the first time or walk back and forth in a tiny dark corridor fighting the same dull enemies until you were good enough to fight the monster that killed you. After the exhilarating freedom of 12, I was very dissapointed. Needless to say, all the sequels and tangents are built off a game I didn’t enjoy, so I am hoping 15 is going to turn it all around. In the meantime, remaking 7 has been a request from fans and those of us that missed it for many years, and HD X sounds like a good idea, but 12 stands as the most satisfying FF has ever been for me, at least since FF2!

  • Oscar Medina

    I feel that Square-Enix isn’t making great FF games since Sakaguchi left.
    Although I like Noumura’s designs, but not direction style, changing battle systems and focus on cinematics, that doesn’t make a good game.
    Dragon Quest still uses the old Turned battle system and its great.
    If its not broken dont fix it.
    Right now they are desperate for sales by releasing HD versions of games, kingdoms heats, FF series,
    Original games have t been good “FF:all the bravest….cough couch”

  • Oscar Medina

    As for the new cutscene: I’ll just watch it on Youtube, save myself wasting my money.

  • jenn

    As long as I don’t need 100% completion to view it…

    The gunners gauntlet kicks my ass each and every time.