EA Sports Promises Harsher Punishments for ‘FIFA 15′ Hackers

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FIFA Red Card

EA Sports is breaking out the ban hammer for potential FIFA 15 scammers and coin bots, and they aren’t being very lenient this time around either. In a recent post on their website, the publisher outlined how exactly players caught participating in coin re-selling or farming will be punished, promising that repeat offenders will lose more than just their stolen cash.

According to the post, those gamers who either buy coins or promote coin buying will be subject to a three-strike punishment system. Exhaust all of those strikes and face serious gaming consequences.

The first offense will result in a warning e-mail and an in-game message – no genuine harm, no foul. The second offense, however, will lead to a FIFA Ultimate Team reset and all FIFA points will be forfeit. In essence, EA Sports is wiping your bunk team clean and removing any of your stolen or illegally procured cash.

And finally, for those who do get caught a third time, EA Sports will hit them with a permanent FIFA Online ban. That doesn’t mean for just FIFA 15 either, but the entire FIFA franchise moving forward.

FIFA Ultimate Team Punishments

However, this three-strike plan is only for coin buyers or promoters. Those who are caught selling or farming coins – by any means – will be hit with an instant ban from ALL EA GAMES. Not just FIFA, not just EA Sports, but also every game published under the Electronic Arts banner – from Battlefield all the way to Mass Effect.

Obviously, with FIFA Ultimate Team’s success has come some unexpected results, namely the exploitation of the real money coin system. Ultimate Team has become a mini-business for EA Sports, and as a result coin farming has spun off into its own mini-business. So much so, in fact, that people are willing to hack other gamer’s FIFA accounts to charge points to their username and then reclaim those points for themselves.

But, since it’s such a popular portion of the FIFA infrastructure, EA Sports would rather not do away with Ultimate Team. So, instead they’ve tightened security and login measures, and instituted these harsher punishments to hopefully scare potential scammers away. We’ll see if it works when FIFA 15 releases next month.

How do you feel about EA Sports’ punishments for FIFA cheaters? Have you been affected by any phishing or coin re-selling?

FIFA 15 releases September 23, 2014 for current-gen and last-gen platforms.

Source: EA Sports

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  • John Jacques

    I’m fine with all of this. It’ll clean up the FIFA online gameplay a little bit.

  • jon

    I really don’t care about coins how about stopping all the lagswitchers who win every match despite timing is everything in that game and lagswitchers have ruined the FIFA games for me I don’t even bother with the online modes anymore


    “lagswitchers” lol no one uses those anymore if they do there really new to the community but you can just hit em offline lol

    • jon

      What do you mean ? I just played 15 today and explain why the match pauses at crucial moments like when I’m about to pass or shoot only when I have the ball in seasons mode its ridiculous yeah no one uses those huh

  • scott

    they need to get rid of all the cheating that goes on like when your playing pro clubs and come up against somebody thats 6ft 5, 99 pace and score 40 yarderers with every shot just about. thats what spoils online play. ultimate team is pants anyway duno why so many people like it its just a money making exorcise. you never get any decent players when you buy a pack its just crap!

    what ae need to do is actually give some details about the player career mode and what they have done to make it more realistic instead of just putting pre order signs everywhere and expecting people to buy on blind faith then realise its just the same as it was last year. but i am not holding my breath cause it doesnt sound like they have done anything major with manager mode either.

  • Your conscience fifa

    EAsports should hammer themselves, their scamming their customers for money everyday.
    people pay good money (especially for fifas ridicolous prices) for fifa points to build up a good team and what does EA do? they handicap your team, they give crap cards every time on gold packs and give you silver cards when the pack clearly says “premium gold pack” false advertisement right there.
    They spend no money on their crappy servers until maintenance is needed and when ever we get disconnected from their servers during an online game they punish us by reducing the gold coins we win in future online games with a message that says, “because you disconnected”.
    frankly EA your total lack of care for your customers is disgusting, your greed is out of control.
    since they started ultimate team they smelt money and just stopped caring about their fifa customers, god knows what its like for other EA sports games.
    Personally i consider a lifetime ban on fifas online play a blessing and a great SAVING.
    better the money in our pockets than their greedy pockets.

    the above is just but a few of EA sports disgraceful conducts.
    In regards to this lifetime ban they have put forward, i personally think they are just mad that the scamers (EA sports) are being scammed.

    Their underhanded profit driven approach has back fired on them.


  • Naïf

    Wikis is,a

  • Tommy Whitby

    A guy on instagrame was selling coins so I tried to get some he said 335k for 1,000,000 and riped me of his name on instagrame is mmoga_worker_ and he is fraud

  • Tommy Whitby

    His club name was ollies11

  • haider

    A guy on instagram was tradeing coins his name if fut10doubler and after that the next day (today)i dont have any players contract fitness

  • naudjuuh

    A guy on XBOX 360 scammed me for sergio ramos he said he would duplicate him and I didn’t trust him at fist but he just ‘duplicated’ 10k to 20k but I didn’t knew he just had 10k + my 10k is of course 20k an he gave me that so I sold sergio ramos to an random dude(he isn’t involved in this) and bought carvajal from te scammer for 120k and he left.
    But before he left I made a pic of his name just in case.
    Here is his name: RaGe X iMoRtAls , watch the capitals!
    please do something about it and just ban him or something because I’m sure he will do this over and over!!

  • Louise Harrison

    My sons account has been hacked , all players in the club have been sold and no money left. The hacker has bought players since and put on my sons account. My son has changed his password now but done nothing else hoping u can trace the transactions. He rang the number today and was kept holding for 2 hours and no one spoke to him – we contacted ea via Facebook and had communication with Adam walker but when we said what the problem was he won’t reply or answer the messenger calls I have made. Please can you respond to our problem

  • dsafdg

    so ea dont do shit if you do it once?