‘FIFA 12′ Developer Diaries Talk Impact Engine and Pro Player Intelligence

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FIFA 12 Developer Diaries

Though we have heard many details about FIFA 12‘s two marquee improvements, the new impact engine and Pro Player Intelligence, not many gamers know just how deep these features’ implementation goes. To correct that, EA Sports has release two behind-the-scenes looks at FIFA 12 that are solely devoted to explaining both the impact engine and Pro Player Intelligence, and boy are they impressive.

According to the team at EA Canada, FIFA 12’s Pro Player Intelligence actually got its start with the Personality+ feature that was introduced during last year’s iteration. Personality+, for those that don’t know, allowed the gamer to utilize a particular player’s natural tendencies to their advantage. For example, if one were taking a free kick with David Beckham or Landon Donavan, they would be more likely to strike on target than, say, a defender.

With Pro Player Intelligence, the computer-controlled player will calculate several different factors — from the competency of teammates that are in close proximity to the strength of the player in the 18-yard box — to determine what is the best course of action.

The example in the diary explains how one player’s skill in a particular area, like striking or headers, will determine whether or not their teammate delivers a cross to them. It’s a fairly complex idea, all of which will be running under the hood of FIFA 12, but one that will help improve the realism of matches.

Take a look at Pro Player Intelligence:

The other new behind-the-scenes feature that is introduced in FIFA 12 is the revamped impact engine. Explained in some detail before, this new engine allows for collisions between players to accurately account for elements like momentum and points of contact.

While most gamers won’t even notice the impact engine at work, its implementation is a real benchmark for EA Sports, so much so that DICE sought fit to borrow it for Battlefield 3.

Something that hasn’t really been stressed so far with the impact engine is the contextual dribble turns, and how player and enemy AI react to those quick moves. In previous FIFA titles, cutting a 45-degree turn to get past a player sometimes led to collisions based solely on the engine’s capabilities rather than the point of contact.. In reality the player could have moved past the defender, but the animation set just didn’t allow it.

Using the new impact engine, the player will now be able to dodge, brush off, or still collide with the defender, dependent on how close they are when they make their move. It also depends on the resilience of the player — meaning that someone like Kaka or Lionel Messi would barrel through his or her defenders than a player who is more prone to “flopping.”

With both the new impact engine and Pro Player Intelligence at their disposal, EA Canada is able to create the most realistic soccer game yet.There might be a few less gameplay features than with previous iterations, but being able to make almost a carbon copy of a TV telecast is very impressive. FIFA 12 definitely ups the ante for soccer games to come.

What do you think of FIFA 12’s impact engine and Pro Player Intelligence? How would you rate this year’s gameplay features as compared to previous iterations’?

FIFA 12 releases September 27, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii, PC, and PS2.

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  • Earl

    Call me a troll, hater, whatever, but I HATE this kind of games. What’s the ****ing point of yearly release game franchises?

    Call of Duty, FIFA, Madden and now Assassin’s Creed… games with 2 or 3 new added tweaks that should be patches or DLC (and they got DLC too) sold as new to their “hardcore” fans (although I’d rather use the word inept to describe them).

    Pro Player Intelligence? My butt. Go and play an old soccer game on the PS2, or as a matter of fact, play it on the SNES since there’s no big difference in the gameplay.

    There’s a reason this website is called Game Rant…

    • me

      hey Earl…shut up.

    • Magnus

      Well you must be drunk or high. They do it to make money.
      And this game is SO MUCH different from a soccer game on the PS2.. you have absolutely no idea of what you’re talking about if you come with a statement like that. And it’s the little things that make a game better. And for them to make more money they do a yearly release. Besides these things that they’ve put into Fifa 12 are features they’ve been working on for years. They worked on it when they released fifa 10 and 11. This impact engine and the rest of the functions will surely make for a much better experience!

    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      @ Early,

      You’re living an isolated gamer’s life, friend. Just because YOU don’t like the game, doesn’t say anything about the millions of other gamers.

      FIFA and other sports titles are made annually because there’s a market for them. Some people only play sports games because that’s their favorite and you’re complaining about that.

      As for Assassin’s Creed, each iteration has an entirely different story and single player experience. That’s why people play them (every one has been good). As for Call of Duty, those games offer the most widely accessible and used multiplayer on the consoles, so improvements upon what’s already industry leading and successful are what players of those games want as well (again, every game in this series has been good (maybe not 3 though)).

      Why am I even explaining this? Do you actually not understand the point of annual releases?

    • fifa

      MR. troll
      ur comments on the game showed how much u know about it, like how u never played the game (really played the game). And if u dont know what ur talking about ur not in any postion to say anything. And i bet that u dont like sports. All im saying is that if you dont like football you’r not gonna be able to enjoy fifa as much as football fans.
      Fifa is what i call year around game, u never finish the game especially if u play fvp (fifa vrirtual pro).
      Clubs are my favourite part of the game because you can join a club or creat ur own and play 11 vs 11, and if ur good you can play on a higher level. If ur a fifa gamer u will also notice how diffrent every fifa game is, I have played fifa since i was a kid but got in to it 09 and bought 10 and now playing 11 why would i do that? Every fifa is like a seasson you dont whant to be plaing fifa 09 and miss out on all the transfer or the player progress or 100 other things that has happend on fifa 10,11,or 12. The game just gets better and better.

  • Fod

    Earl, you clearly have no idea about football. You are right in one sense though. Why are there only three improvements? There should be at least 7 or 8. I also don’t think that last year’s Fifa was that overly outstanding that there was not a need to remove a few glitches or improve on last year’s features which were good but not amazing! Fifa is amazing. One of the few games i play constantly. But the same basic faults keep coming up every year. e.g. when you have the ball and are looking to cross it on a counter attack, why does the forward run out to the wing to recieve it short instead of into the box like real life? last year’s hand ball system was dreadful too!

  • AJ

    That time of the month Earl?

  • Dumbledore

    @Fod, the pro player intelligence is designed to stop that from happening, players take up positions they are more likely to take up in real life (rooney will drop off more, berbatov wont move the whole game, carroll/crouch will always be in the box for headers, etc) ..all of which didnt happen in fifa 11. And Earl, you’re seriouslyone of the stupidest people ever, fifa is released annually because seasons are played annually and fifa on ps2 is nothing like recent fifa games at all. You’ve clearly never actually played more than one game and all fifa fans will agree with me that it’s very hard to go back to a previous fifa once you have the new one.

  • starbandit

    how’s this different from fifa 11, true injuries? wtf are you really telling me they never had injuries in that game.
    go f yourselves EA!

  • Clair

    I don’t know why everyone is jumping on Earl. While his example is bit extreme, he has a point. I bought FIFA 11 and didn’t really see a tremendous difference from FIFA 10. Not enough of a difference to justify spending another $60. I have felt the same way about the last several Madden games as well. I have not bought Madden in probably 3 or 4 years now because they make 2 or 3 improvements and resell the same game at a new game price. From a consumer standpoint, that is not worth it to me.

    As far as sports series go, I feel that FIFA is WAY behind other game titles when it comes to off the field options. I love manager/francise modes on sports games and FIFA has done little to really match what other sports games have done througout the years. In fact, when it comes to Manager Mode, FIFA actually constantly REMOVES improvements! I don’t understand it. For example, there used to be a fan support icon. The more you won, the greater your fan support. The greater your fan support, the more money your club earned. Then you could go back and buy a new stadium manager which would increase your stadium size. This was a wonderful start! Instead of building upon this concept they’ve scrapped it all together! As someone who likes to take a League Two side and fight my way into the Premier League, I want MORE in the manager mode. I want to see things like TV money, big clubs trying to go after my top players even if they are not listed as for sale, and most of all stadium upgrades. It is ridiculous to make it to the Premier League but still be in a League Two stadium. I would like to see the Manager Mode be morphed into an Owner Mode so the realism can be enhanced. I want to be able to earn money from TV rights, promotion bonuses, trophy bonuses, ticket sales, concessions, etc and be able to budget money for stadium improvements/new stadium builds, transfers, player wages, field improvements, etc.

    I would love to take a team from nothing and turn them into a rich club playing football at the highest level. Instead, I currently have 1.5 million pounds with my current club, despite my successes. I only have that money because I sold players. I will probably only have about 1.7 million by the time my club gets into the Premier League. That is just silly. Bring the realism and the challenges that come with managing a football club!

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