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Mega Man Movie

It’s true.  There is a live action, fan made, feature length (94 minutes!) Mega Man movie.  Written, directed, and produced by one Eddie Lebron, the non-profit film is a great effort for a fan film. But that is really its only distinction.

The first 45 minutes or so are a series of painful character and story establishing dialogues that drag on for what seems like eternity. I mean, I can understand that with the budget available, the cast and crew were trying to make the best of the locations and props available. The acting is what makes it unbearable.

If you’re anything like me, when you think of Mega Man, it brings to mind battles across the huge lairs of the epic Robot Masters, culminating in a showdown with the infamous Dr. Wily. While all of this does take place later on in the film, by the time I got to it I was screaming for a fast forward button.

Mega Man is played by Jun Naito who, an off-chance search of IMDb reveals, surprisingly has acted in films before. The rest of the cast pull off mediocre interactions with one another throughout the movie, and are actually passable as an ensemble.

The real tooth-grinder is one Dave Maulbeck, who plays Dr. Wily. This guy had me banging my head against my desk every time he and his horribly fake mustache appeared on screen. And for the love of GOD, Roll, stop smiling!

After about an hour, the badly paced introductory scenes conclude, and we are finally set up to see some robot warfare. Time to see our Blue Bomber turn some evil robots into scrap metal, right?! Wrong.

The fight scenes are pretty decent, with special effects that actually work well in the context of the movie, and have our hero sequentially smashing his way through each of the Robot Masters from the first game. The main issue is that the fights themselves are so short and poorly choreographed that you wonder,”well, if the acting in the beginning was bad, and the fight scenes are short and lackluster, why did they make this movie?!”

For love of the game, I would imagine. And that’s the only reason I would recommend watching this film. The saving grace of the entire production is the obvious attention paid to the game’s canon- something that would never, ever occur in any studio adaptation. For this, I give the Mega Man fan film 2 Meh’s out of 5.

But don’t take my word for it.  Have a look for yourself, and leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • http://gamerant.com/ Jeff Schille

    I don't think I could stand to watch all of this. Still, kudos to the people who produced this. Maybe the next one will be amazing!

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  • http://twitter.com/MoonPioneer Ashley Gervais

    Horrible acting, watched about half of it before I went to work. Still pretty damn cool though :)

  • http://www.r4-kaart.nl/ m3 ds

    Yep i had watched this and I think it is awesome in own way. I have to say that it's not half bad.
    It's CGI looks really nice, but of course its low budget movie.

  • Roger Pendelton

    Let's set aside your own expectations for what you think a Mega Man movie should be and look at the movie as a whole. Had it been 90 minutes of side-scrolling robot-on-robot action with no plot from start to finish (“…when you think of Mega Man, it brings to mind battles across the huge lairs of the epic Robot Masters, culminating in a showdown with the infamous Dr. Wily.”) you probably would have complained about how there's no story. You see, storytelling requires 3 acts: the beginning, the middle and the end. You may not think a film needs that but I guarantee that most – if not all – films you've seen follow that pattern.

    I thought this would be common knowledge for a film critic but an off-chance search of Game Rant revealed Joey Victorio unsurprisingly hasn't written anything about films prior to this one.

    So you think it's an actor's fault for how a fake mustache looks? Or playing a perky character, well, smiley? Would it ever occur to you that perhaps the actors were directed to portray the characters that way?

    Are you aware there's more to making a film than the people in front of the camera? In fact, there are many more contributors involved behind the camera — before, during, and after the actor's turn to work. Writers, directors, editors, producers, makeup artists, gaffers (lighting dept), grips (camera dept), production assistants, … perhaps you've heard of them?

    This comment isn't aimed only at you; even real critics suffer from this same shortcoming of not knowing much about film. Actors are the most visible and take most of the heat from critics and it's simply unfair.

    So I'll tell you what I tell real critics: know what you're critiquing before you write about it. Fair enough?

    • http://twitter.com/MoonPioneer Ashley Gervais

      This is also a game-related website, so you're going to get opinions from gamers, not film critics. You really don't think that Roll wasn't slightly annoying, intended or not? Again, it was an amazing film considering the budget, and we all know what goes in to it. Props to them, regardless of how quirky the acting was.

      • Roger Pendelton

        Hi Ashley,

        I am fully aware this is a game-related website but this article isn't writing about a game. I'm also aware this movie is based on a video game, but the writer clearly overstepped his boundaries when he thought he was within his expertise to critique actors' performances.

        I didn't find Roll disagreeable in the least. That's the character choice the actress made and she remained consistent throughout the film. Consistency is one of the things you want to look for, if you want to critique an actor's portrayal of a character.

        Same goes for the criticism for the rest of the cast. The reticent hero, the dramatic power-hungry villain, the protective father whose back is against the wall, these are all characters fleshed out by the writers, director and actors. Dislike them all you like but dismissing it as poor performances is a cop out and it only shows limited knowledge of the craft.

        The finished product looks like a labor of love from top to bottom. I see the casting for this film was back in early 2008 (I can only imagine the sheer number of hopefuls who auditioned for each role), which means this film has been over 2 years in the making. That tells me they took their time carefully piecing it together, made by fans for fans. This movie deserves our respect.

        Yes, it's hyped on many blogs and it's tempting to be the ones to go against the mainstream opinion. But if you don't like how a character comes across on the screen, take the extra time to talk about why it doesn't work for you and not just labeling them as bad actors. These are real people who worked hard to breathe life into the characters.


        • Joey_Victorio

          Rog- “You see, storytelling requires 3 acts: the beginning, the middle and the end. You may not think a film needs that but I guarantee that most – if not all – films you've seen follow that pattern.”

          Actually if you were as masterful in your understanding of film structure as you say then you would have quoted something along the lines of the Heroes Journey- Something this film CLEARLY does not follow. There is no climax or even any kind of point where the characters HAVE to do anything. And when they do, they have to discuss it for 10-12 minutes beforehand. That has nothing to do with the acting, it's all in the screenwriting. It's also something I made clear in my review.

          I have nothing against the film as a whole except for the fact that it's horrendously long for an undertaking of this type. And yes, the directing of the actors needs to be taken into account, HOWEVER, the actors' abilities need to as well. They indicate, pander and have the timing of amateur actors. Which is fine considering the overall quality of the film. Just because it is about Mega Man doesn't make them in any way competent!

          I love the fact that someone went and took the time to make something like this and it's not something I want to discourage, but come on. It was pretty bad on any standard and I watch more B movies on a constant basis than is healthy for a human being. And that's how I reviewed it, like any other movie I would have watched. Unbiased.

          Yes, it was a labor of love. Yes, it was very accurate to the world of the game. Yes, I would like to see more movies like these pop up from fans. No, it was not very good for a FEATURE length film. That's what I was saying and I'm sticking to it.

          • MMfan11

            Writing as an actor and a writer (neither professional, so I'm not tooting my own horn here), sure, with my little experience in the technical aspect of things, I will say that I cannot say that every part of this movie was bad. I have not watched many excessively low-budget movies to the point where they are not for profit. I sat through the whole movie and I am a huge Mega Man fan. Had I not been, I would have turned it off after ten minutes, tops. And I have never walked out of a theater and never will.

            While I do want to critique various things about the movie, I will start with Pendleton's words. Fun Fact: unlike these characters, actors are not robots. If a director tells you to do something, you can take that direction and make it your own. You don't have to follow everything and anything the director tells you, especially if you do not think it is right. While this may get the actor fired, if the director was this keen on having the characters portrayed how they were, then he should stick with the technical aspects and stay away from director the actual actors themselves. And throw writing in there as well.

            In a world where everyone is looking at the Dark Knight and Iron Man and trying to make their characters as realistic as possible from comics or pop culture, it's surprising how cartoony some of the characters are. My biggest problem being the character of Dr. Wily. I don't think he has a single line that is not completely cliche. While I have acted in all acting jobs for free with the exception of two, I would have never done Dr. Wily's part that way unless I was getting a lot of money to embarass myself that way. The characterization does not make sense and even shows Dr. Light in a bad… light. If Dr. Wily was so obviously creepy, Dr. Light would not have worked so closely with someone so clearly annoying or untrustworthy to the point where it is obvious in the first scene. Yes, this is a not-for-profit movie based on a video game. But it does not mean that it doesn't have to be realistic or have intelligence involved in the writing or acting. The script is horrendous and the story has a bunch of holes (how would Dr. Light not realize until watching the news that his most potentially dangerous robots are gone?). While the project is low budget, the equipment shown in the opening scene/credits looks like it was used in the 80s and bears no relevance to set up anything. Also, I am pretty sure that Mega Man was made before, not after, the 6 robot masters.

            I recognize that my thoughts on the matter are scattered. However, Pendleton, you have no idea how to judge acting either, being that, according to your post, you base an actor's work solely on their consistency. The actor playing Mega Man could have decided to close his eyes for the entire performance. Just because he sticks with it for the entire time, it does not make it a good decision, and sure as hell does not make it good acting. And a person can put their heart, soul, time, and energy into creating a mathematical theory, but if the theory does not work or make sense, then it is not a job well done. So before you spew your garbage AND tell someone else that they don't know what the hell they are talking about, maybe you should think over what the hell you are saying.

            What DID work: Good effort. Attempted to stay close to the story. Making the robots twins that Light's wife would have had. Interesting decision. While Dr. Wily's line “it took you 6 days to build your robot” seems like a reference to calling Dr. Light God in a sense that he created a world or a new race in 6 days was a good theme but was thrown in the audience's face. Rock's desire to be more than just a robot and not feeling at peace was a good intention. It made him seem weak and uneager to fight to the point where he should have been easily destroyed was not so great, but I can at least see the reasons for those choices. Once again, God and Free Will with Dr. Light and Blues was interesting. I still stand by the idea that the script was crap, but so was “Wolverine”'s and that's getting a sequel.

            After being on this post, I would assume that Pendleton has never taken a single acting class or tried to act in his life. If you did, I am sure that you are awful at it, being that you're judging it without proper knowledge of what you're talking about. And I don't like bashing people on the internet, but you are being quite the hypocrite for calling other people out, so I'm attempting to serve justice when no one was trying to call you out. Sorry, it's a pet peeve of mine. As for the director, I feel like he has never seen a movie involving enhanced technology before or a realistic adaptation (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Iron Man, Wolverine, Terminator 2, etc.). Including Asimov's Laws of Robotics would have also been a good addition, explaining another essential reason as to why Mega Man cannot hurt Wily or any other human. While I did think that the portrayal of Mega Man was not that bad, considering that it is hard to properly get any character to life onto the screen, especially one who has been portrayed with such little personality for his run, I think the actor had a difficult job. I also think his characterization was the best (something else the director needs to take a class on). I could write a lot more about this, but it's hard keeping my story straight when I can only see 5 lines at a time. If I see any challenges to my comment, maybe it'll prompt me to have more to say. Other than that, I'm out. Victorio, not a bad review. Pendleton, stop being condescending and don't waste your time and ours pretending to know what you're talking about.