We Want To Play ‘Farming Simulator 2013′

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Farmers feed cities! I see that on car license plates frequently and it’s true. Farmers also have a sweet new game coming their way with the next installment of Swiss developer Giants Software GmbH’s hit outdoors-only franchise: Farming Simulator 2013.

Play a farmer, acquire new rides from a selection in the triple digits, grow some crops, get new rides, buildings, tools, animals and more all on a brand new landscape in career mode. The game debuted at Gamescom 2012 and we have the first trailer, new screenshots and list of new features coming to the 2013 edition.

Farming Simulator 2011 was a big hit in Europe (the viral video down below earns a least a bit of thanks for that), selling over a half-million copies in France and Germany alone. It earned a followup for the Nintendo 3DS and iOS devices and now PC players are getting a sequel with Farming Simulator 2013 this fall, where the franchise will also debut on the console for the first time next spring, published by Focus Home Interactive. Here’s the teaser:

 Why are we so excited for a farming game? Two reasons (actually, three):

  1. Online multiplayer for up to 10 players.
  2. Mods (hopefully)!
  3. The video below [NSFW]

Players of Farming Simulator 2011 could download a ton of new vehicles and maps to keep the farming experience going and we expect/hope for the same from the sequel. Combine (not that combine) community creativity with multiplayer and I think the entire Game Rant crew is going to make a game night out of this. If we do, I’ll put the video up. I promise.

Confirmed new features coming with Farming Simulator 2013:

  • Over 100 vehicles and tools
  • Over 20 licensed brands including Case IH, Deutz-Fahr, Lamborghini, Same, Horsch, Amazone and many more
  • Career mode with economic system, animal husbandry & purchaseable fields
  • 3 animal types: chicken, sheep & cows
  • Additional growth state: weathered/gone bad
  • Placeable buildings and objects
  • Virtual dynamic terrain
  • Play with your friends on the Internet or LAN in multiplayer mode

Head to the official Farming Simulator site for more:


Farming Simulator 2013 releases for PC in October 2012, and on PS3/Xbox 360 Q1 2013.

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  • Rad


    …yea, but…



    • http://gamerant.com Rob Keyes

      Cya on the cornfields.

      • Rad

        Not gonna happen. I live in Nebraska (fortunately in the one place that resembles urban), I get enough of those already. I play games to get away from the corn…

        • http://gamerant.com/author/dyce/ Andrew Dyce

          “I play games to get away from the corn.” – Best. Quote. Ever.

          • Rad

            Thank you. Glad I could brighten you day 😉

  • Brandon

    finally! the perfect game for rednecks like me! my life is complete! screw u cod i got farmng now bitch!

  • http://www.gamerant.com John Jacques


  • Draggie

    meh… i wanted to try this game out. Just to experience farming.

    It’s utter shit (my opinion!) the physics engine is horrible (while Nvidea PhysX is a really good phys engine so i ask how did they eff this up so much?) and the way most vehicles drive just feels VERY unnatural.

    I dont know that much of farming but the things you do in the game seem right, although i gotta say it gets really slow and repetitive. Then again i’m probably much to used to fast-pased gaming haha.

    What’s kinda wierd tho is that the “Allow Create Fields” function lets you create a field ANYWHERE. Even on rocky mountains. And since the purpose of the game is to expand your farm and buy more fields this kinda breaks this. Since you can just make your own fields. Then again maybe i am derping out on something.

    The modding is great though. Had lots of fun with that (though not entirely serious haha).

    NEXT TIME FIX THOSE PHYSICS BRO’S! Seriously, they sucked already back with Farming Sim 2010.

    Well that was my lil’ rant for today hahah.

    “Draggie” from Fureviews.

    • Sourabh

      well, i downloaded this game and i want to play it multiplayer but it says i have to buy it… -_- its really shitty thing though..

  • Mike

    I play this game just for the corn… How odd is that?

  • http://mmihajloolejar@gmail.com mihajlo
  • http://Strogilo57 konstantinos

    farming simulator

  • gora

    i play this game just for the corn how odd is that?

  • http://none Devon

    I want to play online with people and to talk to them I just can’t find the people to do that