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Back in the spring, Game Rant visited Ubisoft Montreal to preview the single-player campaign of Far Cry 3, a game that promised to build upon and improve all of the best aspects of Far Cry 2 while bringing players back to a beautiful but dangerous island.

We came away from that experience with the theme of ‘insanity’ being the highlight of the event. As the we approach the delayed release date of Far Cry 3 and look at what it offers players, that word rings true in more ways than one.

Insane characters interacting with a protagonist who may need to go a little insane himself to save his friends on an island full of drug growers, pirates, and slave traders, is one thing. An open world game that could take upwards of 30 hours to play, shipping with an additional four player co-op mode and competitive multiplayer, also coming with a map editor for limitless additional content, is another.

Far Cry 3 Map Editor

Fans wanted it and Ubisoft is delivering it; Far Cry 3 ships with a new and improved map editor which lets players custom build nearly every aspect of the map they’re designing. From NPC characters, wildlife and every structure from the game to over 2000 objects, players can craft their own adventure, upload, share and play it with friends.

There’s also a new sandbox mode where players can customize their own open-world environment to try solo.

The video up top demonstrates the Map Editor’s features and makes it appear very easy to use. In the end, it’ll come down to the creativity of each player at designing levels, but the potential is there.

The best part about this additional open world experience vs. others is that the Map Editor works for the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game, whereas with The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, only PC players can add user-generated content and mods.

It’s better than the Far Cry 3 Minecraft texture pack!

Far Cry 3 releases December 4, 2012 for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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  • jwalka

    very nice indeed. so far the only thing holding this game from getting a 10/10 from reviewers is the somewhat tacked on multiplayer and co-op. i personally dont mind either one b/c they dont get in the way of the sp since they where made by different ubisoft teams. i’m jumping straight into sp and when i get a little tired (more like if) i’ll try mp and co-op, but as it is, those are only there as extras to what is looking to be a very spot on open world action game :)

    • Rob Keyes

      My review will be up today, but it’s not the multiplayer and co-op that’ll knock away a point from me.

      It’s awesome though.

  • Jak Frost

    I cant wait for this game its all story for me. And its got really good reviews from ign and machinima 9/10 from both.Good nuff for me(: Tell me if I wrong but this game isn’t getting enough credit

  • fanofgames

    Im going to go balls to the wall with that map editor.

  • MistyWeather

    Hi Rob, just one question, I played Far Cry 2 and it was poor. Repetitive missions all the way. Initially, it was wow…but after playing for some time, the missions were almost all the same.

    Is Far Cry 3 any different after playing for more than 10 hours? I loved Far Cry 1 though. Thanks!

    • jwalka

      everything is different mate, you can actually use stealth to go through missions and pick up bodies to hide (didn’t know this until recently). this game is a big improvement from the annoying and boring fc2, this is what we enthusiasts like to call a ‘proper sequel’.

      • MistyWeather

        Thanks for the heads up. I know it’s wishful thinking, but I do hope they have some experimental monsters as well, like in Far Cry 1.

  • DrSamBeckett

    The map editor on the first game was spectacular. I still play it.