Rumor Patrol: ‘Fallout 4′ Teaser Site Points to Dec. 11 Announcement?

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Fallout Teaser Site Rumor

In 2011, developer Bethesda Softworks set the gaming world ablaze with the next entry in their hugely popular Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim. However, although The Elder Scrolls is a major property for Bethesda, it is not their only one. In fact, there’s an equally devoted group of gamers who are more partial to Bethesda’s Fallout series than The Elder Scrolls.

A new Fallout, presumably titled Fallout 4, has been rumored for some time now, but few of those rumors have gained much traction. It’s pretty safe to assume Bethesda isn’t done with Fallout, but what exactly they plan to do with the series in the future is unclear.

But, first things first: getting confirmation that Fallout 4 is in development. And, on that front, we have a new rumor that could either be definitive proof of Fallout 4‘s existence and an impending announcement for the game, or a complete hoax perpetrated by die-hard fans.

Game Informer has caught wind of a site called The Survivor 2299 that features a peculiar symbol and a countdown clock that will hit zero on December 11th. The site is fairly bare bones as far as clues go, aside from the counting down, but the Fallout connection becomes clearer after a little investigation.

According to the WHOIS database registrar, the Survivor 2299 site is registered to none other than ZeniMax Media, parent company to Bethesda Softworks. There are some outliers, but typically, when a Bethesda trademark is registered, ZeniMax is involved in some capacity.

However, this registrar is anything but a smoking gun, as further investigation by GI discovered the country of origin for the site is Poland, not the US like with other ZeniMax operated sites. Unfortunately, Bethesda has refused to comment as per the usual rumor policies.

So, while the verdict is still out on the purported Fallout 4 teaser site, the evidence seems to suggest it’s a hoax. Had the countdown clock hit zero on December 7th — the date of the Spike Video Game Awards (now known as VGX) — we might be more likely to believe the site was real.

That being said, there’s no reason not to think that Fallout 4 is in development for next-gen platforms and the PC, and that Bethesda will unveil the sequel when the time comes. It has been a while since we’ve heard from the developer, so while it may not be on December 11th there may still be a Bethesda game announcement in our near future.

What do you think of the Survivor 2299 site? Is it a Fallout 4 teaser? Even if it isn’t, what are your hopes for a Fallout sequel?

Source: Survivor 2299, Game Informer

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  • http://Survivor2299 UnknownNameMrX

    The site “Survivor 2299″ is using Morse.

    • Ocean

      When I tried decoding the morse, I ended up with “12. 11. 13″. So basically the morse is nothing more than what the countdown is going towards. :/

      • Leavi Mitchell

        Yeah, change it to uk time, 11/12/13- 11th December

      • nate

        acq cq cq bst is gone repeat bst is gone no hope frequency 3450 rt gb AMERICA
        that is what the morse code is saying

  • MattBearPig

    That symbol on the site is a Fallout symbol, it’s on the manual cover for Fallout 3.

    • MattBearPig

      And perhaps ZeniMax running the site from Poland is a potential clue that we may be getting a European-set Fallout? Next to nothing has been explored of this area in the in-game lore, it’s an untapped wasteland ready to expand the mythology of the series, and potentially be a massive, multi-country game.

      • Chris

        possibly but in all interviews bethesda seems pretty keen on staying in the U.S.

        • Dovahkiin

          Actually, there was a time a while back where there were reports of Bethesda touring the area near MIT and such.

      • Pauly

        That would be awesome!

  • Geo
    • DIESEL

      :O I’m hyped. Really hope it’s not a hoax

    • Kingdmen

      All the names used sound European. Johnny Cavaldez (Spanish, Portuguese) at the beginning. Then she says “Victor Henry Souven” ..or something. Sounded like she was saying it in a French accent. Spanish and French. Could open the story to the Europeans?

  • Mikey

    The symbol underneath the timer is the Vault-tec symbol

  • Aileen

    I also find it interesting that “2299” could potentially mean 22 years after Fallout 3, which takes place in 2277.

    I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but, damn.. if this is a hoax.. then there is one mean, cruel, sinister bastard out there somewhere toying with our emotions.

  • KaeL

    Well, by mi side I´m only interested in games that can be modded (total war´s, Gta´s, Tes´s, fallout´s… and I think thats all) I like full realism and customization for a game. That is the real evolution of the videogames… So I´m very happy with the upcoming fallout 4.

  • Fish Bethesda is also releasing new fallout items in their stores soon

    • Fish

      its also vault 77, which we have no idea where it is (home of the puppet man) so this fallout is most likely in a new location.

  • Nikola

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  • Robert

    Someone has posted EVERY SINGLE one of the deleted sound files ever posted from the teaser blog online on soundcloud! And this guy is continuously updating it with every new soundbyte, to download too! Here’s the link:

  • Callous

    I read an interview with Keith David last Christmas that he had been called in to start doing voice work for the next Fallout, so we’ve known for the last year that Bethesda has been working on it.

    So, Dec 11 we’ll start getting real details finally. 8)

  • DesertStormer27

    Morse Code in the Source Code Decoded. Neato

  • Salamander

    As long it isn’t some silly mobile app game or HD version crap, i’m happy.

  • Corey

    Yea New Vegas was set in 2287, so it can be a number of things.

  • BullusRexus

    The Morse Code on the site now says:
    I “ham” speak this translate as
    CQ CQ (calling any station)
    DE (from)
    OZ (no clue? Name? Initials?)
    PSE (please)
    AS (no clue here either)

    Hope this helps…