‘Fallout 4′ Teased by Three Dog Voice Actor

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Fallout 4 Three Dog Announcement

It’s not a question of if, but when Bethesda Softworks will unveil Fallout 4. The Maryland-based publisher/developer acquired the franchise from its original creator, Interplay Interactive, in 2007 (though a stiff legal battle muddied the situation until 2011) and has been forthright about its plans to expand the series beyond Fallout 3 and Fallout: New Vegas, the current two Bethesda iterations released in 2008 and 2010.

Now, a new tease from a familiar face voice has indicated that a Fallout announcement, of some shape or form, is incoming. Erik Todd Dellums — better known to Fallout fans as Three Dog, the dissident DJ and news anchor of the in-game radio station Galaxy News Radio (“Bringing you the truth, no matter how bad it hurts“) — tweeted that he could be returning for yet another installment in the series:

Interestingly, Dellums’s tweet doesn’t appear to be of the unsanctioned variety, the kind of secret-outing discourse occasionally provided when a voice actor isn’t exactly keen on a developer’s PR policies; he followed up by stating that “permission” was given for the tease:

But of course the Fallout franchise has also been tied, albeit loosely, to a film adaptation over years. To help the speculation fester further, Dellums retweeted one responder who ventured at both possibilities:

Considering Bethesda’s current paucity of projects, however, Fallout 4 seems the likelier scenario. With work on The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim ostensibly finishing up — the game’s latest rumored DLC, “Redguard,” would likely be its last  — the company’s in-house developers have a great deal of freedom in deciding their next move. Bethesda tends to nurture its projects, to string out development across a number of years, and an early Fallout 4 announcement now (or in the near future) would place it in prime position for the next generation of consoles.

Fallout 4 Reveal Three Dog

And Dellums’s inclusion could point us towards Fallout’s next destination. Last August  it was suggested that Fallout 4 might be shipping up to Boston, Massachusetts, when Bethesda developers were rumored to be mapping out parts of the city and consorting with associates at MIT. Should Fallout 4 feature Three Dog, however, the voice of populism in post-apocalyptic Washington D.C. (aka the Capital Wasteland), it would suggest that at least to some extent Fallout 3’s central setting is returning. Perhaps Fallout 4 would tie multiple major cities into its open-world gameplay, akin to Assassin’s Creed, or even multiple protagonists a la Grand Theft Auto V.

What do you think 2013 has in store for the Fallout 4 and Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic-wasteland series?

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Source: Erik Todd Dellums Twitter [via VG 24/7]

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  • Alter

    this will be grate on pc epically with there new graphics engine from skyrim

  • Jaleel

    I couldn’t help but read his tweets in the three dog voice lol

  • James

    It sounds great cant wait but the one thing that gets me is the location i really think they should bring fallout to chicago

  • graverobber

    Damn, he is still alive. I thought I shot him and received bad karma.

  • Arametzu

    I sure hope so. I’d freaking love another entry in the fallout series. I definately think that they should have multiple areas you can travel between. Not sure if i like the idea of waiting for a next gen console for it but we’ll see

    • Shalkowski

      Next gen is right around the corner and so is Fallout 4. It would make much more sense to put it on next gen rather than have yet another game for a soon to be obsolete system.

  • deathknight579

    Put it in New York lots of cool locations and a more urban landscape making it fun to explore as it is more tense with more close quarters and more of a dramatic feel seeing many iconic monuments destroyed such as the statue of liberty, UN building, wall street and hundreds more

  • boogoo

    I hope coop will be an addition. It’d be a great game to play with friends.

    • dethfuse

      I hope there isn’t co-op honestly. It is always great to play with friends but i just feel that co-op would make the game unbalanced.

    • fanofgames

      Bethesda will never add any muliplayer to any of there singleplayer games.

      • Mr.NewVegas

        Wat happened to the elder scrolls then lmao.

        • Topperfalkon

          They made a multiplayer game completely separate from the singleplayer game experiences….