The History of PlayStation Detailed in Nostalgic PS1, PS2, & PS3 ‘Evolution’ Videos

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Evolution of PlayStation Videos

As most PlayStation fans are sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting for the much anticipated and rumored PS4 announcement at Sony’s “See The Future Event” this Wednesday, the official PlayStation YouTube channel has been teasing fans and building hype with history lessons of the previous and current PlayStation consoles.

Over the past couple days, the videos have taken fans through a National Geographic documentary-style trip down memory lane: talking about the history, behind the scenes facts and global impact that each of the PlayStation consoles had on the gaming industry.

Think of these videos as the cliff notes to researching the history of the PlayStation console family. The showcase of games and commercials as well as segments from news channels are all well put together – and anyone who was around for the PlayStation or PlayStation 2 launch will definitely have fond memories come back. So if you’re a nostalgic person, these videos might be a nice trip down memory lane.

On February 15th the first of the documentaries was released and highlighted milestones and the journey of the first PlayStation to the public.

Check out the first video, Evolution of PlayStation: The Beginning, below:

Major points brought up in the video include:

  • November 16th 1993 – Sony Computer Entertainment division from Sony was announced to join the world of video games in Tokyo, Japan.
  • December 1994 – The PlayStation was released to the public in Japan by Sony Computer Entertainment.
  • In Japan, the PlayStation reached over one million units in only six months.
  • E3 1995 – The PlayStation was shown off and marketed for the rest of the world to see.
  • September 1995 – Official launch of the PlayStation in the U.S. and Europe.

The second video highlights the PlayStation 2 release, briefly recounting the success that the original PlayStation had and how Sony Computer Entertainment wanted to take it a step further.

Check out the second video, Evolution of PlayStation: PlayStation 2, below:

The video also brings up:

  • Sony Computer Entertainment worked with Toshiba to deliver the PlayStation 2’s all new technology – such as the Emotion Engine CPU.
  • October 26th 2000 – The PlayStation 2 was an overnight success worldwide.
  • The PlayStation 2 was further supported by new technology such as the network adapter and the EyeToy.
  • The PlayStation 2 sold over one hundred and fifty million consoles worldwide.

Lastly the video regarding the latest Sony home console, the PlayStation 3, talks about all the advancements that the new console included – laying the groundwork for what is to come.

Check out the third video, Evolution of PlayStation: PlayStation 3, below:

Other highlights the video goes into include:

  • E3 2005 – The ground breaking PlayStation 3 was officially announced.
  • Technological advancements such as a state of the art Blu-Ray player, new cell processor, an ultra powerful graphics chip, larger hard drive and HDMI capabilities.
  • The launch of the PlayStation Network and its usages.
  • PlayStation Plus and its perks.
  • The PlayStation Move offering a new way of motion gaming.

It’s safe to say this is all a hype build for the supposed announcement of the PlayStation 4 on February 20th. But I think most gamers will agree that this homage to the past is the perfect way to look towards the future of the PlayStation brand and what it will have to offer. For more on that, check out our write-ups regarding what gamers might expect to pay for a PS4, when it could arrive in stores, as well as a sneak peek at the system’s new controller.

Which was the first PlayStation console you ever owned? Let us know in the comment section below!

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  • COREY_1993

    watching these videos just makes you remember how big these consoles are (ps1 and 2 mostly). no console will come close to the ps2 in terms of sales and just outright dominance of the market, wii was a fluke and you can see that now with the wii u. the motion controls was just a gimmick everyone bought into and everyone i knew had their wii just sitting around after a few months and only used it if a good game came out which were only mario and zelda.

    xbox was getting lost in the mix because of the ps2 dominance and if it wasnt for the 360 coming out first i dont think the 360 would be as big as it is. i think they wouldnt have come back into the console market this gen similar to what happened to sega.

    I think if sony get out there first with a competitive price tag then i think they will get all their lost cutomers back. only in america does the 360 have more sold compared to the ps3, europe and asia mostly use ps3. metal gear rising isnt being released in japan on the 360 because there are hardly any 360 consoles.

    • Evan

      I completely agree with what you say. I only bought a 360 because that’s what my friends had and because of Halo. I bet if my friends hadn’t told me to, I would’ve gotten a PS3

      • Shalkowski

        I just got both. But I’ve gotta say, I like my PS3 A LOT more. Sony knows how to make a quality system.

    • Eriberto Medrano

      I also completely agree with you. I’ve been with PlayStation since the beginning and I will continue to support them.

      • dre

        I agree. I’ve had both, and I think it’s just the better variety of games and system options that make the PS3 better for me. I was never a big PC gamer, and it seems the XB360 caters to that (shooters and particular MMOs, etc)…. Anything that usually comes out on the XBOX was usually released for the PS3 eventually, anyways, usually with better content (Eternal Sonata, I believe, had a much better PS3 version, etc).

  • RastaPanda

    I’ll pretty much support every console, each one has they’re perks and that’s what I like about it, but Nintendo on the other hand… the Wii u was such a waste of money