Bethesda Reveals ‘The Evil Within’ Trailer & Images from ‘Resident Evil’ Creator

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Fans of the survival-horror video game genre will likely know the name Shinji Mikami – he’s the one who mainstreamed the genre itself and created the wildly popular Resident Evil series in the process. As Bethesda teased yesterday, the legendary creator announced his latest project this morning. Titled The Evil Within, Mikami’s studio Tango Gameworks is working in conjunction with Bethesda to deliver fans a horrifying, exhilarating experience.

Though details on The Evil Within are scarce, Mikami’s work speaks for itself. More information is poised to surface in the coming weeks, which has left fans pondering whether the game will play out more as an action-horror as opposed to survival (looking at the screenshots, it’s certainly hard to tell). The game is giving off a 13 Ghosts vibe, and we’re excited to delve into the world of The Evil Within as more information becomes available.

To go along with the announcement, Tango Gameworks has provided fans a great batch of photos which aren’t for the faint of heart:

It seems like the so-called ‘Safe Monster’ in the second-to-last photo above may be The Evil Within’s variant of Pyramid Head, and also featured in the above live-action trailer (complete with blood and guts pouring from the safe itself).

It looks like publisher will be poised for a very busy year – the studio has braved a lot of new intellectual properties of late, with titles like Rage, Dishonored and now The Evil Within joining top-selling franchises like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. With the game set for release next year, there’s a high chance that the game will make an appearance at Bethesda’s typically elaborate setups at E3 2013 this year.

Mikami promised fans that the game would provide “the perfect blend of horror and action” – and with more news poised to come from the studio next week, all eyes are surely to be on his latest project.

The Evil Within is in production for Xbox 360, PS3, PC and next-generation consoles. It is slated for release next year.

Source: IGN

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  • Henry

    Those ghost things were freaky ticky. gives me the chills looking at them

  • IronMan

    Sign me up!

  • Jak Frost

    What the f*** did I just watch?

  • fanofgames

    Looks terrible…. I thought Bethesda was going to push boundaries with there announcements. Looks like there starting to drop the ball abit. Heres hoping they release some fallout 4 news.

    • Game Guy

      Looks terrible? How do you know? There was ZERO gameplay!

      The trailer looked awesome! However, there was no gameplay, so I will reserve judgement until I see a trailer and I learn more. I cannot wait until this one gets reviewed.

      • fanofgames

        Hm well considering I am entitled to my own opinion, and that the trailer completely sucked. I’m going to stick with my assumption that the final game will suck just as much.

        • notsureifsupposedtouserealnameorusername

          No offense, but that would be like me saying that since one of New Vegas’s trailers had no gameplay and only had ED-E being shot at, that the game will completely reflect the trailer, and will therefore suck. It doesn’t make sense. You’re entitled to your opinion, just try to support it with better logic next time around.

        • Game Guy

          Makes as much sense as someone saying Avengers would suck because it didn’t have Batman fighting the asteroid from Armageddon in the trailer.

          But hey, nobody is perfect.

        • Paul

          No offence but, when people say ‘suck’it normally reminds me of cod users and I always like any game they hate but yeah like you said you’re entitled to your own opinion but you shouldn’t say it will suck if there’s been no gameplay, you could just say it doesn’t seem like my type of game but at least they’re going back to survival horror routes. (apparently)

      • Juan

        looks terrible indeed.. is just more shooters and residente evil meets silente hill.

        hope the last openworld rpg, less shooter.. skyrim is fallout 3.. blah

  • boogoo

    Well that was disturbing.

  • James

    To fanofgames … Eat poop

  • Ultimatum

    Gonna have to agree with boogoo that was very disturbing to say the least and definitely not what you want to be watching at 5 in the morning right before falling asleep.

  • HelghastUser

    Looks very creepy and gory. It kinda has that 13 Ghosts and Japanese Horror movie feel..

  • Ken J

    That teaser was pretty cheesy… But we’ll know more when they actually show some gameplay, but not really seeing anything really original here. And honestly, even though we’ve already had like 4 Fallout games, I would have rather find out that they’re making another one…

  • Fuuck


  • DB

    Looks like RE 4 2.0 and if Shinji Mikami made Silent Hill. I say take my money and all forms of in game currency!

  • yodarlz