Every ‘Mortal Kombat 9′ Fatality in One Video

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Mortal Kombat 9 Fatalities Video

In case you have yet to get a taste of just what kind of depraved and twisted content has been crammed into the latest incarnation of Mortal Kombat, allow us to confirm that all of this generation of console’s processing power has been utilized to deliver the most gruesome Fatalities to date. You don’t have to take our word for it, and now it seems that you won’t need to purchase the game yourself, as a video containing all of the game’s various Fatalities has finally arrived to shock and disgust. In the best ways possible, of course.

NetherRealm Studios have really outdone themselves this time, since it’s no small feat to put together the kind of violence and depravity that would make God of War‘s Kratos seem like a perfectly stable human being. We’ve taken a look at a compilation of nearly every Mortal Kombat Fatality ever, and the latest title seems like a logical continuation of the formula.

What we may not have expected is just how much thought the developers clearly put into their gallery of finishing moves. While all of us might dream of being paid to sit in front of a white board and think up ways for Scorpion to finish his opponent, at least we can enjoy the various method concocted by NetherRealm.

So take a look at the newest video of Mortal Kombat‘s Fatalities, commit them to memory, and patiently await the chance to try them on your friends. It goes without saying, but be warned that all of the video’s content is incredibly NSFW, and unbelievably graphic:


It’s likely that there are still a few secret Fatalities remaining, but combining the above video with our Top 10 Fatalities of Mortal Kombat 9 should give a fairly accurate idea of the lengths that the developers have gone to in order to shock and delight their fans.

Whether you enjoy your violence witty and ironic, or just plain bloody, Mortal Kombat seems to have once again proven that the franchise understands brutality like few others.

Now that you’ve seen just how many different ways there are to humiliate your own friends and enemies, are you more likely to try out MK if you haven’t already?

The series doesn’t have any shortage of die-hard fans, and hopefully the newest title will prove  in this next-gen era, Mortal Kombat is as fun as ever.

Mortal Kombat is available now for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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  • jwalka

    noob’s, kung lao’s, sheeva’s, barakas ‘spin the wheel’ and both of smokes are my favourite. i was disappointed with kratos’ fatalities, for such a brutal character he had an average fatality. on the topic, some of the fatalities where rip off’s from other characters fatalities, e.g raiden’s fatality is similar to the guy in red and black with the green energy (forgot name) and alot of them where very basic decapitations (jade, night wolf).

  • Ford Prefect

    Is it wrong that I laughed during most of that?

    • jwalka

      i’m pretty sure everyone laughed whilst watching >:D
      i was literally in tears when i saw baraka’s ‘spin the wheel’ fatality.

  • Tay

    Noob’s & Sektor’s was my favorite. I loved Shang Tsungs but I wish the actual Joker could have did that in MK VS DC. But it’s tons of good fatalities on this game. And yeah Kratos second fatality when he turned the person into stone was weak, wasn’t even no blood in it.

  • Tay

    Hey I just noticed there’s a few missing in there. Sektor’s best one “Scarecrow”, Sonya’s leg fatality and I think another Mileena fatality alon with Kratos’s secret fatality (which isn’t all that great anyway) but still a good vid.

  • collin

    w8 whos the blue robot dude?

  • Seth

    I wish they would of brought Goro and Kentaro back. Oh and are you able to use weapons in this one?