SOE Details ‘EverQuest Next': An MMO for the Fans, Created by the Fans

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Sony Online Entertainment today officially announced the next entry in their long-running EverQuest franchise, EverQuest Next. While the name suggests a continuation of the EverQuest lore, SOE was quick to point out that EverQuest Next is not “the continuation of a familiar story.”

Instead, EverQuest Next will be the…next evolution of the popular MMO, where content is created not just by the developers but by the players as well. No longer will players have to wait for the next expansion to enjoy new content, as new content will presumably always be available.

At the same time, Director of Development Dave Georgeson wanted to stress that EverQuest Next will still be a familiar experience for fans. It’s reportedly a game that preserves the spirit of its predecessors, while trying to enter the MMO space as something new.

“Make no mistake; while great care has been taken to respect the extraordinary influence that EverQuest has had in this industry and with our player community over the years, this is a boldly different game unlike anything that has come before.”

Part of that something new includes new features for EverQuest Next like destructible environments, permanent changes to the landscape facilitated by story arcs, and an emergent AI where decisions are made based on core values not spawn points. As SOE explains, it sounds like the world in EverQuest Next will always be changing, both on a structural level and in the NPCs that players encounter.

On a more character-specific level, players will be able to choose from 40 distinct classes at launch, each with multi-tiered abilities and specialized weapon skills. Yes, levels are a thing of the past in EverQuest Next, as classes will now help differentiate one character from the next.

To that point, each story in EverQuest Next will be unique, and will not follow a predetermined path. Every choice that a player makes will inform the opportunities that are available to them. So if, for example, you’re the type of player that loves “purging goblins from forests,” those types of missions might be more frequent than others.

Starting this winter, SOE will roll out EverQuest Next Landmark (commonly referred to as Landmark), which will allow players to create content for EverQuest Next. In essence, Landmark will be a type of world-building experience where players work alongside developers to create what will eventually become EverQuest Next. SOE will provide guidance on what they want help building, and they will increase players’ access to tools as they go along. And the best part is that Landmark will be available as a free-to-play offering.

SOE is clearly trying something unique with EverQuest Next, and like many of the single player offerings out there (Dragon Age Inquisition, for example), the developer is turning to the fans for help. Since an MMO like EverQuest Next is likely a massive undertaking, SOE wants to make sure they get it right, and what better way to do that than to construct the world right alongside the fans.

everObviously there are some decisions (lack of levels, custom story arcs) that will be controlled solely by SOE, but EverQuest Next has the potential to change the way new content is delivered to MMO players.

What do you think of EverQuest Next? What do you like about SOE’s new direction for this game? What do you not like?

EverQuest Next Landmark will be available this winter.

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  • Shane

    I watched the livecast, and it looks like Sony is finally getting it together again.

    I really can’t say that there was anything that I didn’t like about what I heard about EQNext or EQLandmark.

    They are taking the best of Guild Wars, EQ, Minecraft, and a lot of other games and putting it into something that looks absolutely beautiful.

  • Sweetjumps

    Why couldn’t they have done this with star wars galaxies instead of ruining it and letting it die

  • Corvellia

    I hope that if this becomes a big thing they will decide to revive Star Wars Galaxies as well. I would love to see a Star Wars Galaxies: Aftermath or something. That was in my opinion the greatest MMO of all time. Everything was player ran, player cities, player economy…

  • Raster

    What are with all these naming conventions? I’m hoping with a name like “Everquest Next” it doesn’t do to the franchise the same thing that “Pepsi Next” did to Pepsi.

  • Evil Russian

    All that I wish is for the old Original Everquest to return to it’s old glory with this new game. No tricycle hand holding, NO MINI RADAR MAP, FATAL REALISTIC FALL DAMAGE, SERIOUS DEATH PENALTIES, hardcore PvP that in fact ended up being story driven by players on servers such as Vallon Zek (Evil team was actually so powerful that other factions such as elves from Fadwayer, Shorties, and humans had to Align against them.) While the game allowed anyone and everyone regardless of their race or religion to group for quests and dungeons. This created heavily dynamic environment that is still not seen in ANY of MMOs to this day that Original (no expansions added besides Kunark). It truly felt that Everquest was meant to be explored, even when it was so small compared to modern MMOs such as World of Warcraft, but it certainly had a lot of rewards to it, such as TOTAL FREEDOM of actions (you could even attack town guards and see how the town is suddenly mobs on you. You could also pickpocket or rob other merchants in game. That I had never seen in any other MMO besides Shadowbane).

    Why do think this hand holding features need to go?

    No Mini Radar Map and Map overall – This feature completely ruins the sense of exploration. In Original Everquest you could of truly been lost in Feerot jungles for example and there was real sense of helplessness to it. There haven’t been such feeling in any other MMO out there like that, when I was on Vallon Zek server had to run lost across the Feerot jungle (as human paladin) away from two dark elf rogues and hulking Ogre shadow knight after titanic battle taken place to the entrance of Plane of Fear. Players should be learning to navigate on their own, NOT through being detracted from exploring the amazing MMO world.

    Instanced dungeons – Those also detract from exploration and discourage cooperation. Dungeons in original Everquest involved large amount of teamwork and was extremely challenging, even from the lowest level to explore. It required cooperation and at times competition against other venturing parties in the area to successfully level and gain rewards from.
    Everquest NEXT should have NO instanced dungeons at all. Instead dungeons have to be challenging and substantially large to explore for multiple parties.

    Harsh Death Penalties- What is the point of playing games like World of Warcraft or Guild Wars 2 when there is no real risk to reward sense of accomplishment? In Original Everquest NO ONE dared to be so unrealistically rash and head towards danger headlong. No one Dared to step into cursed Kithicor Forest at night time, (if Everquest had punishment system of WoW there everyone probably would of ran through that zone without even bothering to look at it).

    Collision- Original Everquest had collision effect in place, so no one could simply walk through anyone like they are made out of thin air. If an Ogre in Oggok bank blocked the door, then you either had to push him away or find way around him. If a human stood in front of a charging Ogre, it was typically hard for Ogre player to see him if that human was dodging his attacks.

    MEANINGFUL RACE STATISTICS- Original Everquest races had many things that made them substantial. Humans was truly humans. They had no real advantages to them nor drawbacks. All of the stats in Everquest had meaningful requirements. (would of been nice though if SOE went by Shadowbane’s idea and made intelligence or Wisdom useful to pure melee classes by using Wisdom to increase critical strike chance of melee or hybrids and Intelligence to increase melee skill cap for all weapons and abilities.

    Realistic Horses- IN original Everquest there was possible combat on Horses. In fact even several weapons was seemed to be made just for it. There was no retarded WoW “I ride up to you, dismount and attack you”, it was actually the full on charge to whatever you are attacking.

    Guards of all cities should be attackable- This also goes for ability to steal and do other illegal activities in the game (outside of griefing that goes outside of the game). EVE Online implemented this amazaingly into their system. Why shouldn’t Everquest not be able to? Original Everquest had it and it working Perfectly.

    There should be World PvP, as in all of the opposing factions actually can meet while exploring the actual world and NOT a predetermined map just like Guild Wars 2 is. The world needs to have adventures and dynamic events or stories created by player’s actions and not dictated by the game programmers.

  • dfgdsf

    Fix your comment system you damn retards