EA in Finals For Battle of The Worst Company in America

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EA America Worst Company

Electronic Arts‘ shenanigans have been well-documented as of late which has been met with noticeable scrutiny. The negative press attached to the developer and publisher has been on-going for a few years and 2012 has been no different – this has been showcased by, for example, the online pass requirement in Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, a game not even featuring an online multiplayer component. Then there’s the highly-publicized furor over Mass Effect 3‘s ending, as well as the game’s on-disk DLC debacle.

The company’s actions aren’t going unnoticed by vocal consumers and as such, they’ve beaten AT&T to the finals of the consumer-voted worst company in America.

The Consumerist unveiled the semi-final results collected from voters for the crown of the worst company within America. Electronic Arts claimed 74.52% of the votes. Comparatively, the company they were up against, AT&T, received just 25.48%.

EA however, hasn’t been named the worst company in America just yet despite its convincing win in the semi-finals. The firm will now face the Bank of America, who are partly to blame for the current poor condition of the economy. Can irate gamers who are channeling their frustration into the votes beat Americans who have suffered far worse, some being made jobless? For the firm that does win, an actual award entitled the ‘Golden Poo‘ will be delivered.

Although defended by developers, online passes have been a largely negative experience for consumers. EA themselves recently confirmed that EA Sports MMA, which released during October 2010, will see its online multiplayer servers being shut down, leaving those who purchased an online pass recently understandably fuming. Why would EA continue a practice which clearly isn’t welcomed by the majority of gamers? Well, for one, they’re making millions by implementing online passes in their titles.

Considering the online pass debacles and the various amounts of cases pertaining to the companies they bought who have since noticeably dissolved or have just been outright shutdown (see: Westwood Studios, Bullfrog, Kesmai, Origin Systems, etc.) it’s hard to argue that – while we don’t know what it’s actually like to work with the company – their qualification into the finals for America’s worst company from a consumer perspective is understandable.

Ranters, do you believe EA deserves the crown as America’s worst company?

Source: The Consumerist

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  • G

    The EA hate is ridiculous. The point of a company is to MAKE MONEY. Gamers are the worst consumers out there. They have no loyalty. They expect the best from game developers and want everything for free yet they support gamestop by buying used games to save a measly 10 dollars. Gamers stop complaining about being nickel and dimed. The only reason they have resorted to these business tactics is because of you. The a price of new games was supposed to go down to 50 dollars a couple of years ago but with the used game market they cannot drop the price. EA has published so many great games so enough with the hate. And as far as shutting down the MMA servers was bc there are hardly any daily users. I still play NBA live 10 and there is only about 400 people on at a time. SO if that isn’t shut down yet, how many were even playing MMA.

    • ATG

      Couldn’t have said it better myself.

      Reminds me of PC gamers complaining they get crappy ports and no support. Due to the fact that most PC gamers pirate games instead of buying. Gamers are the cause of their own out cry (in most cases).

      And pushing for EA to change ME3’s ending is so ridiculous. That’s like me asking Chris Nolan to rewrite Batman. Gamers are a bunch of cry babies.


      • Glandor

        Nope my friend. PC gamers have a high piracy rate, but so do consoles, and that is IGNORED 100% OF THE TIME!

        And ya know the issue with Mass Effect 3s’ ending? Not only is it a piece of crap but there is no doubt that IT’S NOT THE REAL ENDING EITHER, THEY’RE SELLING IT AS DLC LATER! Plus they promised an ending with real closure that would be vastly different with each different ending, which is something we DIDN’T get.

        The fact is that these corporations look at piece of crap statistics and any way to grab at straws to justify cutting corners, half the things they say are LIES.

      • Devon

        No… Comparing Christopher Nolan’s Batman masterpieces is not at all like asking BioWare to provide DLC for different endings. I would pay for that. Happily. The difference between ME3’s ending and Christopher Nolan’s Batman series is that the Nolan brothers wrote the shit out of those epic pieces, while BioWare pretty much let the ending of ME3 flop. Horrible comparison. Let’s not compare feces to gold, people.

        • ATG


          It’s all opinion. You’re entitled to your own.

          Let’s say you didn’t like the ending to The dark Knight Rises, would you buy another ending?

          Let’s leave the story telling to the story tellers, good or bad.

    • Glandor


      EA has enough money to be allowed to have such titles under their repetoir

      You wanna know the truth about EA? They bully their developers around for not releasing DLC, DAY ONE DLC. And don’t give me that the developers wanted to do it, NO. These developers only started when they fell under EAs’ reign.

      THe fact is that the online pass system is NOT consumer friendly, it’s a good idea, but the fact is it can be easily abused, people paying ten bucks and then find out the service is shutting down days later? NO. You can’t justify that can you.

      EA treats’ its’ employees like crap, it treats its’ consumers like crap, and you know NOTHING about the outcry over it.

      • G

        FALSE?? Seriously. So if you own a company and it is doing well then you shouldn’t make more money and start giving stuff away. EA has enough money. LMAO. You have obviously never taken a business class in your life. Why shouldnt you pay for DLC? Developers work on additional content to go with the game. You think that all the people involved in DLC work for free? NO. They have to make money to pay the people working on it as well as make a profit. Games go gold months before it is actually released so DAY 1 DLC doesnt always mean it is just withheld. In my opinion EA is consumer friendly bc they publish alot of good games. I will buy their products so that they can continue to do so. And I know nothing??? You work for EA to know they treat employees like crap?? Another un-educated complaining gamer who thinks they know everything.

        • Greg

          Let me put something out here for you guys. Which company is more loved by the people, EA or Valve? Which one has online passes, bad game endings, on-disk dlc that costs money, a terrible Steam knock-off, and has horrendous customer service? Now, which company has games that, a year after they come out, have dropped to $20 or less, have FREE dlc, great customer support, listen to their fans, have a great interface, and have NO online passes? To quote an awesome game, “It’s all quite funny when you do the math.”

      • Androol

        “Paying ten bucks and then finding out the service is shutting down days later” sounds like an extremely unlikely scenario to me; not “easy abuse.”

    • Flandre

      When you go to a fancy reasturant, sit your ass down, and order a nice steak, when instead they shit on your plate. Are you not entitled to your moneys worth?

      And its people like you that are the worst, the people that are just fine with that, that stand by them like what they are doing is some great achievement. When its… Well… Nothing.

      • ATG

        That’s like saying EA came and broke the disc or scratched it up.

        • Matt

          Yeah, s**t wasn’t the right item to choose. I think completely burning your steak is a better analogy.

      • Androol

        What exactly is the analogy there? Steak : poop :: Mass Effect : Mass Effect 3? Either that’s a ridiculous simile, or you find a plate of poop to be an imperfect but overall decent meal.

    • Flandre

      When you go to a fancy reasturant, sit your ass down, and order a nice steak, when instead they s*** on your plate. Are you not entitled to your moneys worth?

      And its people like you that are the worst, the people that are just fine with that, that stand by them like what they are doing is some great achievement. When its… Well… Nothing.

    • andrew

      I dont care about all of the online pass crap, but they do one thing that bugs me. They publish a game that competes with another one of its games. What could they gain from making medal of honor and battlefield, two competing FPS games.

      • Matt

        andrew, they could gain a lot more money! Many BF3 fans will buy MoH:W, making lots of profit for EA.

    • Androol

      Very well-said.

  • TskTsk

    If EA really wins the worst company in America, then I will truly have lost faith in Americans as a whole. If you guys are SERIOUSLY still mad over the Mass Effect 3 ending and the online pass requirements for some games, then please just stop buying video games. Just because you don’t like something (or a lot of you don’t like something) doesn’t automatically means it’s wrong.

    And the Bank of America. One of the companies that has made the economy what it is right now is its competitor. So it’s basically a video game company trying to make money and a bank that destroyed the American economy. It shouldn’t be that hard to decide which is the worst company in America.

    P.S. Inb4 the “OMG you’re dumb”, “Mass Effect 3’s ending was terrible” and “online passes are obsolete” comments.

    • ATG

      Americans are spoiled. Point blank.

      I’m american.

    • Jarin

      The ending has nothing to do with it in my opinion. EA deserves to me the worse company in america because its not so much as a business as it is a tyrant or a virus. they practically steal talented developers and make them as corrupt as EA is. as a result, the developer goes bankrupt because know wants to play their games no more. if this makes them worse then BoA is debatable

      • Jarin


    • Ranuu

      The argument on the site, and the one I’m agreeing with most, is winning this “award” by a landslide might shake EA into changing some of their practices, but it won’t do anything to Bank of America. Why would BoA change anything over outrage? The threat that we might go support Double Fine or Valve or anyone else who still has their integrity is actually something for EA…

      …well, you know, except for those people who actually buy sports games every year…

      But Bank of America doesn’t have the same demographic as EA. They’re not going to be threatened by a bunch of people online (who probably overlap into the gamer category). They have people who don’t play games, who can’t just up and switch over to a different bank like a lot of us did, who aren’t still young enough that they can change big parts of their life like that. And getting a shiny golden poo award isn’t going to do anything to them.

      But there’s a chance it might cause EA to change their game up.

      Besides, it’s an online poll. Who really cares?

  • Jarin
  • Nick

    Bank Of America has got to win this one. I can understand voting them as worst cause of EA’s DLC issue (I don’t play a lot of EA Games though not even ME3) but the online pass considerably helps them. When you buy used games the publisher isn’t getting any money at all whatsoever. Using an online code makes the store selling the game happy, and the companies happy.

  • HelghastUser


    Just goes to show the maturity level of gamers as a whole. Mature in age and nothing else. This is actually pretty embarrasing to believe but its real. The whole ME3 ending is not enough to even warrant a nomination or thought. Just a bunch of dissapointed gamers. Never have I known or seen a reaction to a games ending(or anything for that matter) that created an outcry to change it. How sad. Not even the DLC is enough. AT&T are thanking gamers for sure on this one and I still get 2 reception bars bars.

    • ATG


  • HelghastUser

    * I meant to say ‘bars’ once and forgot to add ‘in the city’.

  • Zebras Say Rawr

    I find it hilarious that all these gamer haters assume the dislike towards EA is due to ME3, as well as Online Passes. Sure, we are disappointed, and sure, we’re annoyed. But our hatred of EA stems from their reptitive consumption, and destruction, of outstanding game companies. RIP, Pandemic. <3

    • Zebras Say Rawr

      Might I also add a few things: First, that EA is notorious for treating their employees the worst out of all the game companies, in ways of payment, and respect. Secondly, BoA is NOT to blame for our economy as a whole. They HELPED make it to be what it is.

  • Sarezar

    Ahm…wot? If we don’t like it, we shouldn’t buy it?

    Then why is it a problem if we also vote that we don’t like it?

    Sheesh… You tell people to “grow up” by telling them they shouldn’t vote for something they believe in? Someone else needs to grow up, if you ask me…

    • ATG

      The fact that these people think videogames are bigger than the other problems we face in the world is just childish! Think about that for a while then get back to me.

      • Sarezar

        It would take me too long to explain how I see things but I think you are exagerating and missing the point.

        First of all, voting the bank as the worst company won’t make a difference. Voting EA as the worst company may have a small chance to make a difference because EA is a commercial company that only depends on their customers. Banks have whole goverments to back them up (or to control).

        Second, this is just a vote in a website. It is not a legal public vote that will have consequences. If it were, a bank and a video games company would not be in the same group.

        Finally, just because someone votes for EA doesn’t mean they don’t understand what is important in life because:
        – They may use other means to change the important things instead of a stupid online vote
        – They believe voting EA may have a more direct impact in their lives than voting against a bank
        – And frankly, you simply cannot judge someone’s character and perception from something like this. Life is too complicated to label everything as black and white.

        With your reasoning, we should all just agree that banks are the worst thing, there is nothing else that affects our lives, and there was no point in creating this poll in the first place.

        Try and think these points for a while and get back to me. Like I said, I would need to write for ages to explain how I see things, but I certainly don’t judge people from wanting to express disappointment as consumers.

        • ATG

          1. Yes, the poll is pointless.
          2. With my reasoning we should agree banks are the worst?? I’m not sure who else EA was going up against but I don’t think people understand what WORST means, and I never said banks are worse. But the fact that videogames appear to be THAT important is sad, people have their priorities all messed up.

          You didn’t think about it like I requested you to do, pal.

        • ATG

          For the record, I have an account with AT&T (well, had) and EA (Origin). Both have been headaches. BoA also, no issues tho.

          • Sarezar

            The poll is on the Consumerist. It’s from the word consumer. Video games are products which are purchased by consumers.

            The poll isn’t meant to decide what has caused economy to fail or how should humanity proceed in the future. It’s just about which company has made the most consumers angry.

            I can’t explain it any simpler than this. As I said in my previous post, I think you are exagerating and missing the point. If you still disagree with me, then we should leave it at that.

          • ATG

            I stand by my comment. Like I said, peoples’ priorities are screwed up.

            I guess this argument could sway depending on WHO was a competitor in this poll, I haven’t checked. Seeing as how AT&T, BoA, and EA are in the same category, i’d say its a pretty broad poll. With that being said, it’s just sad.

    • Ranuu

      There’s an easy response to the whole “If you don’t like EA games, don’t buy them” argument.

      If you don’t like Bank of America, don’t bank with them. If enough people didn’t, they’d have to change or die out. Government can’t bail them out forever. But ah, there’s that group that will always be banking with them. And there’s that group that will always follow the crowd and buy EA games. They’re mostly the same type that continue buying Modern Warfare and Madden.

      • poo

        except Modern Warfare is every 2 years and owned by activision, where Madden is every year and owned by EA

        • Ranuu

          You’re right. I meant Call of Duty, my bad. I was pointing out a group of people that consistently buy what is practically the same game with slight changes.

  • ATG is an idiot

    “Yes, the poll is pointless.” Why get worked up over it?

    • ATG

      Haha look in the mirror and ask yourself the same question

  • Yuuchun

    Man I’m impressed with the ME gamers. I mean probably most of the reason it stomp AT&T is because of that ending debacle. I have to say though, that AT&T is way worse a company imo.

    @ ATG “Americans are spoiled. Point blank.

    I’m american.” This is because Americans have no pride anymore. I’m also American. We’re 15.5 Trillion in debt and all we do is expand and go further into debt. We need someone to downsize DC and get our debt back into control. I don’t see this happening, likely our credit rating will get so bad we’ll be a 3rd world country.

    Keep spending DC. Keep expanding our military for no reason.

  • doc

    Why isn’t Activision in this contest??

    • poo

      because Activision isn’t super money whores that’ve robbed their consumers for years

      • Matt

        Are you kidding me?? They’ve been robbing consumers for a few years now with COD, but through a different method. Disc-locked content and online passes? They say hell no. Making the same game over and over again with no innovation and very little change? They say hell yes! And then they market the hell out of their way overpriced DLC so they can make more tens of millions of dollars. And then they don’t respond to fan feedback, causing fans to be even more outraged and start a MW3 BLACKOUT.

        In conclusion, you know you’re doing something wrong when your own fans hate you and start a MW3 BLACKOUT.

        • Androol

          Oh man… the less said of that MW3 blackout, the better. God, that was some laughably impotent “protesting.” Saves Activision money on server maintenance and bandwidth, lasts one whole day (NOW THAT’S SERIOUS!), has an ultimate effect that’s no different from an online petition, except probably even less effective because it’s just so hilariously pathetic.

          • Matt

            That doesn’t take away from the notion that there are so many fans out there who are angry at Activision and Infinity Ward for lack of innovation/change and response to fans.

          • Andrew

            And yet they continue to buy the games. Talk about mixed messages.

  • Dinkus

    This whole vote is purely opinion. And it is only the opinions of the people who frequent the consumerist website. I feel that disk locked DLC is like releasing an incomplete game and saying that even though you spent your 60 Dollars we are giving you a half finished game. If you want to see the ending pay us 20 dollars more. It’s pretty messed up. For all you young kids who are saying that gamers are cry babies and want everything for free you are wrong. If you first system was a ps2 or game cube, you have know idea what gaming is all about. It used to be that a game was designed to entice the consumer to play and imagine and enjoy themselves. Now gaming has become purely for profit. Most companies don’t care about quality or what people think of their games anymore. They just want to squeeze as much money as possible out of you. EA is the best at not caring about its consumers or it’s employees. They have been producing games this way as well and there stocks are suffering for it. So they make cheaper games spend more on advertising and hope more people will buy it. When all the really need to do is make a few good quality titles and word will get out and people will buy it. Look at OMGPOP or Rovio both companies made a good quality product word got out how great it was and both games made have sold
    Millions of copies. How many people do you hear complain about Angry Birds or Draw Something. Those games are hours of quality entertainment for only a dollar. When I spend 60 Dollars on entertainment i expect the best not some half finished pile of junk that they will try to finish after release. These giant gaming companies need to evolve into something more than they are now or you will see more people gaming on android and iOS.

  • Ray

    Well my favortie series was Red Alert 2 and then they broke Westwood up :(

  • Arnold_dajar

    You people are ridiculous, I hate EA but worst company in America? You have got to be joking. Seriously the ME3 issue is a bunch of stupid grown up babies crying because they didn’t like the ending to a good movie. You didn’t’t like it? Tough. Get over it, there’s a lot of things people don’t like. Don’t like online passes? Tough. Your the retard who decided you would save 10$ and buy the used version of the game, KNOWING that there is an online pass, when you buy a used game. NONE of the proceeds go towards the actual publisher, so they HAVE to charge for on online pass. And then people start crying when the servers to a game no one plays gets shut down? For real. No one even has probably picked up a copy of EA MMA and if you have you must not play it, cause NO ONE plays EA MMA thats why they are shutting down servers! They left Madden 10 servers up way after only 100 people were on the server at 1 time! As to the bad treatment of employees, the developers could do the smart thing and GO WORK SOMEWHERE ELSE. Quit cryin people EA is making enough money to do whatever they want. If you owned a business you’d want to be able to do that too.

  • jwalkaj

    f***ing idiots. that’s all i have to say in regards to the s***heads who made this poll and the morons that voted. wtf is activision and the super expensive map packs they always shove in faces, some of which being maps form older games (they’re gonna be doing that for mw3 to kids so dont hate on me now).

  • Androol

    I have a very low opinion of EA, but they’re definitely not in the same league as AT&T or Bank of America. A game company is pretty much incapable of being in that league, because games are nowhere near as essential as phone/internet/TV service. EA is definitely a predator among game publishers and developers, having killed a couple studios I loved (Origin and Westwood), and they’re of course not very nice to their employees, but they aren’t nearly as bastardly for consumers as AT&T or Bank of America.

  • Androol

    Er, or loans or mortgages, in BoA’s sake.

    (What’s up with this “Sorry, your comment appears to be Spam” error? Shouldn’t there be a captcha or something in case it’s not spam?)

  • ben

    How is bank of america responsible for our economy situation? Not being sarcastic, just seriously dont know.

  • Zach

    I honestly believe that Online passes should be included in games, even in single player games such as Kingdom of Amular. If you are going to buy something, you should probably buy it…. ahem new, regardless of current asking price. And if you really want something but the price is too high, just wait a couple months or a year for the price to drop to what you want it too.
    Honestly, I think of single player offline passes such as kingdom of amular as free DLC included at purchase, and I don’t see it as a bad thing. And for multiplayer online passes, if i really wanted to play a game online, I’m gonna want to have access to the online portion. It could be offered at a lower price since the most notable prices being $15 dollars is rather high, but I would buy a used game and an online pass if it was 5 $. While i don’t agree with the price of it, SSX’s online pass is totally fair, since you can still play online without access to content, and you can get all the content earned through out the online play at once when you buy an online pass. This is a perfect way to online passes, and i think this is how EA should do it, where the casual player can still play online with a used game, and the more “hardcore gamer” or the casual player that wants more out of the game can get online pass. I’m only surprised that other companies haven’t applied similar policies. I just want games that have online passes to reward me with in game content for getting a pass, not just with online access but other goodies.

    And honestly, i believe the mass effect 3 ending was the fault of BioWare not actually “proofreading” their product before they “handed in” their product to the “teacher” because gamers can spot crap in games and in general faster than anyone else, and obviously BioWare didn’t take the time to spot their own crap. If i’m writing a paper for a class and i don’t proofread it before i hand it in, the paper is going to be crap. I’m pretty sure the same applies to ME3. Get over it.

  • OhWell

    Well, I just played NFS game on my laptop.
    After some time, I decided to try it on another machine (desktop with better graphics), and guess what – I can’t play MY OWN saved game!!

    Same serial number, same instalation disk – yet I down own my own save game, product of 1. paid game, 2. hours of playing.

    So, as far as I’m concerned – let them burn!!