EA Talks Prices for Next-Gen Games; Will New Games be $69?

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EA Next Gen Game Price

For a next-gen unveiling, Sony’s PS4 event was chalked full exciting announcements. From the reveal of the PS4’s system specs, to the new video sharing feature, to the exciting new games, there was a lot to take in.

However, one element that was not discussed at all during the event — besides the unveiling of the console itself — was price. For as much as the PS4 has us excited about next-gen, we’re still cautiously optimistic about the price.

Not just about the price of the console, though, but on the games as well. Next-gen development has got to be a more expensive proposition, and so prices on retail games could go up.

While we have no official confirmation from any next-gen publishers or developers, Electronic Arts‘ CFO Blake Jorgensen has given gamers some idea of what they can expect. Speaking at a Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecom Conference, Jorgensen mentioned that gamers should anticipate pricing trends that reflect what occurred at the start of the last console cycle.

“I think typically at the start of a cycle you’ve seen the pricing raise to $69 for a core piece of software and then over the life of those it’s drifted down to the introduction price, typically now around $59. We haven’t yet set pricing on our [next-generation games], but you’ll probably see a similar trend during the start of the next cycle.”

Gamespot did a little fact checking after Jorgensen’s presentation and, as it turns out, Jorgensen misspoke when he mentioned $69 and $59. But one has to wonder why $69 was mentioned.

And what about $49 games? How many of those do we get these days, especially from a publisher like Electronic Arts? Suspicious minds might think that EA is doing some backtracking to cut potential gamer backlash off at the pass.

To be honest, it’s entirely possible that next-gen games will be more expensive — retailing for $69 — but that may not go over so smoothly with gamers. However, in an age where digital distribution is gaining more attention, perhaps publishers can keep costs low by not printing retail copies. For now, though, we’ll assume Jorgensen misspoke, and that $59 is still the sweet spot for PS4 and Xbox 720 games.

Do you think next-gen games will be $59 or $69? Would you still buy games if they were $69?

The PS4 is targeting a holiday 2013 release.

Source: GameSpot

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  • Andrés

    One would think that digital distribution would cut costs but we can already see that’s not the case with e-books, which are still priced the same as a trade paperback or a hardcover. I doubt video games will get a better treatment.

    • TK Chillin

      Their taking about lower costs for the publisher, not the consumer.

    • Josh Calkins

      That’s right. I don’t anticipate them surprising us with LOWER prices at all. I haven’t payed 70 for a game since the SNES made Street Fighter two on par with the arcade… In fact 50-60 has been top dollar since the first Nintendo, with damn few exceptio

  • Shalkowski

    Raising the games core price would be ridiculous, especially when EA is talking about microtransactions for everything. It would make more sense to lower it $10 and then charge along than to raise it and charge.

    • ChrisTypeR

      Then you get the chance to play it, realise its garbage for your $10 and not buy anything else. Bad business decision, they would much rather have 70 bucks upfront everyday of the week.

      • Jimbo

        He said lower it $10, not lower it TO $10 lol I think he’s just saying it makes more sense to lower games to $49 if companies are planning on utilizing the microtransaction business model…rather than increase the base price of games AND do microtransactions. And I agree.

  • hanzo

    Hey developers umm yea we are in a recession and taxes are going up…. soo…. yea.. about that more expensive price tag…. yeaahh im gonna need you to nix that

  • ChrisTypeR

    About f**king time, games have been that price and over for the past 10 years or so here in the UK!!

    • Jak Frost

      Sorry man that sucks but were not gonna have it our economy is going down the tube.Americas economy of course

    • Cariannis

      “Currency exchange rates I don’t get you.” That is all I see here.

    • doc

      Congratulations, you will then pay the equivalent of 80USD in the UK because of local VAT.

      The 69$ refer to the US, europe is a completely different market.

  • Atomic Gumshoe

    It might make sense depending on how much development costs go up. I know from the ps2 to ps3 generation production time on a game doubled, so honestly a ten dollar increase is pretty moderate. However If games are easier to develop for, as sony is emphasizing, then it would also make sense for costs to stay the same, especially if they already are capable of building a similar pipeline to what’s on PC. Also there are microtransactions and DLC to subsidize game cost, and digital distribution to cut down on game cost, also sony makes 100% of the profit on a digital title as opposed to sharing with gamestop walmart best buy etc. Also I think that if games do go up to $70 most games just won’t have it. I only buy one or two launch titles a year, and if it goes up to $70 that’ going down to one. Add on top of that the possibility that consoles will block used games… I might have to just break down buy a PC and get all of my games on steam.

    • DrFreis

      Stop. Sony has confirmed that you will be able to play used games.

  • Jak Frost

    EA is the most greedy game company I can think of this straight pisses me off,Because the A**holes will influence other companies to do the same.It will be the same with the online passes they did it then other companies started to do the same thing.There always trying to buy out the next developer its absolutely outrages. There always looking for more money.EA are the D-bags of the developer world. And it wouldn’t surprise me that they would do this they jacked the current gen up to 60$ when the last gen games were 50$.But I digress lets boycott EA now

    • http://www.facebook.com/DownloadableConflict TaboriHK

      They’re worse than greedy. They’re bloated and desperate. Entities like that do a whole lot more damage than ones that just want more.

  • ATG

    Only EA games will be $70 lol

    Have the leaders in the game industry not heard of a thing called the Sequester?

  • Marc

    Well with the price the system most likely will be and since the game prices went up last time when the Xbox360 and PS3 came out I can only imagine it going up again. So No. I won’t be buying the new system or games. Plus with everything needing an online activation code for most games now, I can only see every game getting to that point with these new consoles. Bye Bye used games. Unless you want to pay for the game then the code at that point you should just buy it new.

  • SALTJos

    I honestly would think about not getting the next generation if that would be the case. The console will most likely cost a small fortune and then they will want me to pay 70 (I’m sorry, 69) dollars each time I want to buy a game for it. No way! That is way too much and I am buying games now that don’t live up to their price tag. Leave the prices where they are cause as is I feel like I am paying too much but I will still pay it. Jumping up will make me think differently.

  • Zach Rivera

    Screw that, for 70 bucks I would much rather take my friends out to dinner or see 6 movies. If this is the direction games are going then I might put on my eye patch and peg legs if ya know what I mean.

    • DarthMalnu

      …wait, where are YOU living that you can see 6 movies for 70 bucks?

      • JT

        Dude, out in Kansas you can still see a movie for 7 bucks. 13 out here in CA.

        • jago

          You could see a movie here for 5 bucks (Missouri and Minnesota) if you go in the morning like I do. And their good theaters too…

          • DarthMalnu

            bummer… I’m in Ontario and movies are around 13 bucks(at least where I am, I don’t know about in the cities)… nor would I be able to see them in the morning (not that I have something else to do, I’m just not able to properly enjoy or understand anything before like 2pm… then again if I just don’t go to sleep…) Luckily there’s not that many flicks I’m up for these days.

          • dan

            In Indiana where I live it depends on when you go. A film before 6 costs you $5, but after 6 pm the price shoots up to $10.50.

        • Jak Frost

          5 or 8 in Iowa

          • Jak Frost

            But the food is outrageous

  • http://www.facebook.com/DownloadableConflict TaboriHK

    I’m done paying $60 for what has largely been drivel. Godspeed with this plan, EA. Your finger is really on the pulse of gaming.

  • Radski

    I New Zealand new games are like $80 – $100, and new CoD games are $120…

    • DarthMalnu

      I think it’s gotta be official protocol that in every article mentioning EA, there should be a picture of Cyril Sneer.

    • Jak Frost

      HOLY S*** F*** ALL THAT!!!!

  • WELP

    Who the f*** buys games at full price anyway? Wait a few months especially at the end of the year when all these online retailers have great deals and just pick up games for half the price or less or with more content like the GOTY editions that are so popular now.

  • Webmaster

    One problem with using a code for a game. Lets say my new Xbox 720 gets stolen or broken. Now my game is still with me but if I get a new Xbox how would I get the game back? Plus if they are trying to keep next gen consuls around $300-400 it’s crazy to think a game would cost 1/4 of that. Doesn’t work for me.

  • DrFreis

    Sony announced that their games will price range from $0.99 to $60. Now it might be for playstation exclusive but I highly doubt that there will be a increase in video game prices.

  • Marcus

    Solution:: Instead of buying games upon release, wait a few years to buy it at a lower price. Its simple. It takes two to three years to hit $19.99. Regardless about when you play the game, the important thing is that ‘you get to play the game’. Date of purchase is irrelevant.

    I never-ever-ever buy my games at the $60 mark. As a matter of overall fact, I bought “Dragon Age II” and “SW: TOR” at the $14.99 price mark. rofl… Just wait it out.

    • Jak Frost

      Im the same way but I only do that with certain games like I bout gears of war 2 for 5$ and the third one for 14$
      and I bought bullet storm,rage Xmen Origins wolverine for 8$ each and devil may cry 4 for 5$

  • Josh Calkins

    Obviously they want to get more money out of us, but considering the new law of the land is microtransactions, a model synonymous with FREE games and their many associated annoyances, I don’t feel disposed to paying more than usual for less than ever….

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