‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ DLC Expansions Will Be ‘Substantial’

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Bethesda Promises Substantial Elder Scrolls V Skyrim DLC Expansions

Bethesda’s upcoming The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is one of the most highly-anticipated titles of the upcoming holiday season. Despite the likelihood that Modern Warfare 3 will once again break industry sales records and invade countless homes across the country, it may actually be Skyrim that has the most energized and excited following – leading in to the title’s November 11 release.

Bethesda has periodically chummed the waters with fan-pleasing promises such as an “unlimited” number of dragons as well as tantalizing pre-order bonuses. Now, the developer is looking beyond the game’s actual release – and promising to serve-up robust, crowd-pleasing, DLC content that, while less frequent, will be more substantial.

Speaking with AusGamers, Skyrim game director Todd Howard, discussed the DLC strategy for the upcoming Elder Scrolls title, emphasizing that Bethesda is aiming for “expansion pack” quality content – even if it comes around less frequently:

“We would like to do DLC; we don’t have any specific plans yet, but they’ve been really successful and we like making them. Right now I can say that we’d like to do less DLC but bigger ones – you know, more substantial. The Fallout 3 pace that we did was very chaotic. We did a lot of them – we had two overlapping groups. We don’t know what we’re going to make yet, but we’d like them to be closer to an expansion pack feel.”

Some fans may be discouraged by the “less DLC” part of the comment – but it’s hard to deny, in the growing world of useless DLC add-ons and brief half-hour long DLC missions, that bigger and “more substantial” offerings are definitely a better value for consumers. Similarly, expansions will more easily fit with the larger story as well as the epic world and environments that Skyrim is set to deliver.

Skyrim screenshot Whiterun

Howard also commented on the backlash the developer faced in their post-launch Fallout 3 DLC offerings – namely the fact that the campaign conclusion closed-off the world – forcing players to initially work-off earlier saves (pre-campaign clear):

“That was a mistake, yeah. We were really confident about that, then the game came out and we heard pretty loud and clear that was not what [fans] wanted. So we’re not gonna do that again. No, you’ll definitely be able to… When you finish the main quest you can just keep playing.”

It’s surprising to hear that Bethesda thought, at any point, that players would want to be locked-out of exploring the fascinating world of Fallout 3 – after the conclusion of the game. So it’s definitely encouraging to hear they learned their (albeit obvious) lesson.

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Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim releases November 11, 2011 on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: AusGamers [via Eurogamer]

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  • Roger W.

    I like how they are doing it. I’d much rather pay for something that feels like an expansion pack then quick DLC. And after their amazing work on The Shivering Isles expansion back in Oblivion I am convinced that it’ll be great once again.

    • Ops31337

      I gotta agree with you there.

  • Gooch

    I agree, fallout 3 dlc, while fun was sort of a mess. Plus if you did not get the game of the year edition it cost what, and extra $50? ridiculous. Shivering Isles was an amazing edition, I hope that bethesda follows this path instead

  • Marcus

    I want Skyrim to make “Dragon Age II” and “Dragon Age: Origins” look like “Donkey Kong”.

    • Chris

      Hell, Oblivion Did That.

      • Ace

        So very true 😀

        I’m doing another playthrough, and am thinking ” How is this still one of the best console games of this generation? it was made 5+ years ago.” It has held up beautifully.

  • Ace

    Good news, Shivering Isles, and to a slightly lesser extent Knights of the Nine are some of the best DLC ever made. So I guess we won’t have to download the hideouts (Frostcrag Spire, Deepscorn Hollow, etc) but I would like a little bit of smaller DLC mixed in. Stuff like Armor Packs, and/or quests for a rare weapon or items would be cool if if priced nicely, say $1.50.

    Bethesda’s game are the only games that are worth more than $60 bucks imo. So I have no problem spending over a hundred dollars to expand the game as much I can.

  • DarthMalnu

    This is awesome news. Finally some DLC I might care about. I loved Shivering Isles and Nights of the Nine… but so many other games have such nonsense attached to them. I’ve been looking for a big steak of a DLC for some time. I love you Skyrim.. I hope you don’t turn out to be a bitch when I meet you in person.

  • Simon Kane

    DLC should be more like Borderlands DLC which brought so much great play to a great game. Most DLC now is just pure garbage.

    DLC should never feel like something that should have been in the game in the first place, but more like a fresh visit to a great game like Knox for Borderlands and Zombies for Red Dead.

  • jwalka

    borderlands DLC wtf, about the only DLC i’ve gotten and still play :)

  • Ops31337

    Hammond hinted they want to bring modding to the consoles. That would be fantastic. In my opinion

  • Jeff

    I’ll take a small amount of long DLC’s like the Shivering Isles over a billion DLC’s like Horse Armor any day.

  • Oblivios

    Guaranteed there leaving the smaller DLCs for the community to make. Bethesda will probably add the most popular and best ones to the Xbox marketplace for free.
    eg. houses, armor, weapons

  • carlos


  • carlos


  • carlos

    i want to know if they did have dragon weapons in the expansion