‘Elder Scrolls: Skyrim’ Pre-Orders Come With Premium Map

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Elder Scrolls Skyrim Pre-Order Map

Not wanting any of its Elder Scrolls: Skyrim players to miss out on all of the fantastic content they have packed into the game, Bethesda Softworks has announced a much more tangible bonus for pre-orders of their upcoming RPG.

Much like titles with sprawling open worlds are wont to do, Bethesda has decided to include a real-life map of the Skyrim world with every copy that is pre-ordered from various retailers. It might not seem like a necessity, considering the game features handy guidance tools, but with 150 different dungeons to choose from, you might need it.

But this map that comes with the game isn’t your standard version that players might be accustomed to receiving with any of Rockstar’s various sandbox titles. This is a “premium” map that is printed on a material that Bethesda says is similar to burlap — making the experience of handling the map feel much more authentic.

Don’t worry fans who don’t have the money to pre-order though, as Bethesda has also revealed that the aforementioned standard paper map will come packaged with every version of Elder Scrolls: Skyrim regardless of pre-order.

After sitting in on a small demo of Skyrim at this year’s E3, it’s easy to see why a player might find necessity in keeping a game map with them at all times. Not only is the world expansive, but the ability to travel anywhere will most likely lead to tons of players getting lost.

Of course this doesn’t mean that pre-ordering the game entitles you to a map while others will be left in the cold, it just gives you a much better looking and feeling map. Fans of the Elder Scrolls, or RPGs in general, are most definitely going to be picking Skyrim up anyway — so why not pick up a pretty nifty trinket as a bonus?

Will you be pre-ordering Elder Scrolls: Skyrim in order to pick up this premium map? Would you have preferred the developer offer in game content rather than a map?

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim releases November 11, 2011 on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Bethesda Blog

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  • Mo

    I rather like the pre-order bonuses to be outside of the game. In-game bonuses tend to come out later in a DLC package anyway.

  • Ace

    I hope they don’t have pre-order bonuses all over the place (Walmart, Amazon, Gamestop, etc). I want every piece of content for this game.

  • jwalka

    the only thing holding me back is the combat, which comes across and turn based – slow, which shouldn’t be the case b/c its 2011 not the 90’s 😉

    not only that but knowing bethesda, they’ll probably have 101 DLC releases, then bring out a GoY edition for half that of the original game >:(

    • Ace

      At least their DLC are usually worth it, sans Horse armor 😀

      • jwalka

        not to mention pricy.

    • bffan4ever

      ummmm…..turned based?

      “sighs” youre an idiot

  • DarthMalnu

    I am extremely happy with this news… I’m a big fan of game maps, my goal is to cover the walls of my living room with them, and I’ve got a sizeable chunk plastered with maps from various games. It’s always fun when people come over and look at them and I can honestly say that I’ve been to all these places: “where is that one from?” “Oh, that’s Liberty City, I spent quite a bit of time there in 2008, but I’ve been going there since I was a kid”.

    • jwalka

      hahaha love the last bit of your comment :)

    • http://bigbabyjesus.zoolo.com Brandon

      Is that the map in the picture? under the games from the different consules?

  • Levi

    dlc is fun and gives you that litle edge when you start a game but i can’t help but feel that it’s just a bad idea dictating where people shop. the new map is a brilliant idea as if you don’t pick it up, you’re losing out on something small. i can’t see how people can moan about the dlc for elder scrolls games, there might be a lot but usually there cheap, make a big difference to the game and only some benefit certain people so not buying all of them doesn’t take away from the experiance.

  • http://bigbabyjesus.zoolo.com Brandon

    I like the fact that the burlap map is unique and not something standard like downloadable weapons and maps (which I hope that they end up adding that too) or a bust of scorpion or some crap…

    LOVE this idea of a map, its so unique and as far a i know, no one else added something like that…

    Its like if you pre order assassins creed, you get a scroll with all those weird symbols on it…

  • brown

    Still waiting on the Collector’s Edition before I preorder

    • awrf

      they arent coming out with a special edition….

  • JDemaria

    id rather have fewer but bigger DLC like the Shivering Isles and Knights of the nine for Oblivion than have tons and tons of small DLC like Vile Lair and the infamous Horse Armor.

    but thats just me.

  • Banshee

    I pre-ordered this game from walmart.com because of the premium textured map that was suppose to be included. However, wally thought it would be funny to send me the standard edition of the game with the map that everyone gets who buys the retail version in the stores.

    When I contacted customer service, they said it would be no problem to get the premium map and gave me their number to the video games department. I called and basically got a, “we know about the situation, we’re out of premium edition games and can not get any more” and was not offered any alternative to just sucking my thumbs, no refund, no partial refund, no apology.

    Apparently so many people are getting the normal retail version of the game and map after pre-ordering that they belive this IS the premium edition of the game. It isn’t. There WAS a textured premium version made to be sent out with all pre-orders. However, I didn’t receive it and many others apparently haven’t.

    Wally never contacted me in any way before charging my credit card and shipping out this item to let me know they were out of premium editions, or to give me a chance to cancel the order if I wanted to. They just played the ol’ switcharoo and hoped I would not notice.

    After reading a few reports of amazon giving $15 credit to people who complain about the map they received, I contacted wally two more times, to let them know what amazon was doing and asked them to do the same. They said they would not honor amazon’s great customer service policies.

    I also e-mailed Bethesda Softworks, to let them know about another company falsely advertising their product but have yet to hear a response from them. Of course, they have enough problems with trying to come up with a patch to fix the 360 and ps3 versions of the game, a PR nightmare.

    As of now, I have not been offered any type of refund or anything from walmart.com.