Travel to Morrowind & Cyrodiil Through ‘Skyrim’

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is the biggest game of the year, we mean that both from a physical and hours-of-play perspective. Not only does Skyrim take countless hours to explore, there are literally an unlimited quests for players to pursue thanks to the game’s Radiant quest system.

What if we told you that while this installment of The Elder Scrolls series is even bigger. The game takes place in the northern most province of Tamriel, but what if players could travel to the neighbouring provinces, areas we’ve explored in the previous two games in the series?

This news is rather mind-blowing if true so later we’re going to go exploring ourselves to see, but what one Finnish player named Jesse has discovered is that The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim actually includes the land masses of other Tamriel provinces. These can’t be accessed since they’re blocked by invisible walls bordering Skyrim, unless of course a curious PC player uses the command line to enable clipping.

Skyrim Passage to Morrowind

Heading to the South Eastern edge of the map, Jesse noticed a passageway between two mountains which contained a man-made archway. It’s blocked with an invisible wall, so after entering no clip mode, Jesse proceeded through where there were trees, foliage and more mountains. These and the textures gradually disappeared but Jesse kept going and discovered that Bethesda had included the entire land mass of Morrowind, including of course the mountainous island of Vvardenfell where The Elder Scrolls III took place.

Skyrim Expansion Morrowind

The scaling and size of the province, he points out, is slightly off in relative terms but it’s still there. He also traveled to Cyrodiil, where The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion takes place, and found the capital city there.

Skyrim Expansion Cyrodiil

Why is this stuff there? One could say that it helps the 3D map of Skyrim look more authentic in seeing the backgrounds but the more plausible answer is that Bethesda is thinking big. If you recall, back in June,  Skyrim game director Todd Howard said they are aiming for “substantial” content for the Skyrim DLC and/or expansions:

“We would like to do DLC; we don’t have any specific plans yet, but they’ve been really successful and we like making them. Right now I can say that we’d like to do less DLC but bigger ones — you know, more substantial. The Fallout 3 pace that we did was very chaotic. We did a lot of them — we had two overlapping groups. We don’t know what we’re going to make yet, but we’d like them to be closer to an expansion pack feel.”

I think they do know what they’re going to make. How cool would it be to travel to Morrowind with the Skyrim game engine and graphics? Perhaps that’s asking too much but if these are all-out expansions that could retail for half the price of a normal game, it’s easily justified.

We’re going to turn on Skyrim now and try to travel there ourselves! Read our Skyrim review to see why it’s a must-play game.

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Source: PPSH-41 (via Destructoid)

  • Sverge83

    Actually, there is a very strong hint that Morrowind could be the much anticipated dlc. Where one may see references to Morrowind in Skyrim as plain easter eggs, I see as an accumulation of hints that go in favor of a Morrowind dlc.

    For example, travel to the Dunmeth Pass in Riften (you cant fast travel there, but that is its name.) They went out of their way to build an arch which sets you on the path to Morrowind. That Jesse kid from Finland who used console commands to move past the invisible barrier that blocked access to Morrowind revealed that Bethesda went out of their way as to add detail to the land, as well as a rough depiction of Red Mountain.

    I should also note (and this is probably the biggest hint that most people dont know about) that if you go to the city of Riften, and you have engaged in the Civil War main quest and have gotten as far as claiming Riften for the Imperials, talk to some of the Imperial guards- they will say “With the city of Riften under Imperial control, it will give us a launching point into Morrowind…just in case”. Now if THAT doesnt scream future dlc, I dont know what does.

    • Joe

      But Vvardenfell and some other parts of Morrowind were destroyed when Red Mountain erupted shortly after the oblivion crisis…

      • Lundix

        Time travel!

      • Sverge83

        True, but it has been 200 years since the Oblivion Crisis- plenty of time for the Dunmer to rebuild (maybe not to the status of it’s former glory) but enough to where the island and mainland are fairly populated and civilized again. Just a conjecture, but I still believe Morrowind is going to be the DLC.

    • jim varvakis

      there is also south,in the middle of the mountains just south of the dark brotherhood sanctuary another gate to Jerall Mountains.You think that they want it to make it mmorpg in the future?

  • Joseph

    I think if they would go threw with an expansion to either morrowind or cyrodiil it would make skyrim one of the best RPG’s ever.

  • Ops31337

    there’s a mod out there for Morrowind that has updated textures/graphics, it could happen.

    speaking of mods… maybe the first DLC IS the mod app for consoles; that would be effing epic.

    have any of you milk drinkers seen my sweetroll?

  • andrew

    i would totally pay to be able to travel to other regions of Tamriel! being a first-time player of TES, i would enjoy exploring the other regions. In TES 1: Arena you got to travel all over Tamriel, and it totally make Skyrim the best game ever if they did this

  • beep

    would be pretty cool to go back to morrowind and even better since half of it was destroyed so it would be like a whole new area instead the same old place for us who played morrowindim extremely looking forward to this and even without the expansions yet in my opinion skyrim is best rpg ever. i would really like to seee hammerfell or high rock also, i guess we’ll just have to wait and seee!!!

  • Mark Curran

    When do you think they will be bringing it out

  • Roger

    I think it would be awesome if they would eventually have the entire empire of Tamriel! I know this would be HUGE, but could you imagine it? You would never be able to play it all! There are so many things that you could do. Visiting the native homelands of the Orcs, the Khajiits, the Redgaurds, all the various elves. Maybe have some in various lands that are trying to get back to their native lands for various reasons and you have to help them. There is so much you could do. It would definately be the best RPG of all time! Would totally love to be in on that!

    • Lundix

      It would indeed have been awesome. But I think they’re doing that in a smaller scale for TES Online, and we will probably never see it in normal TES mode =/

  • Expansion Is The Way To Go

    I mean its been discovered, so the potential has already been premeditated by Bethesda. The thought of being able to travel to Cyrodil is very exciting seeing that Oblivion was such and still is a brilliant game….Skyrim has unlimited capability by the looks of things and we won’t be disappointed. I really hope that they go through with Cyrodil and Morrowind as an expansion to the game….I selfishly just want to go back and travel between the Mages Guilds again and enroll within the Arcane University….The College Of Winterhold Just wasn’t enough for me I’m afraid…! Please can a developer finally create a game big enough for us to NEVER get sick of?? Bethesda has the chance….it feels like a Pokemon Crystal flashback after discovering you could get the train from Goldenrod City from the Johto region back into the original Kanto region….we love all that…!

  • kramlat

    actually, I know of passages like those two in the Rift, EastMarch, Haafinger, and Falkreath Hold. There could be more. as soon as I can get a working PC and buy a copy of the game, I will hack the game and remove the barrier arround the skyrim province and see if the entire continent is there as I expect it to be land-mass-wise.

    • kramlat

      sorry for the double post, I guess I forgot to add my speculations:
      the one in The Rift I believe goes to northern Morrowind.
      the one in Eastmarch goes to southern Morrowind.
      the one in Falkreath Hold goes to Cyradil.
      and the one in Haafinger I would guess goes to High Rock
      rumors have it a 4th DLC dubbed “Redguard” will take place in Hammerfell, so I would guess that I have yet to find a similar passage in The Reach

  • Sul

    i personally rebuilding these provinces is a great idea! heck, there could even be another great war in cyrodiil!

  • REG

    i played a little of Oblivion when it came out. maybe only half an hour to an hour then WoW came out and well… the rest is history.

    i have been playing and am currently still playing Skyrim and i love it! if any of this DLC or expansion(s) pans out it will be so beyond awesome that i don’t think i’d ever get through it all. then again i am addicted to it so i would give it a damn good try.