What’s Next for ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’?

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Elder Scrolls Online Update 1 Details

As The Elder Scrolls Online nears its one-month anniversary, developer ZeniMax Online has provided a brief update on the state of their new MMO. Additionally, they have revealed what new features and improvements are in the pipeline, both in the near future and a little bit down the road.

First and foremost, ZeniMax wanted to ensure The Elder Scrolls Online players that they are working diligently to ban/remove any bots or gold spammers that cross their path. In fact, just this week they encouraged players to “out” any gold spammers in the hopes of purifying the MMO experience. Obviously, gold spammers and bots are an unfortunate part of the process when it comes to MMOs, so resolving the issue swiftly is a high priority for ZeniMax.

Beyond that, ZeniMax has revealed what new features and changes are in the pipeline for Update 1. The big new feature for Update 1, as some may know, is Craglorn, the first Adventure Zone created for Veteran Rank 1 players. But, in addition to Craglorn, update 1 will also include 12-player raid-type instances called Trials, which are also geared towards Veteran rank players and feature completion time leaderboards.

Other highlights of update 1 include a death recap for PvP so players can see how exactly they were killed, and underdog bonuses for aligning with an alliance with a lower population. For a full list of update notes see below:

  • Craglorn, the first Adventure Zone, specifically created for groups of Veteran Rank 1 and above characters
  • Trials, which are 12-player “raid”-type instances for Veteran Rank characters, featuring completion time leaderboards
  • Death recap: you can now see who killed you and what ability they were using. This is invaluable information in dungeons, PvP, and Craglorn
  • Underdog bonuses in Cyrodiil–you’ll get more Alliance Points while fighting for an alliance with a lower population in your campaign
  • Animation tweaks and polish
  • Combat ability balance changes and fixes
  • Class ability tweaks and updates
  • Content bug fixes, especially edge cases where quests could become de-synced
  • And much, much more–check out the final patch notes when they are posted in the forums

With many gamers still making their way through the main quest lines of The Elder Scrolls Online, it’s good to see that ZeniMax is also addressing those bugs that limit progress. This is The Elder Scrolls after all — a franchise that is known for its fair share of progress-halting bugs.

In addition to those immediate changes, ZeniMax also shared a few details regarding what players can expect in future updates. They highlight features like a justice system for crimes against NPCs, the option to tint or dye armor, two new dungeons for Veteran rank players, and Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood storylines as some of the major changes/additions on the way.

  • A system that allows grouped players to see each other even when they’re in different phases
  • A justice system–steal from and kill NPCs and deal with the consequences if you are caught
  • Migration of European Megaserver to our European datacenter.
  • Field of View (FOV) adjustment
  • Armor dyeing and tinting
  • Two new Veteran Dungeons: Crypt of Hearts and City of Ash
  • New region of Craglorn with a new Trial (the Serpent)
  • Increased ability to pick up items in the world
  • Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood storyline and quests.
  • Spellcrafting
  • Horse Racing
  • Dragonstar Arena–similar  to Trials, but built for a group of four
  • Improvements to fishing
  • Crafting system improvements
  • Improved Looking for Group system
  • Better NPC facial animations
  • Guild functionality updates: guild store interface updates, customizable guild insignias, tabards, and guild ranks, and Guild Kiosks–guild stores open to everyone that are available to the highest-bidding guild.
  • Auto-leveling dungeons that level to your group leader
  • Awards when you repeat dungeons
  • Imperial City PvP dungeon

While many gamers lamented the MMO’s subscription fee, the good news is that The Elder Scrolls Online is trying to justify its monthly costs with new, regular content. But, whether or not that will be enough to keep players engaged, and more importantly paying, is unclear.

What would you like to see changed or improved in a future update for The Elder Scrolls Online? How has your experience with the MMO been so far?

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  • Slade

    Most of these are things that should of already been in game. I was astonished that the thieves guild and dark brotherhood wasnt in at release, I figured they left it out in beta because they didnt want players to experience the entirety of the game before it was releazed. Guess I was wrong.

    • Slade


  • http://console-gamer.com Mike

    What’s next for TESO? Free to play. Everyone does it–eventually.

  • Darren

    This game needs major changes before I can begin again to think about buying it. None of what you detailed are the changes I need to want to buy it. There’s just too many! Maybe, it’ll take an ESO2 for me that will probably never come. Big bummer though cuz I had high hopes for ESO in my library.

  • ?

    I’m interested in this game for sure, but I want to wait for more updates like these to actually be released and polished. It sounds picky, but after seeing some reviews,it has a lot of work to do. Understandable given how soon it is after it’s release, but still, I’d like to see/hear some more positive things about it. Hopeful though, love the Elder Scrolls.

  • Eric

    wondering where the next game will take place I have no internet to play this title