‘The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim’ Second Bonus Race Revealed

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Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim New Race

New leaked footage strongly suggests and ultimately reveals a second secret race for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The series has successfully managed to work in mythical beasties and the like before, and this new race should be none too surprising for fans who have been following the game’s development closely.

Be warned, the information in this post contains spoilers for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Read with caution.

Werewolves. It is apparent, based on the footage and screenshots leaked last weekend, that there will be Werewolves in Skyrim. Although footage featuring the unannounced race did make its way onto the Internet, Bethesda quickly had the offending video taken down. VP of PR and marketing for Bethseda, Pete Hines, had only one comment on the subject, which he issued via Twitter.

“I haven’t said a word one way or the other and will continue to do so.”

It was only two months ago that Vampires were revealed as a playable race in Skyrim. This news was officially confirmed by Bethesda, which is surprising since they are trying to keep “hush hush” on the game’s secret races. For instance, earlier this year game director Todd Howard would neither confirm or deny the inclusion of shape-shifters in Skyrim. Now, he no longer has to.

The images below showcase the revealed race. Click on the images to enlarge:

It is not certain yet whether these shirtless teenagers Werewolves will be a part of the main game or if they might be added as DLC. For that matter, are the creatures in the images actually werewolves, or could they be a bunch of crazy cannibals? The British Board of Film Classification stated the following to identify the nature of the game for British audiences:

“[Skyrim contains] a section where you make the choice whether to join a group of cannibals in eating human flesh (although no detail of the activity itself is shown).”

Cannibals, vampires, and werewolves… oh my! Either way, if this game is as epic as the live-action Skyrim trailer, then fans should be in for a treat. Do you feel that the inclusion of vampires and werewolves is almost a ploy for mainstream audiences that love the Twilight series?

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim releases November 11, 2011, for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source: VG247 [via GameSpy]

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  • DarthMalnu

    Well who didn’t see that coming…. although I was wondering for sure, I figured they’d be in there. Three more unbearably slow days, boys… just three more.

    • McKane


    • DefianCakes

      2 days if only time travel existed

  • greenbomber

    The wait is killing me! I’ve always wanted to be a Lycan… and Skyrim has made that possible.

    • Kiltedbear

      You know that you could be one in Elder Scrolls III right? Hardly a surprise. More of an inevitability.

  • http://twitter.com/skyriminfo jmn1228

    Werewolves and vampires are not “races.” Races are the same 10 that there have always been

    • Fox

      Right, the playable races are the same as they have always been (well, at least since Morrowind, the first one I played). You can just become a vampire or werewolf. Very misleading title, either that or the author doesn’t know all that much about TES.

      • McKane

        I’ve never seen his name on a Skyrim article before, so it makes sense.
        I was thoroughly disappointed to see Werewolves were the leaked “race.”

  • DarthMalnu

    Was anyone else hoping or it to be the Dwemer? “So THATS where you guys went”…

    • Rad

      The Dwemer are a big enough topic that Bethesda could do a whole other game on that topic…”Elder Scrolls VI” anyone?

      Damn, Five isn’t even out yet and I’m speculating about number six…sigh…11-11-11 can’t get here soon enough.

      • iDancethroughshadoWs

        lol! yeah it would be interesting to know where they went. but ive got a feeling they arent coming back ever.

  • digimass

    Cant wait to do some Werewolf slaying lol. Werewolfs are so awsome

  • Ace

    Can’t wait to become a werewolf, I think I’d enjoy it much more than being a Vampire. It’ll be interesting to see what all it entails.

  • josh

    I thought werewolves were pretty much a given, but more evidence doesn’t hurt I guess. I thought this was maybe about dwemer or something to do with akavir.

    • iDancethroughshadoWs

      dwemer have nothing to do with akavir the land of the dragons. dwemer are actually mer (elves) and mer has never lived on akavir

      • iDancethroughshadoWs

        oh wait misread your post. sorry but you get the idea. plus the dwemer are gone. theyre never coming back.

        • digimass

          Theres going to be something about them in the game because if you watht the art of skyrim trailer they show a glimps of what really looks like a dwemmer machince character similar to what was in Morrowwind,

          • iDancethroughshadoWs

            well yeah i know their creations and their ruins will be in the game but they wont be.

            its the greatest mystery of TES. where did the Dwemer go? :)

  • Timmy

    Woo! I get to be a shirtless teenager!!!

    • Guardian

      No these are the cool vampires and werewolves not dumb twilight bs.

      • iDancethroughshadoWs

        gah! i miss the days when vampires were…vampires. and werewolves were…werewolves. none of this Twilight garbage…

        • Timmy

          Twilight has done some good, the sales of glitter are through the roof!

          • iDancethroughshadoWs

            they sparkle! *smashes his fist through the television*

  • bio

    run around watching leaked footage of skyrim like I am you will learn this is no DLC. How ever I have no clue if you can be a werewolve. (please… please let us be a werewolve.)

  • CJ

    The Vampire vs. Werewolf was alive long before gay twilight..Twilight is just a copy of old stories and makes them famous.

    • bio

      Twilight gayified vampires vs werewolves.

    • Stapler

      In Twilight, the wolves aren’t even werewolves. They’re “shape-shifters” who just happen to turn in to wolves.

  • Misleading Name

    i would rather be a vampire than a werewolf, simply because my grandpa is a “vampire hunter” he is completely afraid of vampires xD he sleeps under a cross and has a loaded crossbow with a stake loaded in it. Also he has a small pendant filled with holy water that keeps next to his bed *lest the dead come back and haunt us* ha.

    • SweetSchism

      dude… i RESPECT that man xD

      • DemonX1974

        Dude Vampires are real they are now called lawyers, girlfriends, fiancees, & wives..

  • SweetSchism

    ploy to reel in twilight fans or not, if done well, the inclusions of vampires and (possibly) werewolves should make for some exciting gameplay 😀

    • iDancethroughshadoWs

      actually vamps and werewolves have been an integral part of TES since the very beginning. im sure Todd could care less about stupid Twilight fans.

    • joe

      There were werewolves in TES III Morrowind, they dont care about twilight fans, just people who were already elderscrolls fans

  • lolsigh

    And Werewolves in an Elder Scrolls game is surprising…….


    Looks like someone got bored at GR until the MW3 launch.

  • Canada Goose Parkas

    i feel that the inclusion of vampires and werewolves is almost a ploy for mainstream audiences that love the Twilight series

  • Blackie X

    Absolutely nothing new about this- as far back as the second TES game, Daggerfall, you could contract lycanthropy and become a werewolf (or, alternately, a wereboar, depending on who/what attacked you). Your stats, abilities, even your portrait on the character screen changed, when the cycle forced you to change. You couldn’t use weapons any longer, but that wasn’t too much of a problem, since you were suddenly sporting some ruthless claws (which even represented on the screen).

    You were also immune to mundane (iron, steel, bone, etc.) weapons, when you were changed- so, if you got attacked by a lycanthrope at a very low level and somehow managed to survive, you were all but unkillable if you didn’t have the misfortune to change in a town, thus drawing the hostility of the town guards. Unfortunately for Roscoe P. Law, nothing less than silver (or subsequent materials, or enchanted weaponry) could kill you, so you could lay serious waste to entire towns then, for a few levels. Fun times.

    Same with vampires- there were a number of different tribes of vamps, no less, and which tribe you were infected by defined what changes your stats, skills, strenghts, and vulnerabilities underwent. As with the lycanthropes, your portrait also changed, although in more subtle fashion (you developed red eyes, fangs, skintone went a bit paler or greyish, and you had blood at the corners of your mouth).

    Morrowind, incidentally, was rumoured (during development) to have wereravens as a playable option, but it never came to pass, as far as I ever saw at leazt.

    Morrowind *did*, however, have an add-on pack that dealt quite a bit with werewolves and the like.

    I can’t remember offhand if there were any lycanthropes in Oblivion or Arena, but I do remember there were vampires in both.

    So, yeah- I’m going to go ahead and take a wild guess that Twilight’s sad existence had absolutely no impact on Skyrim’s development in any way, shape, or form, and honestly, it’s kind of sad to see an alleged videogame journalist writing an article about Skyrim and making suppositions about design decision motivations, when tney clearly lack any real familiarity with the game in question.

  • Dreddnoch

    Elder Scrolls had vampires and werewolves long before Twilight was rocking the shelves… Not a suprise, Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind had vampires and werewolves. I was suprised not to see any werewolves in Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but it had vampires atleast. Although, they were a bit more tame then Morrowind.

  • ME.. duh

    Sigh 3 more days… 3 very long days… The twilight audiences? Please, TES had vampires before Meyer decided to write the books. Besides most twilight fans I know aren’t interested in this sort of thing

    • Callum

      you got that right.. twilight fans are into werewolves who are nothing but boys without there shirts… not the awesome vampires n werewolves we all know and love.

      11.11.11 the day my social life ends 😀

      • Stapler

        I don’t know the exact meaning of the word “fan”, but I quite enjoyed the Twilight books and the third movie. But I still love what people would call “real” vampires and werewolves. (I’ll also mention that the “werewolves” in Twilight are actually not werewolves, but shape-shifters that just happen to turn into wolves.) My favorite vampires are Anne Rice’s, personally. And I am very much interested in Skyrim. I don’t actually know how I’m ever going to get anything done once I have it.

  • Timmy

    I feel liken hipster, I liked vampires and werewolves before they were “cool” (note the quotation marks)

  • http://ayleid.deviantart.com Ayleid

    Actually, I don’t think that vampires and werewolves are a ploy for the mainstream audiences, simply because Morrowind had the existence of werewolves, as I recall. And the Vampires were in Oblivion, so naturally, they’d be back in Skyrim. Same world, just 200 years later. :)