‘Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’ Screens Show Main Character Variations

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Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim Screens Character Detail

When it comes to a high-profile video games set against a fantasy backdrop, it’s not an easy task to put the fiction and development team’s approach into words that will truly capture the feeling of the world. Images are worth a thousand words though, so the latest screenshots for The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim simply have to be seen by fans of the series. With dozens of hours ready to be spent staring at the game’s protagonist, players should take this opportunity to see just how the Dragonborn will appear in-game.

Previous screens have put the emphasis on the dragons and enemies of Skyrim, but the last in the line of dragonslayers takes the stage in this newest batch. We got our first in-depth look at ‘Dovahkiin’ in Skyrim‘s gameplay trailer, but after seeing the impressively-rendered character doing battle with one of the game’s winged foes, Bethesda certainly raised a few more questions among their core fan base.

Usually in RPG games, the world and secondary characters are given the most attention while being promoted, since the character crafted by the player will range so greatly from one experience to another. With Skyrim‘s protagonist being shown in the same armor and horned helmet, some skeptics out there may have already begun to smell some limited choices.

The latest screenshots should put those notions to rest, not only showcasing a few different armor sets and clothing, but once again demonstrating that Skyrim will be a beautiful game – even on the Xbox 360.

Have a look at the newest official screenshots released by Bethesda:

The visuals may not be quite equal to that of The Witcher 2‘s stunning graphics, but then again, almost nothing is. The character models look to offer a good variety, whether heavily armored, partly covered, or what looks to be a hooded rogue’s vestments. These images won’t shock anyone who looked at the gameplay trailer closely, but do confirm that the differences in appearance and equipment will be more than just skin deep.

So while Skyrim‘s director Todd Howard may be discussing the new changes to spell-casting, or dragon design choices, there’s a good chance that many fans of The Elder Scrolls would rather he start talking about the nuts and bolts of the game’s progression.

We’re seeing plenty of changes in character appearance, but upon what are they based? If the look of a fully-armored warrior is far more appealing to me than a loincloth-wearing viking, are there certain choices I should know to make, or elements of gameplay that will be locked off once that choice is made? The answer could be anything from differing races, particular skill progression, or completely unrestricted, but we likely won’t get those questions answered until much closer to launch.

How do you feel about the newest look at Skyrim? Do the visuals look to breathe some new vitality and pop into Oblivion‘s at-times-bland landscapes? Or are visuals the last thing you’re looking forward to experiencing from Bethesda‘s upcoming epic? Let us know in the comments.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim will be hacking, stabbing, and possibly… healing wolves when it arrives on November 11 for the PS3, PC, and Xbox 360.

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  • Ace

    I’d imagine it’s just the two extremes for the armor choices. But there will definitely be faction based clothing. Both Oblivion and Fallout 3 had it so I can’t see why Skyrim wouldn’t.

    But if the take a cue from New Vegas it probably will be near impossible to please all the factions, thus not allowing you to progress in those that don’t like you. All the more reason for multiple playthroughs ha

  • Ryan

    I just hope that the game has a large variety of armors. I find myself wearing maybe 4 sets of armor throughout the game(oblivion) double that when playing with fcom. That’s way too little in my mind. It’s not even the stats, it’s the look too. If we could have multiple armors for each level grade, say levels 1-10, 11-20 etc each introduced new armor designs, but also kept those from before and just upped the stats. That way each time I hit a threshold for the next grade slowly 20 new/stronger armors appear along with relatively equal older ones. And give me a butt load of different weapons, not all based on the same model with a 10 instead of 5 for attack strength.

    • http://gamerant.com/author/dyce/ Andrew Dyce

      Couldn’t agree more.

  • McKane

    After all the screenshots and info on the story line, my real worry is how the class system will come into play. All the pictures have been of white males not seeming to differ much in race, and it’s already been noted that the land of Skyrim is homogenous. So if we’re going to be the person born to save this land, why would we be Elves? It also doesn’t work with a leveling system that molds to you from the start, as if the Altmer are inherently better with magic, it would throw the system off. I know it doesn’t work, but I sure hope they don’t repeal the race system as well as the class system.

    • Dovahkiin

      Don’t worry one bit, the race system has been confirmed. :)

  • http://theelderscrollsskyrim.com Gamer

    That is really strange nice catch. I have looked over the pics many times and didn’t notice the change.

  • Nate

    I’m still not seeing any evidence of all the races that I know and love. If I can’t come back in Skyrim as my Altmer Mage, I really don’t think I’m gonna buy this game. The races and cultures are the heart and soul of The Elder Scrolls. I do hope that we are not disappointed in that category in Skyrim or any future game.

    • Jason

      There’s a video out there with the sound director for the game in which he says something about finding the right voice or tone for the dragon shouts by each race and gender. I can’t remember if he specifically talks about 10 races, but there’s evidence out there.

    • josh

      I was wondering about the races aswell. But looking at the pics it looks like they do still plan to include all races. The pic of the avatar with the horned helmet looks like a nord but the screenshot of the stealth kill looks more like possubly an imperial due to the smaller build.

    • Nicholai

      In the interviews, Tom mentioned keeping all the races, so chances are you’ll most likely be seeing your Altmer once again in this epic title.

  • the scroll ritual

    Yo skyrim here some idea’s put some of these hidden monster’s creature from lost tape’s in animal planet they realy do exist in south america all of this it’s true.

  • Fyre

    Todd said in one or two of the interviews that all the races (10?) will be in Skyrim… if they are “playable” races that remains to be seen. I’d love some screens of the other playable races especially the beasts.

  • Nicholai

    I’m a huge fan of stealth and thievery! I hope that they concider creating more races with a specialty in those two categories! But I like the concept that they’re trying to create the armor possibilities like in previous titles, but the game would a lot more impressive with more sets of armour.

    • scorallo

      stealth kills have been confirmed so now there is an actual bonus to being sneaky and not just an initial attack damage multiplier (oblivion).
      So now if you are sneaky enough to get behind someone then you can take them out :)

  • NE

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  • scorallo

    For everyone worried about the class system and armour choices – Bethesda has stated that there is no set class system. You uses what you want to use and play how you want to play – THOSE ARE THE SKILLS THAT GO UP. It sounds pretty cool actually because if you decide that you want to use light armour, then that skill will go up. If you dual wield magic and blade weapons – both your (lets say destruction or restoration) and blade skills go up. That’s where it gets interesting because if you split it up like that you might not reach the full potential of either skill. On the other hand the combination might be more powerful. also the perks system will be a nice addition as far as customization goes because it sounds like a mix of the Oblivion and fallout perk systems.

    • G

      You Have no idea how much i love you right now for giving me that information!

  • Concerned Person

    Seriously, TES: Skyrim’s graphics beat The Witchers by far. And I’m sure that TES: Skyrim is gonna blow The Witcher to pieces once it is released. There really is no competition here.

  • Allan Williams

    To be honest when i first heard of there being a new oblivion coming out i got so excited. I loved the last installment elder scrolls and i have spent months upon months playing that game over and over; it just captivated me so much.
    With this new skyrim it caught my eye once i seen the dragon fight i was amazed at the transformation from elder scrolls because i wanted to fight the dragon at the end or at least help a bit more.

    Im looking to see the character customizations, some great graphics and weapons on top of an amazing storyline. from the trailer i seen potential for a great game and if everything is right, Oblivion will be the game of the year once again.

  • Allan Williams

    Also fighting some amazing beasts is cool. I hope the fighting system will differ. i noticed the stealth kills actually being peformed which is a big plus; I love the detail in the actions. from the screenshots the graphics already has bested the previous oblivion in every way. I just can;t wait to see what this game has in store and if its that good I will by two but only if it comes with a gift bundle somthing similar to call of duties prestige edition

  • G

    Hey one more thing, what tpe of armour do you think that the Nord (guessing) is wearing at the screenshots/trailer ??

  • tag

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    some quetly nice update’s have them in logical order.

  • Blademaster

    Itd be sweet if they had a scar and armor scaring thing too for example the color of your armor will change if u get hit by a fireball from normal to a scarred black until u get it repaired or to have facial scars and burns etc

  • Feldraxis

    I am really looking foward to skyrim but I want to be able to change the color of my bloody armor. You cant dye metal but uyou can char it black, you could dye hoods and such using alchamy to make dyes, maby even magical dyes. stain your leather armor different colors.

  • http://freeitunescardcodes.net/ Codey

    Skyrim is one of my favorite games, I love fighting dragons!! I’m so strong I can punch a dragon to death 😀