New ‘Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim’ Screens, Concept Art Released

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Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim New Screenshots

The mystery surrounding The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim has been momentarily broken, thanks to Bethesda‘s release of a brand new batch of screens and concept art. While some have already begun to predict victory or failure in the game’s future, fans of The Elder Scrolls can now get a better idea of what Bethesda is cooking up both stylistically and graphically.

For those who have been following our coverage of the game so far, many of these images should appear familiar. The amount and quality of detail in these images – released on Bethesda’s Flickr account – is impressive, which is to be expected given the game’s brand new Creation Engine.

What may come as a surprise to some is just how far along the developers seem to be. Sure, they still have until November to launch the game, but Skyrim was only officially announced a few months ago.

It’s all well and good to hear the game’s director explain the reasoning behind removing player classes, but the game environments themselves are just as important as the way players navigate them, so these glimpses couldn’t have come any sooner.

The pictures offer a closer look at the game’s fire-breathing monstrosities, some Nordic settings, one of the game’s ‘Word Walls’ that will allow players to learn even more dragon shouts, and a few enemy renderings. Take a look for yourself:

Whether these particular character designs prove that the game will be bringing a new level of refinement and technology is up for interpretation, but the fact that Bethesda has already gotten the game’s characters and creatures looking this good bodes well for the game overall.

Bethesda has stated that the goal with Skyrim is to make a game even more fully realized than fans are used to, both in terms of characters and combat. An unprecedented and realistic depth is even being brought to the complex quest system the game will be using to bring NPCs to life.

The dragons certainly sound promising, and seeing them in the rocky environments of Skyrim is a perfect fit. With the brand new combat system, these screens will come as somewhat of a relief to fans that no matter how different the fighting instances may be, the player’s opponents will be somewhat familiar.

We hope that this latest release of game screens is something that the developer will be giving us more of as we get closer to the game’s launch, but we won’t start holding our breath until we see the game in action. When it’s finally revealed, you can be sure we’ll share it with you.

Players everywhere will be able to step into the world glimpsed above when The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is released for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3 on November 11, 2011.

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  • Psamathos

    A bit off topic but… It seems that the new combat system may be especially designed for fighting multiple enemies simultaneously. Of the few screen shots released, three of them depict this: one guy is taking on three wolves, another three ice wraiths, and yet a third three of the undead.

  • Sam

    Am I the only one perplexed about why giants, trolls, etc…Are always clothed. That always bugged me with the trolls in LOTR (but I guess Sauron dressed them, the dark lord won’t stand for indecency). The giant depicted above seem to be quite the tailor. Incidentally, the screenshots look great so far, keep ’em coming Beth.

    • xibx

      HA! Same thought here… Maybe to show them that they are civilized? I remember the goblins have some kind of caste system.

    • gameing person

      Because they are probably intelligent, like all fantasy humanoids, and even I could make something from fur like that.

      Besides which, would you enjoy it if you were fighting a giant for the first time, and as its twice your height you went to hit it and… oh, hello, what are these then… 😉

    • Phantom

      I agree xibx.. Sam if you read ‘The Hobbit’ they run across three trolls all with names and having conversations so they are obviously civilized in some aspect of what their culture is like. If you look at the tribes in like Africa or somewhere, even they have some sort of clothing. Idk, just a thought haha

    • Scotty

      THANK YOU!!! That has always got on my nerves. Especially when the troll and/or giant is presented as ,for lack of a better term, “a dim vicious beast”. If their only purpose is survival or the bloody slaughter of the respective sword wielding hero, why would they even care if their twig and giggle berries be a-danglin’?!?

  • IdTech FTW

    This Creation Engine looks just the same as GameBryo graphically -_-. They only changed the name

    • Digi

      Probably not gonna see what the Creation Engine is capable of until the next generation of console hardware. That said there is still a definite improvement in graphics, especially when it comes to lighting and shadows.

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  • ObLiViOn

    the graphics for this game look really good. i am counting down every day until skyrim comes out. it will be better than christmas morning

  • zep

  • ObLiViOn

    i just watched some leaked gameplay footage on youtube and it looks pretty sick.

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  • Zepp