EA’s ‘Star Wars’ Games Will Run on Frostbite 3; Not Coming to Wii U?

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Wii U No Frostbite 3

While fans of old school Star Wars games have something to celebrate after the news that Disney and EA have signed an exclusive agreement to develop new triple-A Star Wars titles, loyal Nintendo console owners have reason to be concerned.

Since Nintendo released the Wii U, most high profile third-party games have skipped the console, including critically acclaimed hits such as BioShock Infinite and Tomb Raider. For Electronic Arts, Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel, Crysis 3 and Dead Space 3 were no-shows this year already, and with Battlefield 4 coming this fall, powered by the upgraded Frosbite 3 engine, many more titles won’t be making their way into the hands of Nintendo-focused players either.

With the announcement of the EA-Disney Star Wars license, EA confirmed that three of their key developers will be crafting all-new Star Wars games: DICE, Visceral and BioWare. All of these games, much like the in-development Battlefield 4 and Mass Effect next-gen title will be powered by DICE’s Frostbite 3 engine.

Johan Andersson, Technical Director on Frostbite, confirmed that last tidbit over Twitter and then also said that they don’t have the engine running on the dated Wii U tech.

Not having Crysis 3 is one thing, but not having all of the upcoming high profile Star Wars games is another issue entirely. With Star Wars Episode VII coming in 2015, it’s going to be one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world, and it may all skip the Wii U.

Considering the much beloved Rogue Squadron series was exclusive to Nintendo in the past, it’s a sad reality that the Wii U isn’t built for the future and so far, hasn’t delivered on its promises of being third-party friendly.

Not all hope is lost however for the Wii U when it comes to the Force, as EA Labels President Frank Gibeau did specify in his happy blog entry that their Star Wars games will come to more than just next-gen consoles so Star Wars will likely have some presence on the Wii U, just not the Frostbite 3 games.

“The magic of Star Wars is interwoven into the worlds, characters, planets and amazing battles. It is a universe that lends itself perfectly to gaming. Our agreement unlocks a whole new future of Star Wars games that will span consoles, PCs, tablets, mobile and more.”

With rumors circulating that Nintendo may be looking to offer conversion software for developers to port and create mobile games for the Wii U, that’s at least one avenue for Wii U Star Wars games… although not an ideal one.

What games are you looking forward to? We’ve been preaching the Frostbite-powered Battlfront idea since 2011 and our staff picks range from Knights of the Old Republic 3 and Republic Commando to a new Jedi Knight and X-Wing Alliance 2.

Let me know on Twitter @rob_keyes what Star Wars game you want made!

Sources: EAJohan Andersson, Kotaku

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  • Shalkowski


    • Daniel Carlson

      Not gonna happen get over it

  • Marc

    Episode VI?

    • Varteras

      Disney will be continuing the Star Wars movies. Also, prepare yourself for Obi on Ice.

      • Dante

        I just want Star Wars Land at Disneyland.

      • dan

        I think he meant to say, “Rob, you got your numerals mixed. VI is already out; VII is coming in 2015.” lol

        • Varteras

          Wow. I completely missed that. I am ashamed.

  • The mighty avenger

    Rob you think their continue 1313 or which ever the Boba fett game was that was canned before lucasarts was shut down?

    • The Dark Knight

      @ Mighty Avenger

      I hope star wars 1313 releases at some point but I’ve got a bad feeling it won’t :(

  • EastOfTheAnduin

    You forgot the next entry in the above twitter conversation.

    MutedPenguin followed it up with: “I guess your “test” ended about the same time as your “unprecedented partnership.””

    That’s the kicker right there. EA has no intention of fully supporting the Wii U, none. The first thing I thought of when it was announced that EA was granted exclusive rights to Star Wars was “Well, I guess that means no Wii U support.” Then, I wondered how much cash EA had to drop in order to secure that monopoly.

    There is NO WAY in hell that they can scale BF4 to run on the PS360 but they are incapable of running it on the Wii U. Shoot they “can’t” even get Frostbite 2 to work on Wii U? Give me a break. The only reason that this can occur is because they don’t WANT to. It’s the same story with Madden. Their NFL contract says that they must release a Madden on the Wii U. So instead of Madden 25 they are going to give Wii U some s***ass iPhone port or some crap, just to fulfill their contractual obligation.

    Giving EA exclusive rights was absolutely moronic IMO. It was like Disney sat around, thought of the worst idea possible and then decided to go with that. Pathetic.

    I guess there is a bright side, at least Wii U owners won’t have to spend $2.99 in order to get a different color lightsaber.

    • Dante

      I’m wondering why you reserve your venom for EA and not for the makers of the machine with inferior technical specs?

      Look, I’ve seen you on tons of articles saying how Nintendo only need Nintendo games, well then this article should have you all sorts of excited.

      You won’t have to play in the next gen with PS4 and Xbox owners. We can fully absorb the brunt of the awful stable of games EA is sure to bring attached to the Star Wars license and the Frostbite 3 engine and you can sit back and enjoy the twentieth Mario or Zelda.

      • http://www.youtube.com/user/FerguliosoFilms Poncho

        Because EA are the ones purposely holding back games. Seeing as Shadow of The Eternal runs on Cryengine 3, I don’t think the Wii U’s specs are the problem here. Your pseudo-concern for the Nintendo fan is cute, but we’d take our twentieth Mario or Zelda over your twentieth Uncharted or Gears or Halo or God of War or HD re-releases/collections/remasters or what have you.

      • EastOfTheAnduin

        Look, I’m just stating the facts man. You don’t have to get all pissy with me.

        I never said the developers under the EA banner never made any good games. I really liked Kingdoms of Amalur, it was a great game. However, that doesn’t mean I have to like EA’s business practices.

        Just because the main reason I buy Nintendo consoles is to *GASP* play Nintendo games on them, doesn’t mean I don’t want to see other developers supporting them too. That’s just asinine.

        Don’t worry. I’m bound to pick up a PS4 on release so I can enjoy all the hardcore, big boy games too, along with the “twentieth Mario or Zelda” on my inferior Wii U. Thanks though.

        • luvwrapper

          Whos gettin pissy at who? the wiiu is already getting games like Shadow fo Eternal, and could run PC graphics on Most wanted. Plus the older gen tech PS3, and 360 are still getting support even thought the wiiu is poerful compared to them. it dosnt make sense to be the hardwares fault. its EA’s fault dude.

          they cant get over the buisness deal with nintendo so their boycotting them all together.

          ps4 lol, got a pc for that shit. wiiu for smash bros ftw. pc master race. ps4 shit can suck a dick.

          • Varteras

            This post. It burns us, precious.

          • EastOfTheAnduin

            I think you are confused. Did you read my first post? I basically said that it wasn’t that Wii U couldn’t handle Frostbite 3, it was that EA doesn’t want to develop for it.

            So yeah, it IS EA’s fault dude.

          • Dante

            Does it physically hurt to be that stupid luvwrapper?

          • Dante

            EastofAnduin – so you know better than the developers of the Frostbite engine? They say no, they can’t get FB2 or FB3 to run correctly on the Wii U.

            But Okie dokie, thank you oh guru of video games. Please let the Frostbite developers know of your findings.

      • dan

        I’m a firm critic of Nintendo… but I would point out that several SW franchises had a presence on Nintendo platforms. So, yes, he does have some legitimacy in bemoaning Nintendo’s exclusion.

  • Adam

    Hoping for a Rogue Squadron re-release for the PlayStation 3.

  • V

    Look, it’s really about Nintendo rejecting EA’s Origin service for the Wii U. And given what I’ve heard about it (spying, banning people without reason, etc), Nintendo made the right choice.

    But there is no reason that Wii U owners shouldn’t get some of these games.

  • dan

    Knights of the Old Republic 3, Republic Commando 2 and Battlefront 3. In that order. Gimme.