E3 2012: Nintendo Press Conference [RECAP]

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Nintendo’s Press Conference had the potential to be the defining event of E3 2012. At long last, the Wii U was to be fully unveiled for all to see (but without specs and pricing). Recent days have seen the official reveal of the redesigned Wii U GamePad and the Pro Controller, but this is unquestionably the big event. How powerful is the Wii U, and how many GamePads can it support? Will the rumored Mario Wii U game make an appearance? How about Zelda? Will a redesigned 3DS be announced?

Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference

Watch along with our thoughts as it happened and be sure to leave your comments.

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  • Androol

    Man, that conference was so awkward compared to the Sony one. Language barriers galore. Anyway, good show, but not quite as exciting as the Sony one… probably just because of the arrangement of the show, how they broke up all the fun stuff by putting boring casual stuff between it all. They shoulda had all the casual stuff upfront, and then finished with all the classic Nintendo stuff.

    -Pikmin 3 was great, of course.
    -Nintendoland is an excellent idea, with the Luigi game looking like a real blast to play. I’m pretty surprised we didn’t see more of those minigames; if it’s a launch title, you’d think there’d be more of them that are developed enough to be available for the demonstration.
    -NSMBU was somehow really underwhelming for me. The aesthetic will take some getting used to… and those Yoshis were creepy, lol.
    -ZombiU looked very cool. The part with the keypad, with the gamepad having the keypad and the TV showing the zombies advancing, that is brilliant tension-building stuff!
    -Pretty disappointed that there wasn’t one more big reveal at the end. Nintendoland looked cool and everything, but that’s not the game you end on, man! You end on a Metroid or a Zelda or a Smash Bros — or, failing that, at least Pikmin 3. Don’t end on such a casual title, especially if one of this console’s main goals is to win back the “core” gamer.

    • Androol

      Oh, and Lego City was cute.

  • D

    Horrible.The only good thing was Pikmin 3 and all the wii u games look like 360 and ps3 graphics level.And Nintendoland looked like the most casual game ever made.

    • GameCollector44

      Funny you should mention how they look like 360/PS3 level…they’re not actually out or finished yet, so that could change significantly.

  • Bret

    Any Pokemon black and white 2 news?

    • http://gamerant.com Riley Little

      Nope. They rarely talk Pokemon at E3 though. Expect more news on those games later this Summer.