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Dying Light may have been more of a surprise than most of the next-gen titles shown off at E3 2013, but from what was shown of Techland‘s new zombie survival title at the show, our hopes are high.

Luckily, the lengthy gameplay demo we saw behind closed doors at E3 has now been released online for the public. The video doesn’t include any developer commentary, but there’s more than enough footage to get zombie fans excited for the visuals of next-gen, if nothing else.

The first screenshots of Dying Light revealed that Techland – makers of the Dead Island series – are keeping their love of rich colors and tropical settings intact. But as the gameplay footage shows, these zombies are a far deadlier strand. Players will be tasked with surviving in a quarantined city, and as the name implies, the sun’s descent in the sky is a clear sign to get out of the streets. We’re still having nightmares about what the darkness holds, and now everyone can join us!

Dying Light Screenshots

The open world of Dying Light seen in the video (supplied by IGN) gives a clear idea of how many opportunities there will be to populate the game space with additional side quests, objectives, and supply drops. Of course, the developers have yet to establish exactly what kind of story will be driving the gameplay (the voices heard over the protagonist’s radio, for instance, were never explained). We find it hard to believe that players will be doing nothing but surviving until the next supply drop, but for now, the plot is a tightly held secret.

The best thing that can be said about Dying Light so far is that the pulse-pounding cinematic trailer wasn’t actually that different from the core gameplay. As the footage shows – and we learned playing the game for ourselves – the chase sequences after dark are as terrifying as they seem. The video also shows the combination of shoulder-turn/slow-motion added to let players see if they’re being pursued, which, if a sign of the design nuance being brought to the larger game, makes Dying Light one of our most anticipated titles.

Where does Dying Light rank among your own anticipated games? Has this video preview gotten you more interested, or less? Sound off in the comments.

Dying Light will be released in 2014 for the Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS3, PS4 and PC.

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Source: IGN

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  • boogoo

    Those graphics look pretty spiffy! I really like the trees and blowing wind effects. I can’t say the gameplay excited me though. Really just looks like Dead Island with parkour to me. But that’s probably what they’re mostly aiming for anyways.

  • austin

    I liked the concept behind Dead Island but the game always felt like it was missing a lot of polish. Maybe techland got it right this time. It isn’t even close to being my most anticipated game, but it’ll definitely be worth looking into.

  • xmisfit666x

    this game looks friggin sick!!! I cant wait to play this, loved the dead island games and this reminds me of it right away, the whole free running aspect seems like a pretty innovative part to the whole “survival” thing seeing as usually these games are just run past them and try no to get bit lol, now there seems to be a whole new dimension to escaping whats chasing you, and while im slightly worried were going to be pelted with “fetching” quests, it doesn’t bother me all that much

  • TIm Keyes

    I never really played the Dead Island games, though I’ve always been interested in trying them at some point. Adding parkour into it has certainly caught my interest though, and it looks like it could be a lot of fun.

    • xmisfit666x

      the dead island games are amazing….spend countless hours playing the first one, definitely worth a try

  • BoxMan

    So, it’s pre-alpha footage? Knowing these guys, that’s exactly how they’re going to release it. Sadly, I’m not excited for this game at all.

  • Sumu

    Dying light is an amazing as expected