‘Driveclub’ Hitting PlayStation 4 at Launch

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There’s a lot that gamers are still going over in their heads following the grand unveiling of Sony’s PlayStation 4 console, but — like any other game console — it really just comes down to the software that’ll launch alongside it. From the sounds of it, there will be a handful of solid titles available at launch, Killzone: Shadow Fall and Watch_Dogs among them, but racing fans will have a brand new type of game to anticipate at the system’s launch.

Driveclub is a brand new intellectual property from the team at Evolution Studios (the developer responsible for the Motorstorm franchise), and it’ll put a unique spin on a genre that many may be growing weary of. Sony’s latest racing game will focus on the joys of team-based racing, something that is only possible with the enhanced power and social features of the PlayStation 4.

Driveclub Mercedes-Benz CLA 45 AMGEvolution Studios’ very own Matt Southern, the game’s director, took to PlayStation.Blog to detail the latest item on his team’s agenda, Driveclub. Apparently it was a long time coming for the new driving game, the concept was being tossed around for nine years, so this is very much a dream project for Southern.

“When we knew PlayStation 4 was coming, we realised that the time was right to make the Driveclub dream a reality. It was time to combine nearly 15 years of racing game pedigree and a rapidly evolving, connected gaming landscape — this seed of an idea was ready to be realized and the buzz at Evo was unstoppable.”

Driveclub Screenshots

In preparation for Driveclub, Evolution Studios began headhunting to get some additional staff that have some serious history in the racing genre. The backgrounds of these employees will have dedicated racing fans salivating at the mouth with anticipation, too.

“We expanded our vehicle handling and design team so that together, we have over 50 years’ experience working on the most prestigious racing titles out there, including — WRC, Formula 1, Gran Turismo, MotorStorm, WipEout, Project Gotham Racing, GRID 2 and many more.”

Although very little is currently known about Driveclub, the title’s premise sounds like a promising one. The team-based, first-person racing should provide something totally different from the traditional racing experience, and something new is very rarely a bad thing in an industry that’s bogged down with annual releases and overly similar products.

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  • COREY_1993

    i still find it a bit weird that this game is here and not Gran Turismo… i was thinking what if this game is more of a arcade racing game than a simulator like GT.

    do sony get a say in what the devs make? because i dont think they will want another driving exclusive intrude on GT series since its sonys biggest franchise.

    i think that this is just an arcade game… it may be like need for speed most wanted style and i really hope thats its not first person only view.

    • http://gamerant.com Jeff Schille

      It is kind of surprising that ‘Driveclub’ got revealed first, but
      I’m sure we’ll see ‘Gran Turismo’ make an appearance on PS4 – development on the next game started before ‘Gran Turismo 5′ even shipped (http://gamerant.com/gran-turismo-6-development-underway-jeff-50726/).

      Think it’ll be revealed at E3?

      • COREY_1993

        postive they will show at E3… GT is the biggest driving game and the playstations biggest exclusive franchise so sony will be sticking with that.
        i didnt realise they are making it and have said they are so yeah, we will see it soon.

  • Ken J

    No thanks. Big reason why I don’t care for Gran Turismo is their focus on Japanese cars, this one looks like it focuses on Europee-on cars. I’ll stick with the Forza series, or hopefully a good driving game comes out for the PC that will have more American muscle cars and American Supercars like the Ford GT, SSC Ultimate Aero, Saleen S7, Corvette ZR1, Mosler, etc. Now I’m not saying not to include cars from other countries, the Japanese and European cars will always be included. It’s the American ones that get neglected in a lot of these games made in other countries. Forza included everything. My favorite cars in Forza 4 are the Ford GT and the Lamborghini Aventador… American and Italian muscle, lol.