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The yearly return of TV’s Game of Thrones does more than prompt wild, unadulterated bloodshed, it also happens to signify a sharp uptake in awful, awful impressions. So, in the lingo of the series – prepare yourselves: your buddies’ terrible British accents are coming.

If, however, you think you’ve got a handle on Ygritte’s Stockport swoon or perhaps Ned’s Sheffield burr is beginning to feel like a breeze, then you might want to consider lending those powerful pipes to the land of Dragon Age: Inquisition.

Announced earlier this week, the Dragon Age: Inquisition ‘Take Your Place…’ contest tasks fans with recording either one of two scripts, for the chance to appear as an NPC in the upcoming game. Eventual winners will be whisked off to a recording booth in the United Kingdom, USA or Canada, depending on their location. As expected, a whole raft of minor restrictions and content guidelines also apply, the details of which can be found at this link. Anyone interested in applying should check out the announcement video up top, or head to BioWare’s official blog.

Dragon Age Inquisition VA Contest

The scenes in question take place in two wildly different scenarios, one a serious and somber moment, the other — a lighthearted look at the strange tastes of the ruling elite.

Scene 1 begins with the arrival of an inquisitor to an unnamed township. Here, a local villager — either man or woman – decides to takes issue with the passing knight, prompting the following, bitter exchange. Italics signify stage direction, while Bold lines represents the villager (and actor’s) speaking lines. See the full version here, or continue on to the passage below.

(Weary, Suspicious)

“Oh. If it isn’t the Inquisitor. What do you want with us?”

“I want nothing from you. Has there been trouble in the area?”

(Bitter, Deeply Hurt)

“Trouble? (Laughs) I’ve lost two sons and a sister to this war. Everyone around here’s lost someone. Is that trouble enough for you, your Worship?”

“I’m sorry. Is there anything I can do?”

(Cold, Hostile)

“You can turn right around and leave the way you came.”


Scene 2 casts entrants in the role of the Seneschal – a domestic overseer or matron, charged with the management of household servants and services. Following the abduction of a certain ‘Lady Rosette’, this character — again, man or woman — has become near hysterical with worry, prompting the local Inquisitor to make a startling discovery. Check out an excerpt from the script below or view the entire scene here.


“The estate was utterly stripped of joy when Lady Rosette disappeared. The dowager is distraught. Hasn’t taken supper in days. Days!”

“I see. Is it possible she’s been assassinated?”

(Panicked Babbling)

“(Gasps) We don’t talk like that. It’s unthinkable. No, absolutely not. Not dead.


“Please, we’re begging you. The Inquisition has access to resources, information! If anyone could locate Rosette, you can!”


“Look, I have the lady’s favorite things! Maybe these will help.”


Kudos BioWare for coming up with a contest that actively involves fans on either side of the pond. While it might have been nice to see the company extend the competition to other nations, with a winner chosen for every in-game language— there’s still time for the studio to make this happen, should demand prove high enough.

How will you choose portray these contrary characters? Do British fans hold an unfair advantage over their North American cousins? Which gaming universe best suits your natural speaking voice? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to check in with all of the latest Dragon Age news, right here on Game Rant.


Dragon Age: Inquisition releases Q3, 2014. The game is scheduled to appear on Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 & PC platforms.

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Source: BioWare Blog