‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Romances Promise Complex Love Interests

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Dragon Age Inquisition Romance Love Interests

Dragon Age: Inquisition’s romances have been a white hot topic in the past few months with Lead Writer of the game, David Gaider, conjuring many an opinion with his defence of the series’ longstanding portrayal of non-heterosexual love interests and relationships. More than a fair few fans of EA and BioWare’s fantasy series are curious at just which love interests will be available in the game given that character romances have been such a huge part of Dragon Age gameplay in the past, with romance related decisions affecting storylines and important moral choices through the series’ previous two titles.

So with new screenshots and character info being released, it makes sense that new details on Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s romances have made their way outside of the BioWare compound too. Not exactly coming directly from the horse’s mouth, the new information about the love lines and dating lives of Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s heroes and followers comes from a PAX East attendee named LadyInsanity whose reveals sound anything but crazy.

One interesting romance option that the game is set to offer up is that of a “hate-filled forbidden love” in which players will be able to see a rival as less of a villain to beat and more of a villain to woo and shack up with.

Alternatively, if players would like their characters to find their other half in a more traditional sense versus the classic tale of ‘hero makes a friend, hero falls in love with friend, hero and friend live happily ever after’ will also be provided, perhaps giving players an incentive to pick a favorite party member and try and build upon that relationship, which is in many ways is why the Dragon Age: Inquisition team is so keen on including it.

Dragon Age Inquisition Concept Art Pub Laughter

Furthermore, the popular question of ‘who will we be able to romance in Dragon Age: Inquisition?’ has also been addressed by LadyInsanity who reported that BioWare confirmed several characters as love interest options. These include Cullen, a burly Templar who featured in the previous two Dragon Age games and Cassandra Pentaghast, the seeker from Dragon Age 2 who interrogates Varric throughout the game. While it seems that Cassandra’s inclusion fits with the idea of having a hate filled romance (she was an antagonist in the last game after all), romance options may also be available with the nine followers available to Dragon Age: Inquisition‘s protagonist but while these haven’t been confirmed by BioWare or EA, it would be unwise to rule them out.

Non-party cameos include Hawke and Grey Warden, the two protagonists from Dragon Age 1 and 2 who both have a “strong possibility” of showing up, along with Flemeth (Morrigan’s mother who also happens to be a dragon) and an unnamed character from the Dragon Age Asunder novel but none of these characters are expected to be love interests.

Which character(s) are you favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Dragon Age: Inquisition will be released in Fall, 2014 for PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: LadyInsanity

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  1. DIdnt i kill flemeth in origins? can she just not die or something? im confused

    • she comes back no matter what in da 2

    • The very first quest in DA2 is to assist her resurrection.

      • really? i thought she was just there because you know the beginning of 2 takes place at around the same time as origins and I assumed she hadnt been killed yet or something

        • The intro Tutorial in DA 2 take’s place before the mission to kill flemeth … then plot device

        • You’re right about half of it; the quest, delivering the amulet to Sundermount, is Flemeth’s insurance policy. She figured Morrigan would try to kill her, so she preserved part of herself in the amulet.

  2. Wait, so Cullen’s going to be a party member? When did this happen?

    • That actually hasn’t been confirmed yet. He probably will be, but he might end up being a romance-able side character (like Kelly Chambers, Traynor, Cortez, or the reporter from Mass Effect.

      • Ya id rather he not be a companion. there are already 3 warriors(the grey warden is pretty much confirmed even though not offical). I think it would be nice if they even it out with 3 of each class. Plus Im always up for potentially another female. we dont a sausage fest like in Da2

        • well excuse me, i happen to like sausage. ;)

  3. romances seemed cool at first but the novelty wore off. it seems like needlessly complex filler content.

    • You know you don’t have to do the romance side quests right?

      • You know this article is about Bioware touting the romances as a reason to buy the game, right?

        • Not really. This article is about a little bit of information Bioware revealed about the romance aspect of Dragon Age Inquisition at Pax East- as revealed to Gamerant (and the internet at large) by LadyInsanity, who was there. Bioware is hardly “touting romances as a reason to buy the game”. Hell, David Gaider goes out of his way to criticize fans for caring too much about the romcances.

          • Please. It’s no accident this info came out. This is from Pax East, so it’s what they’re showing off, indicating this is the kind of hype Bioware & EA think is going to drive sales. And wow, David Gaider criticized fans? No kidding. He’s better at that than he is at writing.

  4. She can’t be killed by normal means plus when she is seen in da2 it’s before the quest to kill so she gave you the pendent to hawk in case the warden did kill her she wouldn’t die.

  5. I would definitely not call Cassandra an “antagonist”…

  6. Dude what happened to Morrigan and Warden god child? Morrigan Son is canon, and it would cool to play as Morrigan/Warden son

    • Yeah, thank you. My Warden from Origins was last seen walking hand in hand with Morrigan through a portal to who-knows-where. If we’re supposed to be interested in the story and care about the characters, I’d much rather follow that up instead of start the relationship mini-game again from the beginning. And anyway, what’s the point if your choice isn’t going to matter beyond a line or two of dialogue in the next game?

    • he only be like 10 years old er something

  7. Kinda disappointed that Morrigan, Alistair and Oghren won’t be party members. They were easily the best companion characters in the series (imo).

  8. Wait, Cassandra was an antagonist? *scratches head*

    I mean, sure I didn’t appreciate her abusing my best buddy in DA2, but still, she had a good reason. Bit harsh.

  9. Have Hawke and the Warden definitely been confirmed? I thought it was just hints so far. Hopefully it’s true though, I’d love to see them in the new game :)

  10. I love the romance in the DA games and I’m excited that it will be there again. I hope we can romance all nine of the companions regardless of gender – that would be part of moulding Inquisitions to our own version of the story. And nothing would please me more than to see more of my warden and Hawke.

  11. This game might not stink as bad as DA2 (hard to imagine it could be worse, anyway) but all signs point to it being another turd. The only thing missing is the announcement of a multiplayer mode.

  12. Varric.

    That is all.

    • Gross.

    • YES!

  13. Meh, after the steaming pile that was DA2, there is no chance whatsoever of me buying this. The days when “Bioware” was a synonym for “awesome RPG” are long past.

  14. Oh my Jiminy, I am so excited for this game! I have been looking forward to it for years now, and I have to say, no matter how it turns out, I am unlikely to be disappointed. I have never been the type of person to have radically strong opinions on games or movies; I did not mind DA2 as much as other fans. I got sick of the same dungeons over and over again, but I thought as far as the story went it wasn’t bad. But that is all probably moot because I am sure in my very bones that this game will be absolutely FABULOUS!!!!

  15. I don’t understand what the problem of people is when it comes to romances, I mean the romance is optional and I think it adds reality to the game… Imagine you go in real life and travel with some 3 hot babes or dudes (wtv your preference) for a year or something and you find some death threatening situations along the way… People will instinctively become closer and try to rely on others for comfort, even if it’s only relief stress sex or something. I really like the romances on the Bioware games, I think it adds complexity to the characters and their relationships.
    Regarding Cullen I think it’s pretty lame (no offense to Cullen fans) but I always found him a bit whiny and mushy, I don’t understand what’s all the hype about him.
    For whoever is questioning about Flemeth death in DA:O and now being alive… C’mon she’s one of the most powerful beings that ever existed!! Are you expecting that you a puny human/dwarf/elf with a shiny stick is going to kill an overpowering woman with hundreds of years of wisdom and power?! AHAHAHAH! Keep dreaming.
    In DA2 it’s explained that she suspected that Morrigan would try to kill her (something that didn’t surprise her, she said, since she raised her to be like that), so she did some hocus pocus and separated part of herself and ran away. Hawke unknowingly helps her to escape.
    Anyway, I understand all the distress related to following your characters but DA is about the world and it’s evolving history/story and how so many characters are interconnected and are part of it changing the story itself, as Flemeth said “you have a part to play in it” (not exactly quoted). The role of the Warden was to finish the blight, the role of Hawke was to change the already sensitive balance between templars and mages, and now the role of the inquisitor is to close the breaches. But all of it is connected. The role of Morrigan and her “old god” child is still to be seen, being that BW if even saying they have no intention for DAI to be the last game of the series…

    • I completely agree with you, Mach! Romance really does add realism to the game; people just work that way. The relationships between characters is one of the main reasons I play this game over and over again. I like Elder Scrolls, and Fable, and all that good stuff, but they just don’t allow you to develop relationships with the characters. You CARE what happens to them, good or ill. Anders was crazy, Morrigan was sardonic. Leliana was pious, Merrill, naive. And Oghren…well, we all know what Oghren was. But the fact remains that I think they should be proud of the romances and friendships you can achieve in their games. So if they want to try to reel us in with it, I say, “Carry on! You’ve got at least this fish.”

  16. VARRIC.

  17. Oh I am really excited about the potential romances in DA3! I cant wait to meet the characters and have the ‘craic’ so to speak. So glad there are some good options available for everyone! Keeping fingers crossed!! Roll on release date! :D
    I like the idea of the new cast and some old favourites too!

  18. Good, always wanted to romance Cassandra. Seems Bioware learned a lot from DA2′s poor reception and at the very least they know how to write good romances in their games.

  19. One of the first reasons I started play Bioware games were the romances, but now I play it for the whole entirety. I love the stories they make, I love the worlds, I love the characters and of course I love the romance (though I guess they need to make the lines for the romance options better. To be honest the lines are super awkward for me. ^_^; It like the MC is trying to flirt but is being awkward about it. XD). The games they make are awesome, so yeah.

  20. I hope Cassandra can be romanced by a female inquisitor.

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