‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ Video Talks Return of Playable Races

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If there was one issue that fans of the original Dragon Age: Origins took BioWare to task over omitting in their much-hailed follow-up, it was the complete lack of multiple playable races, and a significantly reduced amount of choice in their character’s origin story. Where fans had previously been able to choose between human, dwarf and elf heroes (of varying classes), Dragon Age 2 took those choices away, and fans made their frustrations known.

Now, it seems that a lack of playable races is a mistake that Dragon Age: Inquisition won’t be repeating. While it had previously been claimed by creative director Mike Laidlaw that the hero of Inquisition would still be human, the latest peek behind the scenes of development claim that’s not the case, and players will once again be able to play as non-human characters.

While the lengthy series of delays that have kept Dragon Age 3 – explanation of the name change can be read here – are bad news for fans, this seems to be the one bright spot. As the development team explains to Game Informer, the decision to push release back until after the launch of next-gen consoles gave the team the time required to add elves and dwarves back into the mix. The decision meant much more work for the team, but as Laidlaw notes, he believes it will be “money well spent” – we’re inclined to agree.

Have a look at the character models featured in the video below:

Although Laidlaw admits that the inclusion of playable races was completely a response to fan demand (apparently they really were valuing player feedback), he claims that there were plenty on the team who had also hoped to make the extra choice a reality. It’s not surprising to hear optimism from the developers that their additions will be appreciated, but Laidlaw seems to realize which aspects of varying hero races were most important to players of Origins.

It was more than just shiny sets of armor in all shapes and sizes – and the early Inquisition gameplay footage promises they’ll be even shinier – but a completely different way to interact with the game’s world. The few examples given in the video – elves being viewed differently in Orlais, dwarves seen as outcasts anywhere above ground – promise unique dialogue while hearkening back to Origins‘ strongest story lines.

Given the task before the Inquisitor, the selection of race may have serious repercussions when it comes to recruiting specific factions. If you have yet to see the video detailing the story, check it out below.

Are you convinced that BioWare has heard the fans loud and clear, and are taking the necessary time to right the previous game’s wrongs? Or do you remain skeptical until more is shown? Share your thoughts in the comments.


Dragon Age: Inquisition is expected to release in 2014 for the Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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Source: Game Informer

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  • Cariannis

    I’m skeptical till more is shown. Unlike other I don’t think the problem of Dragon Age 2 was time but its premise. If Dragon Age 3 has the same mindset going into it that 2 had then I don’t have much faith in ever getting a true sequel to Dragon Age Origins.

  • DarthMalnu

    Alright, Bioware…. I’m listening- with narrowed skeptical eyes, mind you- but still listening.

  • boogoo

    No skepticism here. DA3 is easily one of my most anticipated games for next year. :)

  • Canaanchaos

    No skepticism here either. I was one of the, what, ten? people who liked Dragon Age 2, even though I liked Origins even more. Bioware has quickly become my favorite WRPG developers and, barring the Anders problem (namely his personality shift between awakening and 2 and the retconning of his possible death), they have done little to really annoy me. Looking forward to Inquisition!

    • Rad

      I think it was more like seven… 😉

  • bio

    Im skeptic. But still interested.

  • Bell Curve

    The only thing I am sceptical about is that there is any chance I will buy this.

    After the rancid turkey that was DA 2 and the steaming pile of poop that was ME 3, the chances of me buying another Bioware game are somewhere between zero to none.

  • paul raymond

    they should make it so you can be the quinarie they look cool as mages or worrior or even as rouges they would make a greate playable race like the mage quinarie in dragon age 2 he looked coocl and powerfull.

  • http://www.cafepress.com/just_think TheDevian

    I remain skeptical, but that shows two things I was the most annoyed by in 2 fixed. Playable species, and the return of decent looking elves. I still don’t care for being an inquisitor, having a voiced PC, nor the ME styled dialogue wheel, but we will see, I will be watching for more info. They have regained some of my interest.

  • Bethany

    Not really skeptical here,but i’m a little worried since ME3. Not sure if i will manage to totally believe in an Bioware’s game again. But i will still buy DA3. Hope it will be good enough to restore my “faith”.

    And i’m really happy that we will be able to choose our races 😀