‘Dragon Age 3′ Now Targeting Next-Gen and 2014 Release

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Dragon Age Next-Gen 2014 Release

Despite earlier evidence to the contrary it appears Dragon Age III: Inquisition, BioWare’s forthcoming next entry in their medieval fantasy series, is headed to the next- gen. Thus far we hadn’t heard too much about the game, beside BioWare’s decision to incorporate fan feedback into early development and the adoption of the Frostbite 2 engine, and it looks like we will be waiting a little longer for anything substantial.

According to a resume from an EA Shanghai level designer, Dragon Age 3 is now targeting the next generation of platforms, and has been delayed into 2014. It was initially thought to be a late 2013 release.

The EA employee, Tao Gu, was only with the publisher’s Shanghai office between March 2012 and September 2012, so take some of this information with a grain of salt. However, until EA or BioWare say otherwise it’s entirely probable that Dragon Age 3 has become a next-gen title.

Here’s the direct quote from Gu’s resume, which has since been taken down:

“Scope of the DAIII has been chaged [sic], which will target next gen platform [sic] and will be postpone [sic] to 2014.”

If true, Dragon Age 3 will be counted among EA’s next-gen slate, which could presumably include Battlefield 4, the next Mass Effect, and of course a wide selection of EA Sports titles. More importantly, though, it is believed this delay and focus on next-gen will give Dragon Age 3 plenty of development time, something Dragon Age 2 arguably did not receive.

Beyond just some impressive visuals, though, Dragon Age 3 promises to further expand on BioWare’s core concepts, while at the same time introducing new ones. This time around, for example, players will be able to customize their own castle similar to what was included in the Dragon Age: Origins expansion Awakening.

It’s still hard to gauge whether or not BioWare has learned from past mistakes, but a firm dedication to fan feedback is a really great place to start. And who doesn’t want to see the franchise get a major graphically bump?

What do you think about Dragon Age 3 going next-gen? Does this increase your excitement for the game, or are you still wary after Dragon Age 2?

Dragon Age III: Inquisition is now rumored to be targeting a 2014 release for next-gen platforms.

Source: Kotaku

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  • bio

    Its good that its notright around the corner and being rushed. Thats what hurt DA 2 the most. Slow way down in making games bioware.

  • steamcamel

    I have a hard time getting excited about their games after DA2 was pushed out of the oven too early, because ea needed to milk the cashcow.

    And next-gen? Does that mean more dilution of the interface and combat system because we’re afraid people won’t play our game unless we make it more boring, I mean ‘accessible’? Didn’t they already make that mistake with DA2?

    Take your time and make this game right, Buyerbeware. People are starting to get fed up with rushed, half-baked beta-releases because ea thinks quality and profit are mutually exclusive.

  • David

    While the delay, if true, could be a great development we won’t know till the game is released. Taking their time should lead to a better game if they are still interested in roleplaying gaming, the direction of the DA franchise seems to be moving in a more action-oriented direction. Some things the development team has said give cause for hope (Bigger area’s, more environmental differences) while others (human protagonist only) seem to follow directly in the footsteps of DA2. Until we actually see the game released I would advise caution in regards to either hope or despair for the DA IP.

  • boogoo

    I love me some Dragon Age! Hopefully they have time to craft an amazing game. The graphics jump should be exciting to see too.

  • Shalkowski

    I hope this game resembles Origins more than DA2. DA2 was okay but doesn’t even compare to Origins. Origins was the game that really got me into RPGs. Amazing game. I’m cheering on Bioware but they really gotta take their time and make it right. I’d rather wait another 3-4 years than play another half-assed game.

  • Matt

    “If true, Dragon Age 3 will be counted among EA’s next-gen slate, which could presumably include Battlefield 4…”

    BF4 is coming out late next year, and just the fact that we already know about it indicates that it won’t be a next-gen game.

  • Conner

    I love Dragon Age so much I didn’t even think DA2 was that bad. I really can’t wait for this.

  • Pox

    BioWare had a huge history of lies. The most spectacular was after ME3 debacle, when fans digged a bit at BioWare forums and managed to assemble a 2(two!!!) pages of unfulfilled promises and lies from the developers. DA2 was an abomination among RPGs and SWTOR proved to be an almost record-breaking financial disaster. Game after game BioWare promise that they will listen to their fans and time and time again they fail to keep to their promises.
    Devs already stated that most game features will be based on DA2 dialogue wheels, paraphrases, tones, promise to keep the amount of autodialogues we saw before. And all of this at this early stage of developement.

    • FiachSidhe

      Well said.

      It’s really amazing, and depressing, seeing people so quick to forget everything this company has done over the last few years.

      They’re listening? Really? Like they listened to Mass Effect fans, and released an insultingly half assed DLC that were going to initially charge for, that included a petty ‘F you’ to the critics, in the form of the ‘refuse’ ending. This is a company that charges extra money to hide your helmet visuals in their mmorpg! This game’s DLC is going to be out of control.

      Principle talent actually quit the company over various changes. The two doctors sold out, and became total corporate whores. The constant lying, the childish attitude toward criticism, the arrogance, the “artistic integrity”.

      Bioware IS EA at this point. They are integrated completely in that corporate lifestyle, and anyone who disagrees has quit.

      It’s like they can mess up DA2, the SWTOR, then ME3, and after all of that people are actually gullible enough to believe promises from the same guys who lied about all of their previous flops?

      Give me a break. They’re still the same company. They aren’t going to change any time soon, because people keep complaining, while pre-ordering the next piece of crap they produce.

  • Nope

    ^ This

    Bioware has fallen hard. I’ll be renting this one before I even think about putting anymore money in these crooks wallet.