Analyst Says ‘Dragon Age 3′ Delayed to Focus on ‘The Old Republic’

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Dragon Age 3 Delayed To Focus On Fixing The Old Republic

As anyone who’s worked on multiple projects in any work environment can say, there comes a time where one must focus on one thing in particular, to provide the best results possible. This is true of any form of business, including the video game industry. It appears as though EA and BioWare are aware of this, and are putting their focus on addressing any and all problems with Star Wars: The Old Republic – which may lead to a delay for Dragon Age 3.

Only a day after we learned that The Old Republic‘s subscribers have dropped by a quarter since its launch, Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter said that he believes the response from EA and BioWare will cause Dragon Age 3‘s development to be delayed. The title was originally believed to have a release date of winter 2013, but may now be pushed back to 2014 because of this.

Pachter said that this was due to BioWare drawing talent from the Dragon Age team to help fix any bugs that had arisen in The Old Republic, as well as create new content to either draw in new players or bring back the ones that had left. It’s debatable whether or not this would be a good move, but Pachter remained positive, believing that EA could rebound from its poorer sales as of late.

Star Wars Old Republic Subscriptions Drop

We first caught wind of a possible Dragon Age 3 back in March, when BioWare revealed that they had cancelled a piece of Dragon Age 2 DLC to work on a “new project.” The commonly accepted theory from then on was that the new project was Dragon Age 3, which would certainly require a team’s full attention (at least if they want to do it right). With many gamers still disappointed by Dragon Age 2, and with BioWare promising to allow the player to make decisions that actually affect the game in Dragon Age 3, it stands to reason that dividing the team’s attention between that and another project would be an unwise move.

Having said that, one must wonder if focusing on The Old Republic over Dragon Age 3 is the right decision. It basically boils down to which will be more successful. Star Wars is an easily recognized name that has resulted in some excellent video games over the years, but the numbers indicate that people aren’t pleased with The Old Republic. Ignoring this could lead to the game’s downfall, but is it worth pushing another anticipated game further away? That said, as an MMO, The Old Republic is an investment (one with enormous potential) – since EA and BioWare can continue to charge people for the experience over a lengthy period of time.

Do you think BioWare made the right call here? What do you think The Old Republic could have improved?

Star Wars: The Old Republic is out now for the PC. Dragon Age 3 is believed to release some time in 2014.

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  • ElderEnder

    Everything I heard about DA3 from Mike and David doesn’t make me want to buy DA3 anyway.

  • bio

    The right choice right now for bioware is stop makeing new games and focuse most of there attention on Old republic and ME 3. Get people to calm down about me 3’s ending and love the game again and add new content to Old republic to get that 25% of users they lost back.

    • Andrew Dyce

      Good call. I’m sure the $15 million a month they’re getting from TOR users is more worth their development time than making a Dragon Age 3 that fans will crap all over again.

  • BigRich

    Who cares Dragon age 2 was such a step down from part one. I say make a good game or don’t make it at all….I loved part on, part 2 was 60 bucks down the drain…

  • Taran Downs

    Honestly I want Dragon age 3 at the front of the line because I love dragon age I believe whatever the maker heh heh no pun intended i believe they are going to do what is best for the series and I also have no qualms with DA2 it was different sure but enjoyed the fighting greatly at least as a rouge archer on the ps3.

    • Matthew21

      thank you. a game sounds better than an add on. I mean if you had to decide on what to spend you money on and had decide between add on or new game, which would you pick? I would pick the new game. Which in this case is dragon age 3.

  • mongoose

    Makes sense. Right now they are sitting at 2.2x their profitability margin but that could quickly change with other MMOs releasing soon (or just released like Tera). If they want to stop the sub bleed on their cash cow they need to be concentrating all their resources to improve and make the game better.

  • D

    God,PLEASE just make Frickin’ JADE EMPIRE 2

  • swtorfan

    Personally i enjoyed SWTOR story wise and upto a point Gameplay wise.

    My main problem has been the ever lacking end-game Content as its almost non-existent at this point in time but every game has room for improvement.

    I think Focusing on Sw is the right choice for now AS said above too many mmo’s coming this year aswell as a new wow Patch.

  • primed4torment

    Come one Bioware, I play Star Wars: The Old Republic and i gotta say, I’d Rather Have my Dragon Age 3 more than new crap on star wars.

  • Matthew21

    Wrong decision. Stop screwing around and stay focused on dragon age 3. I mean c’mon post-poning a game for some stupid ass dlc. Pathetic. I’m pretty sure the TOR team can figure out how to run a game. Please focuse on making Dragon Age 3. TOR fans can wait for an extra few months for a dlc. And I am I die hard star wars fan. I want Dragon Age 3 to be as good as Skyrim, but that doesn’t mean we have to wait another 2 months just so people can have enhanced gameplay in TOR.

    • Rjp23

      I agree with Matthew21. Make the Dragon age 3 don’t late your fan wait 2 long. honestly i hate that the fact that star war can only played on the computer. I’m pretty sure quarter million people have a computer doesn’t really want to play video game on they’re computer. they prefer to played on the ps3, xbox 360 and the wii. But away do not let us wait i’v waiting. So please.

  • Matthew21

    Dragon Age 3 is better than extra content for star wars: TOR.

  • MeredithR

    Maker, Nooooo! Seriously though, I would prefer Dragon Age 3 to new SWTOR content. I loved the stories in TOR but I would rather just play it as single player console than an MMO. Plus… DRAGON AGE ROCKS! Give me a new Dragon Age! Must know what happens with the war! Please Bioware?!

  • Garrett

    Seriously with TSW and GW2 coming out they shouldn’t even bother with The Old Republic, I’ve played mostly all the way through and I’m officially checked out of that game. Sadly I’m one of their 25 % sales loss and its not not through a lack of trying on their part or at least now they’re trying but better mmo’s are here so I say they just give us Dragon Age 3, they’ll get more out of it that way.

  • dan

    TOR shouldn’t even exist. Bioware would’ve done better with a KotOR 3 than a freaking mmo… I say get back to work on DA3.

  • liiac

    I love SWTOR and I intend to keep playing it. But there is no doubt that Dragon Age 3 is a more anticipated title. To be honest I consider DA to be my most favourite game of all time and I can’t wait to get my hands on part 3.
    I actually really enjoyed DA2. Despite somewhat limited world and reused environments it was a great game with awesome story and amazing characters. I will be playing both DA and DA2 over and over again until part 3 is out. So I really hope they don’t postpone its release.

  • Sol

    Not going to work out. People don’t even like that mmorpg. Staff has been cut. Me3’s ending still terrible. Nice work EA.

  • BDP

    DA 2 was complete garbage, waste of 60 bucks. I would suggest spend as much of your time as possible making DA3 as much like DA1 as possible and as far from DA2 as humanly possible. Terrible combat system, terrible graphics, terrible repetitive dungeons, crappy characters/story line, and not a single new monster that wasnt already in DA1 and done better. I would say spend as much time and resources as possible to make it awsome. Because everyone who got fooled into buying the last turd wont buy it until after the reviews and game play footage comes out. I know i deffinatly wont be pre-ordering or buying first day i still feel taken advantage of by DA2.

  • Matthew

    Actually i thought da2 was awesome. Except for the repetitive dungeons. Yes the story could’ve been longer and better, but it was still a good story.

  • Snookems

    I am very disappointed that Dragon Age 3 is taking the backstage to other projects. MMO games can make $$$, but I hate them. Who is so pathetic they want to team up with cyber strangers to pay a game for months an pay $$$, when you could purchase a game once and enjoy it for many hours. Some games like Dragon Age Origins had a big enough world and mulitple character backgrounds that make it great to play again. Some games you never finish and don’t care! Hope Bioware dosent screw this up.