The Doors Light the ‘Rock Band 3′ Fire with New DLC

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The Doors Rock Band 3 DLC

Rock Band 3 has just become a little bit stranger as downloadable content for The Doors has found its way online this week. Rock Band 3 has just hit store shelves today and everyone who buys the game during the first week of launch will receive a triple dose of hits from Mr Mojo Rising and Co. until November 1st. The pack will include “Light My Fire”, “Riders on the Storm” and “Touch Me” for the mere amount of free. The pack is said to include pro guitar and bass functionality, which is quite generous considering pro tracks will cost more than the regulars.

As if those tracks weren’t enough, there are nine more Doors songs ready for download. Unfortunately, they come at a price and don’t include any pro guitar or pro bass abilities at the moment. The pack will contain:

  • Hello, I Love You
  • L.A. Woman
  • Love Her Madly
  • Love Me Too Times
  • Peace Frog
  • People Are Strange
  • Roadhouse Blues
  • Soul Kitchen
  • The Crystal Ship

Once the clock strikes midnight on November 1st, the three tracks will no longer be free and will join the other nine to become a massive twelve-pack as well as being available individually for a fee.

With an already fantastic and expansive set list included on the disc, Harmonix continues to give fans even more to add to their overflowing library. In addition to The Doors DLC, a handful of Billy Joel’s greatest hits will also be hitting Rock Band 3 in December along with John Lennon’s ‘Imagine‘ being released as DLC in the near future as well.

Rock Band 3 is a definite must play for plastic instrument virtuosos (read our review). The pro keyboard and guitar modes are refreshing additions that evolve the experience from its humble beginnings and break down the limits for what Rock Band can include and achieve. More bands like The Doors can now be included specifically because of the addition of the ivory keys. The Doors were an obvious but welcome choice and there will probably be a great number bands that weren’t previously possible added in the future.

How do you feel about The Doors coming to Rock Band 3? What other bands are you hoping for in the future?

Rock Band 3 is also available now for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Wii,  and DS. The free pack and the priced tracks are available now.

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  • Jago

    Looks like they were listening to me with the billy joel dlc awesome. Now if we could get a bit more motown, some funk (george clinton comes to mind), some spanish imports (heroes del silencio, soda estereo, al jadaqui, molotov,etc), maybe some even more funny-comedy tracks that have maybe been performed on SNL or something like that (even some blues brothers if we could get it), etc would be awesome.

    Now if i could stop singing “Cold as Ice” by foreigner and continue to enjoy the rest of rock band 3 would be awesome lol.

  • CE

    “which is quite generous considering pro tracks will cost more than the regulars.”

    They make a nice profit anyway off of songs for the Rock Band games, but let’s just charge more for the sake of it. That’s not really a generous deal my friend…It’s kinda sad when you put a bunch of money into these Music games that they very rarely give you anything in return.

    • Andrew Dyce

      HEy it takes plenty more time to develop those songs to be playable with pro guitar, pro bass, and pro keyboard functionality. Since the alternative was to increase the price of every downloadable song to make up for the extra development time, tacking on another buck or two for those songs alone is a better decision.

      So considering these songs will be in high demand for an even higher price, Harmonix is passing up a good chunk of change to offer it as a first week bonus.

  • Jonathan Hanwick

    I hope they release a DLC with Vampire Weekend or MGMT sometime in the future!

  • John Jacques

    I think the ammount of programming time and tracking they put into pro guitar tracks, a one dollar fee is pretty acceptable. I’m not saying I wouldn’t like more free tracks here and there, though!

  • Jago

    Any if you guys know any info about importing rockband 2 tracks to rockband 3 and how to do it if you’ve done it already… Thank you.

  • Jago

    Awesome thanks!!!

  • Riley Little

    I love The Doors, so I’m really looking forward to playing through a few of their classic songs.

  • Russell

    If I was to say it to you, girl we couldn’t get much higher, come on baby light my…. Fire!!! Okay, I’m back. Can’t wait to be able to download these songs as soon as the game arrives via fedex at my place!!!!