Bethesda: ‘Doom 4′ is Nowhere Close to Completion; ‘Rage 2′ Cancelled

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While Doom 4 promises to return players to the franchise’s very special slice of literal hell, the project has experienced its own version of hell: development hell. That’s according to Bethesda‘s Pete Hines who says that the project went through at least one do-over during the course of its now 5-year development.

Doom 4 is apparently back on track, but developer Id Software is still not ready to show anything – which is troubling. As it turns out, Doom 4 has been put through the ringer, as has Id Software, between when the game was announced back in 2007 and now.

According to a report on Kotaku, Doom 4‘s original incarnation was envisioned as a “remake” of Doom 2. Doom 3 deployed a similar idea, remaking the original Doom in key ways.

However, publisher Bethesda was not happy with the game’s direction, and felt it did not live up to the high standards gamers expect from the game. Now, Id has refocused, and they are trying something different with Doom 4. The game will apparently release on the PC and next-gen consoles, but there is no word on a release date.

Part of Doom 4‘s early failures were a result of a major push on Id’s last game, Rage. So much attention was placed on getting Rage out that Doom 4, and the quality of its experience, fell by the wayside.

However, after Rage released generally positive reviews (including ours), it was partially a let down to some and poor sales ended its future. Bethesda owner ZeniMax Media cancelled most of Rage‘s DLC plans. They also cancelled or postponed any projects that were in the pipeline in order to put full focus on Doom 4. That included cancelling Rage 2 – a project we didn’t even know was in the cards.

So, Doom 4 is back on track, but Id has put all other projects on hold or cancelled them in order to make that happen. Hopefully, we’ll hear more about the sequel soon.

What do you expect from Doom 4? Would you have liked to see a sequel to Rage?


Source: Kotaku


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  1. Ohh hell no

    Rage is Fine a a one game Alone

    and doom is more popular i still injoy ( BRUTAL DOOM -doom 2 )

    • rage was a tech demo, yes it was a game.. but really, it was just to show off what the engine can do.

      so no rage 2.. fine by me.. bring on doom 4

    • Brutal doom is perfection. anyone that wants to play doom 64 on pc search Doom 64 Absolution pc. and also try out the Doomsday Engine and play with 3d models of the enemies weapons and items with high resolution texture packs updated skyboxes, high quality sound effects, and all the doom music metalfied as well. totally kick@$$

  2. I actually liked Rage but the story was pretty weak..

  3. Fallout 4…….please

    • id doesn’t make Fallout. I wish people would stop asking for Fallout when it concerns an id title. Bethesda isn’t the developer here, they’re the publisher. If a Fallout game was going to be in the works, Bethesda would be making it, so don’t worry.

  4. I rather see another Fallout Game, but another Rage or even Doom will do great. Just ready on the Elder Scrolls Online.

    • F*** elder scrolls online they freakin kill the franchise!

  5. And yes another Fallout game I would love.

  6. There better be a Rage 2. What the Hell kinda game leaves you with a short cliffhanger of an ending with no other explanation? As far as DooM 4 I’d love another DooM game but leave DooM 3 behind and do something new. DooM 3 had it’s sequel “Resurrection of Evil” so leave it alone and start over new.

  7. Didn’t really like Rage, bought it at launch and still haven’t finished it. Don’t care for Doom.

    I’m waiting for Fallout 4 and The Elder Scrolls VI.

    • Man you wasted your money there I bought it at game stop for 8 bucks a month ago.I wouldn’t even take it back if I were you

      • That could also explain Prey 2 witch look really cool.

  8. *wich

    • *which

  9. now i feel totally devastated. ID has dropped the ball spectacularly with their handling of RAGE that i know dont know if i have any confidence that they can release a good solid game. D00M 4 i will still be looking forward to but this is starting to sound too much like something along the lines of Duke Nukem Forever with how things are going with the project. im not going to be expecting much out of D00M 4 and i guess we can say goodbye to any form of return from Quake as well bc this isnt really sounding good for ID at all.

  10. I want DOOM 4, I loved the previous four Dooms. I just don’t want it to turn out like Wolfenstein 2009 and Rage. I want it as a linear game like Doom 3.

  11. I want prey 2 bethesda not rage 2 or doom 4

    • Beth isnt developing Doom ID is. there is a difference between publishing (which is what they are doing) and developing.

  12. Yeah if they don’t want to succeed, by all means make another Doom cuz we don’t have enough of those type shooters already. And while Rage was fun and a new idea to
    me, don’t make a sequel to it if you don’t first continue with a new Fallout that will actually rake you in money to support a lesser known or embraced IP like a Rage 2 if it doesn’t produce numbers that you need to have a profit. I can’t believe how many companies can’t see the failures from the successes of the greater gaming community around them and see and hear what gamers actually want for their next purchase. We like the sequels if they’re quality top to bottom and we love new IP’s but only if you actually flesh them out and can afford to do so time-wise and monetarily!

    Otherwise, don’t even start either project if it’s not going to get done right! We’re tired of crap like the last Doom and just trying to rake in money off of name recognition!

    • id does not make Fallout. bethesda PUBLISHING has nothing to do with fallout other than PUBLISHING IT. BGS or Bethesda Game studios makes Fallout.

      and doom 3 being crap, that is totally your opinion and im positive a lot of people me included will disagree with you.

      and i am quite sure ID realizes how badly RAGE did

      • He never said Bethesda made Doom or Rage. I’m sure they still have a say so in what gets prioritized.

        • It was implied though, friend

          “And while Rage was fun and a new idea to
          me, don’t make a sequel to it if you don’t first continue with a new Fallout that will actually rake you in money to support a lesser known or embraced IP like a Rage 2 if it doesn’t produce numbers that you need to have a profit.”

          He’s basically implying that id developing a new Rage or a new Doom would have some sort of impact on Bethesda developing a new Fallout.
          It would not. If it did, it wouldn’t be so major that they couldn’t do it.

  13. Since Elder scrolls online killed the franchise I’ll go THUMBSUP ON FALLOUT4 AND DOOM 4! Nah! not rage…..

  14. I would have loved to see a Rage 2 :( But hopefully Doom 4 comes out soon…

  15. I thought rage was awesome and definitely should have part 2 to follow very disappointing to hear theres not!

  16. I loved every second of rage so I would have loved to see rage 2

  17. RAGE was best game ever,dynamic very interesting at the moments spooky,but very< playable,to compere with fallout 2 time better,with excellent graphic and no boring dialogs and waste of time like fallout,like i sad before best game ever,my opinion.

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